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[Special Offer] Ben Settle’s Brand-New – 10 Minute Workday Program

Name Product: Ben Settle’s Brand-New – 10 Minute Workday Program
COST: $2500
Size: 2.46 GB
Sale Page: _

Dear Fellow Writer,

Hi, Paul Hollingshead here.

I’m one of the Co-Founders of AWAI… but I make my living as a copywriter.

Specifically, I write long sales letters… in the financial niche… for a few clients who keep me very busy.

And when I say “long” letters — I mean L-O-N-G…

We’re talking 40, sometimes 50 pages of copy.

And with all the research and rewriting that’s needed for these kinds of letters, I can be working on a single project for a month, sometimes two.

Now, don’t get me wrong…

I’m not complaining.

I love what I do. I make good money. And most days, I’m finished “working” by noon.

But when I met and sat down with “email king” Ben Settle at AWAI’s Bootcamp…

And he told me how he’s able to generate a half-million dollar income…

Writing a simple one-page email, every day…

With ZERO clients…

Well — I was intrigued.

And, frankly, a little skeptical.

After all, I’m forever telling friends and AWAI members how fantastic it is to be able to make so much money — and have so much freedom writing traditional sales letters for “A-level” clients…

But a single one-page email?

That takes about 10 minutes to write?

And then you’re done?


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[Special Offer]Kat Loterzo – Rich Bitch Life

Name Product: Kat Loterzo – Rich Bitch Life
COST: $497
Size:  1.07 GB
Sale Page: _

The Rich Bitch Life is Here!
Join the Movement Today, and Say Yes to Being the Star of the Fucking Show! For 1% within the 1% DRIVEN Rich Bitches who want the Business, the Money, the Body, the Purpose-Driven VIFP EVERYTHING, and are ready to Step Up and Claim It.
The show is your life baby. Time to live it, when you join my Rich Bitch Life Movement today!
Born to PERFORM and be seen, to be the star of the freaking SHOW, a show led COMPLETELY by you, where your wish is your command, you MAGNETISE your tribe, your art and voice is EXPLODED into the world and you watch yourself MAKE millions, IMPACT millions, and ENGAGE THE WHOLE WORLD
The Rich Bitch Life …
This is NOT some one day fantasy about being shit hot rich, shit hot in SHAPE, living like a VIFP and having it all.

It’s also NOT just about unapologetically celebrating who we are, how we want to choose to live, what we STAND for and stand against.

It’s not even just about BEING a rich bitch, although that’s certainly part of it 🙂

The RICH BITCH LIFE is a place where you’ll COMMIT, fully and perhaps for the first time ever, to finally going all the way fucking in.

The business.
The money.
The fame and success.
The body you want.
The relationship you want.
The LIFE you want, and every part of living NOW by what you say you value and will one day make time for.

One day never comes: get ready to live the fucking fantasy now, with the Rich Bitch Life and Kat!!


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[Special Offer]Ray Mondduke – 4U Copywriting Course

Name Product: Ray Mondduke – 4U Copywriting Course
COST: $297
Size: 518 MB
Sale Page: _

Discover how to improve any copy you write using these 4 U’s: urgency, uniqueness, ultra-specific proof, and user-friendly offer. Whenever I’m writing or critiquing copy, I refer to these 4 U’s to assist me.

They’re simple to learn and easy to remember. In my 4U Copywriting Course, I provide you multiple, 2-8 minute videos that clearly explain how to apply these 4 U’s to your marketing, so you can use the same methods I use when writing copy for million-dollar clients.

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[Special Offer] Andre Chaperon – Email Marketing Masters

Name Product: Andre Chaperon – Email Marketing Masters
COST: $498
Size: 3.98 GB
Sale Page: _

Introducing Email Marketing Masters The Only Course on Email Marketing You’ll Ever Need

This course walks you through how to set up and run a full e-mail marketing system. You will automatically deliver laser-targeted emails packed with so much tension, your list will go crazy with desire to buy from you.

– In module 1 you’ll learn all about the AutoResponder Madness (ARM), Andre’s signature course. Inside you’ll see:

– Module 2 starts the more in-depth tour into this system, giving you a big picture strategy:

– Module 3 will help you deeply understand your subscribers, so you can almost read their mind and influence their behavior at will:

– Module 4 gets you writing your first irresistible, open loop infused emails so you can get the sales rolling in:

– Module 5 teaches you all about the “quick sales boost on demand” aspect of this training:

– Module 6 you’ll get to listen to live critiques I did for my students. These calls alone are worth thousands of dollars. You’ll get to learn from other marketer’s mistakes and improve your own autoresponders.

– Module 7 helps you sort out the technical stuff. We will get into segmenting, automation, and get rid of infuriating tech issues. You better get this out of the way before it costs you thousands. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

– Module 8 is all about optimization. You’ll improve the funnel and email sequence you’ve created so far based on your customers’ feedback. You’ll tweak some of your emails when necessary, and you’ll further boost your conversions.

