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Make $100,000 to $500,000
a Year or More as a Successful Independent Consultant
Working at Home
Trust yourself. You know a lot more than you think you do. And thousands of individuals and companies are ready to pay you handsomely to share your knowledge with them – by hiring you to consult with them at fees of $1,000 to $2,000 a day or more!

Dear Consultant (or Soon-to-be Consultant):

I know something about you – something you may not be aware of – that holds the key to greater freedom, security, enjoyment, and income than you ever imagined.

It’s this: you have specialized knowledge of value to others … knowledge that they will gladly pay you to share by hiring you as a consultant.

And if you’ve been thinking about going into consulting … or you are already a consultant, but want to take your business to the next level … then you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Bob Bly, and I have made millions of dollars in my little one-person consultant business – and become a multi-millionaire in the process.

Now, in the new edition of my training program Six-Figure Consulting, I show you everything you need to do to start and run a successful consulting business.
Grab your share of the
$100 billion consulting market

According to research from Harvard Business School, management consulting generates about $100 billion in annual revenues worldwide – and more than $50 billion from the U.S. alone.

The U.S. Department of Labor says that approximately 8.5 million Americans identify themselves as independent consultants, contractors, or freelancers.

Self-employed consultants charge anywhere from $100 to $350 an hour. Larger consulting firms charge $200 to $400 per hour.

Many people get into consulting by “accident” – and that’s what happened to me.

In 1982, I held a junior management position as an advertising manager with an engineering firm – with a salary of $27,000 a year.

When my boss asked me to relocate, I quit.

Not that enamored of finding another job, I decided to try and make money as a freelance “advertising consultant” – advising manufacturers on their marketing, and writing their brochures and ad copy.

The first year was a little shaky, although by the end of the year, I had made $39,000 … about $12,000 more than my salary.

But the next year, I did much better, making around $80,000.

My third year, I hit the $100,000 mark … and my income has gone up steadily ever since: last year, my one-person consulting business earned $672,282.

And let me tell you: it’s enormously fun!

Unlike my corporate job, where I had to do whatever my boss asked me to do – and handle a thousand niggling little administrative tasks – in my consulting practice, I get to work only on projects that interest me.

And as a consultant, I’m the “idea man.” I come up with the creative solutions, but other people – the client’s staff – handle the implementation … and that’s the part that always bored me to tears.

Best of all, today the opportunities for consultants are greater than ever. We live in an era of specialized knowledge – where only specialists have the time to keep up with in each field.

Thomas Edison once said, “We don’t know one-millionth of one percent about anything.” Your clients only have time to learn their business. When they need specialized skills and knowledge outside their field, they turn to consultants, like you.
Discover what it takes to start and run your six-figure consulting business.

All consultants really sell, aside from their time, is their specialized knowledge.

And everyone in our society – including YOU – has specialized knowledge that others will pay through the nose to get.

“You possess a lot more knowledge than you suspect,” says prolific author Gary North. “The great mistake of most small business people is to imagine that their knowledge is widely dispersed. On the contrary, hardly anyone knows it.”

Okay. Here’s just a sampling of the incredibly powerful techniques for selling more of your knowledge and consulting services … to more and bigger clients … for larger fees that my new Six-Figure Consultant audio program will help you master:

3 great reasons why everyone with specialized knowledge (and that includes YOU) should be making a thousand dollars a day or more as a consultant.
Do you have what it takes to become a successful consultant? Take this 23-point self-scoring test.
What problems do people have that you can help them solve for money? Also: why demand for consultants is on the rise.
The 6 types of consulting services … and how to make great money in each. Plus: which consulting specialties pay best?
Should you ever give your ideas away when talking to potential consulting clients – or should they pay for every last bit of advice?
How to avoid embarrassing yourself by saying the wrong thing when talking to potential clients, especially in the first meeting.
“Fear Factor” consulting: why consultants are afraid of confronting and being firm with potential clients – and shouldn’t be.
Writing and designing a winning sales brochure for your consulting business – and how the print brochure differs in content from your consulting Web site.
Does print advertising work when generating inquiries for consulting services? Where should you run your ad? What size ad is best?
The “bait piece strategy” for lead generation. This simple, time-tested method can easily double the leads generated by your ads, mailings, and online promotions. Every consultant on Earth should do it.
Choosing your corporate structure: should you be a sole proprietor … partnership … S corporation … limited liability corporation?
2 critical factors absolutely required to build your consulting business through client referrals.
Writing and publishing a free monthly e-newsletter – and why having an “e-zine” is vital to your success selling consulting services online.
Why you should never write proposals for potential clients … and what you should give them instead.
How to have a professional, hard-working staff helping you build your consulting business – without hiring a single employee.
7 ways to generate a flood of inquiries from qualified prospects wanting to hire you for lucrative consulting assignments.
Why every consultant should write articles and books. Plus: where and how to get them published.
4 methods of pricing your consulting services … and 7 factors to consider when setting your rates. Also: what’s the difference between a cost estimate and a quotation?
6 essential elements to post on your consulting business’s Web site. One of them can send your search engine rankings through the roof!
The 10 most important things your consulting clients want from you. They’re easy to provide – and they’ll practically ensure a flood of referrals and repeat business.
The “MAD F.U.” formula for qualifying sales leads (hint: it doesn’t stand for what you think).
3 ways to follow up with prospects – and convert 10% to 25% or more of sales leads to paying clients.
The biggest pricing mistake consultants make when bidding on projects – and why you risk destroying your consulting business if you persist in doing it.
How to virtually guarantee that your quotation will be in a price range the client’s budget can afford.
How persistently should you follow up? When should you give up on a potential client and move on? The surprising answer.
8 critical clauses that MUST be in every consulting agreement you and your clients sign … and why oral agreements aren’t worth the paper they aren’t written on.
The Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Copper System for managing prospects and clients. Airlines and insurance companies give different customers different treatment. Here’s why you must too.
You find out your prospect has hired your competitor. What you say next is critical, and we tell you what it is, word for word.
The average consultant charges $100 to $150 an hour. Here’s how you can charge $500 to $750 an hour for the same services – and your clients won’t even blink twice.
Deadly billing mistake can cause clients to see red and rip up your bill. 4 ways to make sure every invoice is paid on time — and without complaint.
The biggest error consultants make in dealing with clients … and one good way to avoid it.
A sure-fire way to ensure client satisfaction … and not make promises you can’t keep.
4 ways to skyrocket your consulting practice’s revenues and reach the $1 million a year mark or higher.
The magic of database marketing – how to turn “nos” into “maybes,” and “maybes” into “yes’s.”
Licenses, accreditation, professional memberships, and other “consulting credentials.” Do you need them? The answer may surprise you.
And so much more.

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