Blackbook Stealth Influence v2.02

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If you sell stuff through a website (even if you are an affiliate), then I have exactly what you NEED…

17 underground tactics the gurus… and wannabe gurus can’t teach you…

TACTIC #1: Ghost Pricing This little-known underground trick increases urgency online.
This one tactic alone is 100% guaranteed to deliver at least 1 extra buyer for you for every 100 visitors you get.
Virtually nobody knows about it because it has not been written down anywhere before now.
(Stealth influence version only)

TACTIC #2: Guarantee Your Success How to know FOR SURE that you WILL make money BEFORE you spend any time creating a product.
This is something that everyone involved in “info product” marketing… including affiliates… should know. (There are two tactics, both are perfectly legal.)
(Stealth influence version only)

TACTIC #3: How to LOCK IN recurring sales… And how to build a large database of “substitute customers” who are ready to buy what you are selling.
(Stealth influence version only)

TACTIC #4: How to frame high ticket prices There is a way to state your offer so that that price becomes completely irrelevant.
You can literally set any price you want if you use this tactic.
(HINT: Two-fold secret… one is to select rich customers, the second is to position your products a certain way so they simply cannot refuse to pay you… in fact, it would be downright dumb to reject your offer. This is POWERFUL stuff.)
(In both versions)

TACTIC #5: The fastest way to connect with customers… Do this and people will be more “open” to buying from you. If you have ever written a salesletter that got little response… then you need to read this.
People will only buy stuff from you if they understand the value that you are proving, and in order to show them the value you can deliver, they need to pay attention to your message.
And they will only pay attention to what you have to say if
(i.) they like you,
(ii.) they think you have something of value
(iii.) you have rapport with them… if they can identify with you.

A big mistake many people make is they position themselves way above the customer, so the message comes DOWN to the customer… that is something you want to avoid.
There are ways of building incredible value, while maintaining a connection, and I will show you how to do it. This is an advanced technique.
(In both versions)

TACTIC #6: How to make $10 per month for each name on your email list … and how to build a list of super eager people in a few weeks.
Opt-in pages are cool… but they are NOT as effective as the strategy I use to get people onto my list.
I will show you two tactics I use everyday. One of these delivers an 81% conversion rate on one of my niche websites.
(In both versions)

TACTIC #7: How to design the PERFECT product that your target customers absolutely CRAVE That’s only the first part of it.
When you have killer products, you attract world class affiliates.
When you have world class affiliates promoting your stuff, you can piggy back off their skill, build a gigantic database (from their work), and then leverage that for years into the future.
It all starts with ONE KILLER PRODUCT.
I will explain exactly how to go about doing this. You can do this in any market, even if you know nothing about it.
(In both versions)

TACTIC #8: The real secret to creating a buying frenzy Do you know how to get 300 people to send you $197 in a matter of minutes?
I’ll show you how… you can use this to generate cash windfalls anytime you want.
And best of all, you can do this with as little as 20 to 50 visitors per day. You don’t need torrents of traffic to make good money online.
(Stealth influence version only)

TACTIC #9: The Most Powerful offer known to man. Present your offer this way to the right target market… and those people will find it more difficult to say NO than to say YES.
(In both versions)

TACTIC #10: How to get a waiting list of customers… and then how to use that to create ‘buying pressure’ …
(Stealth Influence Only)

TACTIC #11: How to write short sales letters… 500 words or less… that sell anything and get 3% to 5% conversion rates.
These are very effective in markets where your competitors produce outrageously long salesletters.
I have a formula. You just have to make sure that you tick all the boxes and you will have a pretty stunning little salesletter working for you.
(In both versions)

TACTIC #12: How to leverage your list… The money is not in the list… And it is not in the ‘relationship with the list’ either. A unique insight you won’t hear anywhere else. I am NOT going to tell you that “the money is in the relationship with the list”.
Every marketer with an email list (and who wants to make money from that list) should pay attention to what **I** have to say about this.
This is not complicated and it does not take a lot of work. This is a simple idea you can implement in 10 minutes, which will boost the response to your emails dramatically.
(In both versions)

TACTIC #13: How to create a software program that you can sell for high dollars … on a recurring basis…
even if you have never seen a line of code in your life. (<– this is killer.)
Did you know that you only need 20 customers at $50 each to give you a recurring income of $1,000 a month?
And do you know what you can do with an extra $1,000 a month?
You can use the information I am going to show you… and hire you FULL TIME programmers to produce more software that you can sell for recurring income.
This is some of the best advice you will ever hear.
(In both versions)

TACTIC #14: How to build a team that will make you rich. And… why you should not get a bunch of Filipino writers.
You MUST read this if you have ever thought about hiring people from the Philippines (which is fashionable right now).
The gurus can make anything sound good.
This is from my experience, not pie-in-the-sky claims that sound good in theory.
Make sure you pay attention to this section.
(In both versions)

TACTIC #15: How to get people to buy, without any “sales copy”. I call this “stealth selling”… a sales presentation that goes right under any sales shields and barriers, and creates a deep desire to buy what you are selling. (Sneaky stuff.)
(In both versions)

TACTIC #16: Stealth selling is part of stealth influence… Imagine a formula… or a template you can use to get people to do ANYTHING you want them to do. (<– Dangerous information in the wrong hands).
(Sorry, this is ONLY reserved for people who invest in the stealth influence edition.)

TACTIC #17: How to leverage the work of traffic ninjas online One of my favorite concepts is to sell my own stuff on the front end and get affiliates to do all the promotion… then leverage their work, and the authority that comes from their work to sell a whole bunch of additional stuff on the backend.
The trick (there is a trick to this) lies in your strategic positioning… this is not covered in any marketing text books, ebooks, courses, seminars, etc.
This is MY strategy, nobody else does it like this.

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