– Module 9 gets really advanced, discussing “hypnotic” marketing techniques to stealthily snatch profits from your market:

– And finally, Module 10 brings you our DMBI-exclusive content… the email marketing deliverability and gamification lessons of Justin Brooke. This module helps you maximize the number of contacts you can reach on your list with insider secrets like:

That’s it. Our full system that’s capable of doubling your revenue, at your fingertips. Now even if you like what you’ve seen so far, you might still be wondering…

Will This Work For Your Business Today?

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[Special Offer] Dan Kennedy – Info Summit 2016

Name Product: Dan Kennedy – Info Summit 2016
COST: $997
Size: 25.1 GB

Find Your Edge at Info-Summit ’16
November 3-5 | San Antonio, Texas
Bonus Day Nov. 6
Once You Jump, There’s No Going Back

Most aren’t willing to step off the edge of their little entrepreneurial world. Which is why most never capture lighting in a bottle.

Most never get to experience the weak-kneed tingle brought on by a breakthrough that increases response rates by 22% (with that little headline twist you crafted). Or how combining two seemingly unrelated services into one offering doubles profit margin (and you had them both all along). Or the sheer joy of watching your new bonus offer (the one you created in a frenzy of frantic notes at 3 a.m.) sell more subscriptions in a month than ever before. Yes, that’s how a breakthrough can feel. But, why don’t most experience it?

Because breakthroughs don’t happen in a vacuum.

They aren’t found on a dusty bookshelf of your home office.

Or at four minutes, thirty-two seconds into your favorite podcast.

Breakthroughs (the kind that overfill wheelbarrows with cash) happen when you connect at the edge.

It’s there you bring your one-of-a-kind uniqueness and connect with something (or someone) new, unexpected, disruptive.

And once that happens, you won’t look back.

Which is why the GKIC Info-SUMMIT is your ticket to the edge.


PRICE: You can get this course with only $49.95

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Get More IM Special Offers:

Any questions, pls contact me: [email protected]

Thank You


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[Special Offer] Pixel Mastery Live 2.0 Virtual Mastermind Pass – Frankfurt

Name Product: Pixel Mastery Live 2.0 Virtual Mastermind Pass – Frankfurt
COST: $1995
Size: 2.7 GB

Do you run traffic, Facebook traffic or wish too?
Do you sell products, services or run an ecommerce store?

If you answered yes, then this event is right for you. Facebook traffic is one of the easiest to learn and allows you target your ideal customer with ease. Thomas and I will be sharing everything we’ve done to leverage the power of Facebook traffic, the pixel and how this has propelled our businesses to become 7 figure plus businesses.

(Our results aren’t typical, nor should they be, no one knows our methodology – yet!)

If you’ve been marketing with Facebook for a while, you’ll know that the landscape has changed dramatically. This time, last year, Facebook introduced significant changes with Pixels and this has had a major impact on many marketers who have been left struggling with mediocre results, ever since.

When you understand the power of the new super pixel, and you align that with a proven methodology, our results are the kind that become possible.

The results speak for themselves…and we’re not showing these screenshots to brag, far from it. It’s to show you, what is really possible when you understand Pixel Mastery and a proven optimization and scaling methodology, whilst understanding the correct way to run Facebook advertising.

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[Special Offer] David Tian – Invincible 2016 GB

Name Product: David Tian – Invincible 2016 GB

Download Size: 10.6GB
COST:  $597 = $19.99 / Slot
Sale Page: _

Imagine this scenario…

You know that time when you were out with your friends at a bar or a club, and you started drinking… and you had a nice buzz going but you weren’t drunk yet?

And remember what it felt like to have that nice buzz…

…when you weren’t “in your head”…

…and you weren’t thinking too much about what anyone else thought of you…

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[Special Offer] RSD Madison’s BOSS 2016

Name Product: RSD Madison’s BOSS 2016 GB
Download Size: 24.8 GB
COST:  $497 = $19.99  / Slot
Sale Page: _

Hi, this is Madison,
It all started about 10 years ago with “The Game”. I picked up that book and my whole world changed. It ignited a fire and a passion in me to learn absolutely everything there is to know about GAME. Every night out, every epic pull, every stunner, every hilarious joke, and even every failure made me feel ALIVE.

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[Special Offer] Irene Lyon – New Inner Game 2016

Name Product: Irene Lyon – New Inner Game GB
Download Size: 6.5 GB
COST: $1,497 = $49.99 / Slot
Sale Page: _

This is NOT Your Typical Online Program

I’ve done those programs that doll out a pre-recorded call, and then offer handout after handout, where you fall behind and never actually do the program content. This program is different.

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[Special Offer] Doug Cunnington – Five Figure Niche Site

Name Product: Doug Cunnington – Five Figure Niche Site
COST: $1497
Size: 4.7 GB+
Sale Page:

This course was created with proven principles, techniques, and strategies that work. It’s broken down into easy-to-follow, step by step lessons that allow you to walk through each of the phases of creating a profitable Amazon Affiliate Niche Site.

How To Create a Profitable FIVE Figure Niche Site With a Step-By-Step Blueprint

– Learn how to pick a niche that’s profitable & long tail keywords that convert.
– The factors to analyze the competition – even if you don’t have any paid tools.
– Build backlinks & promote your site so it won’t get penalized by Google
– Follow a proven step-by-step Niche Site system.

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