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The AFC Adam Bootleg Bundle is a collection of Adam Lyons video materials and a video-recorded special one-time event (that had happened in Austin TX). These videos have only been used by his inner circle of trained instructors for their personal use only but now will be available for those who desires to get access to their materials.

Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:
Video 1 – Gain the Power of Building Commonalities
– How to quickly find authentic connections with hot women youve never even met before.
– How to have engaging conversations with almost anybody, as soon as you meet them.
– How to become more self-assured in any social setting, particularly around women.
– How to establish rapport and build trust with a woman, even when meeting her for the first time.
– How to get a woman emotionally invested in having a relationship with you.

Video 2 – Master the Art of Dancing Without Dancing – Its Easy
– How to mingle with the most gorgeous girls in the room.
– What to do on the dance floor if you dont know how to dance.
– How to attract girls on the dance floor without trying to imitate Michael Jackson.
– How to get compliance from the hot chicks group of friends.
– How to get a group of people dancing together and building rapport.
– How to dance with two girls at once – even if you still dont know how to dance.
– How to entrance your partners with a simple rhythm.
– How to escalate sexual attraction with a simple push and pull move.
– Understand why women are especially compliant on the dance floor.
– How to build sexual energy and make out on the dance floor with the woman you choose.
– The dance floor does not have to be your weakness – No dance lessons required!

Video 3 – Find Out How To Use Justified Touch
– Learn the difference between good touching and bad touching.
– How to avoid awkward touching.
– Find out all the places you cant touch a woman when youre first meeting.
– Learn the very safest place to touch a girl when you first meet her.
– Find out how to start conversations with anyone you want, including the hottest chicks.
– How to justify touching women in sensitive places right away without turning them off.
– How to quickly get into a womans inner circle of people she likes to touch.
– How to get girls to hug you when you first meet.
– Find out the one hug that is never wrong and how to escalate it into naughtier hugs.
– How to get permission from her girlfriends to justify your advances.
– A great opener that almost never fails to get her linking arms and talking with you.
– Why dancing is a great way to get sexual and how to use it to build sexual tension.
– How to test if she wants to be kissed and how to make her want to.
– Justifying sexual advances in public places while testing for compliance.

Video 4 – Learn the Art of Negative Attraction
– Understand the special power of third-party introductions.
– How to create commonality by matching negativity with negativity (advanced).
– Match negativity to create a strong bond and create compliance.
– How to recognize bitchy hot women in advance, and then how to pick them up!
– How to recognize beautiful women you cant possibly impress and what to do about it.
– How to understand what makes certain gorgeous women bitchy and win them over anyway.
– The importance of isolating women to move to the next level and how to do it.
– How to get a bitchy but gorgeous girl out of her shell, and expose her soft heart inside.

Video 5 – Pre-Analysis vs. Post-Analysis
– Creating the proper mindset for continual improvement of your pick up game.
– How to overcome your fear of making an approach.
– When to analyze the situation and when to act quickly without too much thinking.
– The secret to training yourself to continually become a better pick up artist.
– The proper way to analyze your past experiences to get the most out of them.
– Learn advanced testing methods to improve your techniques.
– You cant judge how well an approach works for you by doing it once, repetition is key.
– How to figure out what upset her when you dont know what went wrong. Hint: she may have politely ignored what she really didnt like.
– Understanding her body language and behavioral cues.
– You cant get better if you keep fixing the wrong things.
– The value of keeping a diary to track your progress and keep you motivated.
– You wont know what crazy idea works best for you unless you test, test, test.
– Failures wont slow you down a bit – never feel discouraged with the right mindset.
– The awesome power of teaching and helping others.
– A system for how to develop your very own game (Adam does not usually teach this)

What You Get:
AFC Adam Bootleg Bundle 5-video set

Bonus Items:
– How to Pick Up Bitches – Negative Attraction Ebook
– AFC Adam Talks Entourage
– Adam Lyons’ Music Sexual Escalation

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