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]Cesar Gracie Gi-Less Instructional 6 DVD Set [repost]

Name Product: Cesar Gracie Gi-Less Instructional 6 DVD Set [repost]
Download Size: 6.86 GB
COST: $59.99+ $3.99 shipping= Yours Free
Author: Cesar Gracie
Sale Page:

Cesar Gracie is the man behind the famous GracieFighter Academy. His teaching skills are legendary. His amazing amount of techniques, his attention to detail, his knowledge of theory and tactics and his ability to get this across to his students are some of the reasons the GracieFighter Academy is so successful, turning out champions like Diaz, Shields, Terrell, Melendez… Cesar’s first instructional series is the best selling instructional of all time on Gracie Jiu Jitsu. Now Cesar is sharing his knowledge of gi-less jiu-jitsu. This 6 dvd series is sure to become the definitive source for Gi-Less Jiu-Jitsu.

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Georges St-Pierre – GSP Rushfit: 8 Week Training Program [Repost]

Name Product: Georges St-Pierre – GSP Rushfit: 8 Week Training Program [Repost]
Download Size: 4.51 GB
COST: $119.92= Yours Free
Sale Page:

RUSHFIT is an innovative training program that has quickly become a top selling fitness series all over the world. Get ready to train with GSP and find out why RUSHFIT gets results:

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Name Product: Samuel Lampa – Drastically improve your speed on the Linux Commandline
Download Size: 182 MB
COST: $29= Yours Free
Author: Samuel Lampa

Become much faster and more productive on the linux terminal while saving your hands and wrists from unnecessary strain.

Who is this course for?

Are you an occasional user of the linux terminal or just learned it, and wondering how some people can be almost flying around on the command line, navigating around the file system, switching between applications, browsing and finding files and content etc, while you yourself is just fully occupied with all the tedious typing?

Or are you using the command line quite a lot, but feeling that your usage gives you strain in your wrists, and wondering how you can minimize strain in hands and wrists, so that those very important body parts can stay healthy and usable for many years to come?

Then this course is for you!

Why did I create this course?

The creator of this course course spent years as a systems administrator at a super computing center in Sweden where he spent most of his time in the terminal. The author had a special interest in finding out the top techniques that with the least effort can give the biggest saving in time, and started implementing these techniques over the years.

All these years of hard-learned techniques are now distilled into this compact course, so that anyone with basic familiarity with the terminal get to the productivity and efficiency like a professional linux sysadmin!

What previous skills are required?

The course starts from a fairly basic level (you need to know how to execute some basic commands), and goes up to a rather advanced level, about using tools such as screen to manage multiple windows in the command line, and all the steps build consequently on each other. This means that regardless of your existing skill level, chances are high that you can chime in at a suitable place in the course, and start gaining new knowledge by working your way forward.

Finally, remember that you have a full 30 days money-back guarantee – no questions asked – so if you (against our conviction) find that the course does not live up to the promises, you can always return it within 30 days, and get your money back!

This means, we have made everything we can to ensure that you can confidently enroll in the course right away, and be sure not to be dissatisfied!

Kind Regards
Samuel Lampa, Linux Systems Administrator and Developer

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Yogesh Patel – JavaFx Tutorial For Beginners

Name Product: Yogesh Patel – JavaFx Tutorial For Beginners
Download Size: 934MB
COST: $10= Yours Free
Author: Yogesh Patel

Learning JavaFx – A Guide To JavaFx Java GUI Programming. Develop Your Own Apps , sell online, and earn money.
The JavaFX is a new framework intended to support desktop applications and web browsers. It is generally a java platform for creating rich internet applications that can run on a large variety of devices. Since this is a framework for Java, the code written is not machine dependent.

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Learn to Build Web Apps using UnderscoreJS : Code Like a Pro

Name Product: Learn to Build Web Apps using UnderscoreJS : Code Like a Pro
Download Size: 325 MB
COST: $99= Yours Free
Author: Eduonix Learning Solutions

Master the App Development using UnderscoreJS

UderscoreJS is a powerful library for JavaScript developers which provides host of functional programming helpers to ease web development . It is the library which provide utility functions for common programming tasks. It has gained a lot of acceptance among professional web developers and following a great demand from our students we have created a standalone course which helps you learn this amazing tool from the ground up.

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Cardio Blast with Caley Alyssa (2015)

Name Product: Cardio Blast with Caley Alyssa (2015)
Download Size: 519 MB
COST: $59= Your Free

In this 40 minute heat building sequence you will alternate between upper body and lower body postures designed to give you a well rounded practice in a short amount of time. You will also work the core and enjoy a few sweet stretches and long holds.

Caley Alyssa

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Street-Smart Seduction

Name Product: Street-Smart Seduction
Download Size: 120 MB
COST: $79= Your Free

Johnny Russo (Mond)’s brief report on how to attract and sleep with women. It also has tips on how to bed almost any women and on how to seduce “high-class” women.

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