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Warning: You are about to learn the true definition of “step by step (by step)”…and find out what you’ve been missing in your efforts to launch an online business…

“If You Have A Few Hours Per Week,
Then I Can Show You How To Earn
Significant Income With Your Own Blog!
Step by Step (by Step)”

Yes, there are many “step by step” online income guides…but most of the time you already need a laundry list of web skills to go along with product creation, writing skill, marketing, etc…

We’re Different!!

The Income Blogging Guide is here to show you how to make it work…

* Step

* by Step

* by Step (this 3rd one being the key…I’ll explain later…)

Hi! I’m Andrew Rondeau, and I am a professional blogger. My blogs have thousands of visitors every day, all reading my content and sending me an income – whether I am working, on vacation, shopping, down the gym, sleeping, relaxing or spending time with my family.

These days, I spend my short working day doing one of two simple things – writing and setting up blogs to make me money, or coaching people like you to do exactly the same thing.

After years of trial and error, I have created a step-by-step system to making an income from blogging, which gives me the freedom I desire as well. If you will give me 5 – 10 hours a week, and complete a few straightforward tasks, I am convinced you too can have the same level of success.

If you are a newbie wanting to make an online income…

If you want to start a blog but feel overwhelmed by the technical details…

If you have a blog and love writing, but want more traffic, more readers and more money…

If you want the freedom to do what you want, whenever you want, knowing your income is secure…

If you want some extra income to pay off those bills or splash out on a few luxuries…

…then I have created this specially for you…and it only takes a few hours a week.

Let me introduce you to:

“The Enviable Lifestyle Of An Income Blogger”

If I want to sleep in, I certainly can. However, I’m normally up by 6am, sometimes earlier. I like to exercise, so my day starts with a leisurely walk with my laptop.

I live near the beach, and my walk ends at a local coffee shop overlooking the sea. I order a caffe latte and read the paper. Meanwhile all around me, the rush hour is starting. People wearing suits, rushing here, grabbing a coffee to take away, checking their blackberries, talking on their mobiles.

Not that long ago I was one of them!

While they are rushing off to their offices, I order another latte, read a few emails, and check my overnight income. It’s great when you wake up and see your bank balance has grown while you are sleeping!

I scan my Twitter accounts and check my blog stats. I talk to my outsourcers, even if they are in another country, and make sure that they understand what I want them to do today.

That generally takes me an hour, and I walk back home. I have breakfast with my wife, and plan the rest of the day.

The rest of the morning could be working with my outsourcers and partners, creating new products, developing joint-venture opportunities, or perhaps coaching a client. It could be any of those.

I mostly have afternoons off. That means no work. I might go to the gym or do some gardening, visit relatives, or simply relax with a book or magazine. And if it’s sunny, do a spot of sun bathing. I can choose to do whatever I wish.

I check back in with my emails and outsourcers later in the day just for 30 minutes or so, before the rest of the evening is all mine. I work a total of 4-5 hours a day, and I make enough money to keep me in a more than adequate lifestyle while having all the freedom I want.

Blogging helps me maintain the lifestyle I desire. The freedom – I only work a few hours each day. The holidays like Kenya and Thailand. Often when I return from holidays my bank balance is larger than when I started my holiday as my blogs generate cash all on autopilot.

“By Blogging I Said “Goodbye” To All
My Debt Including My Mortgage”

I’m not really into cars but I do have several properties and I have no debt. With the income I now make via my on-line business I have managed to pay off all my debt and my mortgages.

I want to emphasize here, I am NOT super rich. I don’t earn $millions by blogging. I just make a nice income that keeps me in the life-style I want. I suppose I could earn more if I worked harder but I do like the freedom of working only as hard as I need to.

If that seems like something you want for your life, then keep reading, because I would love to share with you the simple step-by-step system I created to produce a full-time income from part-time blogging.

So that’s a bit about me…and what this site is about. YOU are here because you want a similar lifestyle doing similar work, right?

I know…many of you may be very talented. You may be very well versed in multiple areas of “blogging”, online writing, creative product idea generation, traffic, etc…but I rarely meet anyone who knows how to do it ALL.

There’s a word for people like that: GURU.

Wanna know a secret?

Even if the guru has done it all, he/she is not an expert in it all.

Let me tell you a story…

Music speaks to everyone. Around the world, young and old. The world is full of music, and musicians. I personally know several outstanding, albeit unknown, musicians. In most of the civilized world, concerts are big business, and if you can make a hit record, you’ll be rich, famous, and loved by the masses.

While attending a concert by a well known American rock ‘n roll band, I noticed something that caught my attention…and it wasn’t on the stage. This multi-platinum selling singer/songwriter/guitarist was on stage, and I was looking in the dim darkness that was backstage. You see…my seats were a bit off to the right of the stage, and I could see the back of the arena. When one phase of the show was finished, I noticed about a dozen people silhouetted in an opening created by a large overhead door lifting up. They walked up to the rear of the stage, and prepared for stage and equipment changes which were coming up soon.
You see, even though the artist draws the audience, writes and performs the music, even if he designs the flow of the concert and the stage set-up…there is a need for help. He needs roadies and technical experts. He needs help to pull it off.

I said that to say this…

We all need as much help as we can get. Have you ever looked into a product, course, or ebook that suggested it was “easy”, “ready-made”, or “step by step”, only to find that each step needs a “step by step” to it as well? That’s where our 3rd “by step” comes in. Step by step by step…

But most sites don’t give you that extra step…in fact, most sites lack quite a bit of information…

5 Problems with Common “Build Your Online Info-Business” Sites

1. Assumptions –

Many sites and courses take certain things for granted…like your ability to create a web page, or generate traffic. You need to have some technical savvy in order to follow the “steps”. If you’ve never built a web site before, or have very limited experience, this can be one of the most daunting parts of starting a blog.

2. Overviews –

While a how-to may take you step by general step through the basics of setting up a blog or online product page…the steps are usually very broad. You may be told to “design a front page”, or “set up a vendor for processing payments”. You may not, however, be told how to do each of these things.

3. DIY (Do-It-Yourself) –

You’re on your own with the information. If you don’t understand a part of it, you can usually submit questions, but there’s not a “go to” resource for figuring out part of the process. Many e-course designers or marketers are more than happy to help…to a degree…but don’t have mechanisms built in for very involved technical help. At times, you may even be referred to alternative courses designed to help you complete these steps. Who wants to spend even more money when the course was supposed to be step by step?

4. Task Volume –

There’s just A LOT to do when starting an e-business from scratch. How do you prioritize?

5. Ambiguous Expectations –

There are so many variables involved…it’s hard to know how or when to expect any income. Let’s face it…we’re not doing this for our health. When will you get paid? How do you plan for income from something so new to you?

The solution?

The “Income Blogging Guide”

We’ve created this guide as a solution to the problems most people have when starting an online info business from scratch. Step by step by step.

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