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I’ll show you which ones kicked ass and make lots of money every day… and which ones did “just OK”. I’ll also show you WHY each succeeded (or didn’t).

I can already hear you say:
“OK OK OK Neville… shut up and just tell me how you did this (so I can copy you)!”

…all right, I will… but I’m gonna make a whole COURSE about it!
(didja think I’m giving away all this valuable info for free)??

A ton of Young Sumo-lings have asked me these same questions:

How exactly do you come up with these course ideas?
How do you actually film and edit the courses?
What’s the software you use? What special techniques do you use?
What kind of camera do I need? Does it cost a lot of money to buy a professional camera (HINT: I don’t even own a professional camera).
How do you get a course onto AppSumo?
This Course About Building A Course answers all your questions!

It goes into detail about:

Part 1: Content you should make and put in your course + idea help.
Part 2: How to film and edit your videos.
Part 3: How to actually build and set up your course.
Part 4: How to get a course featured on AppSumo (if you’re lucky).
Part 5: Bonus material.
One of the things I highly suggest is paying attention to HOW the course is made WHILE you’re watching the course.

By the end of this Couse About Building A Course… you’ll know how to make your own.

“But Nevilleeeee! You’re comfortable being on camera. I’m not; how can I make a course?!?”

Listen, Young Sumo-ling: I was never good at being on camera. In fact, the first time I ever spoke on camera on the Internet was for the first course I made.

At first, I would have to do a couple of re-takes each time… but eventually I got better and better. You can, too. I’ll teach you all the tricks I use.

Besides… most of the courses I’ve done are more than half-composed of screen capture. And if you’re showing computer-related stuff, you only have to be on camera for a short while.

People don’t pay to see your face on camera… they pay to LEARN. So as long as you can teach them what they need to know, you’re fine. You don’t need acting lessons for 10 years to do this stuff.

Who can make a course? You can:

If you’re an expert in field of any sort (or even just moderately good at something– I’ll show you how to get ideas for this).
If you’re trying to train people in your company.
If you live in a country where materials aren’t frequently available in your language (we had someone who did WordPress installation courses in a dialect of Russian… he basically copied the layout of another course and taught the whole thing himself in his own language!).
If you’re a salesperson who explains the same thing over and over to clients. Instead, send them a mini-course where they can learn about what you’re selling.
If you have a startup with a cool service…you can make a FREE course that shows people how to use your service to help them.
The list goes on… (more on this inside the course)
Now, will everyone who buys this course end up building such a useful course that they’ll make $20,000 on their first try?


Most people will probably suck at it for a while… and, honestly, a lot of people won’t even take a lick of action.

But if you’ve been wanting to build a product yourself for a long time… I can show you how I got my start, then how I perfected the process. I’ll also flat out GIVE you the exact templates I use to build the products.

You’ll see how it’s NOT hard as you think. You CAN start out with a “ghetto” product… and still help a lot of people (and make $$ with it too).

I’m going to show you step-by-step how I built a bunch of the top-selling products at AppSumo.

I’m going to show you (and give you) the templates I used to speed up the process.

I’m going to show you how to come up with courses to make (most people think they can only make one… but they’re wrong).

So grab this “Course About Building A Course” now… and you can see behind-the-scenes of how some of the top-selling AppSumo courses are built (and how you can do it yourself)

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