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Amazon Copywriting Master Course – Write Copy That Sells

Name Product: Amazon Copywriting Master Course – Write Copy That Sells
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Triple your conversion rates and sales with REAL Live Case Studies (Mini copy crash course Included)

Do you want to know what the missing link of your amazon business is?

The thing that guarantees higher rank
The thing that guarantees higher sales
The thing that guarantees your advertising is PROFITABLE.

It’s the COPY!

If you can’t write copy, your entire business falls apart.

Bad copy leads to low sales.
Amazon then punishes you with low ranks.
Your competitors overtake you.
Lower rank, lower sales,
Amazon product dies.

Slowly but surly products disappear from the market place. You don’t make enough money to call this a business, and everything you hoped and dreamed for starts to crumble.

However if your amazon listing CAN turn visitors into customers, amazon will reward you with the life of your dreams.

What happens when you start to get higher conversions?

Instant High Rankings

Think about it, if both you and a competitor get 100 people to your page. Your competitor sells 20 items, and you sell 40 items .

Who do you think amazon will want at the top of their ranks.

Of course, it’s YOU.

Higher conversions wins all the time.

Higher return on Advertising spend!

What if you and a competitor both spend 100$ on bringing 100 people to your page through paid advertising. Let’s say you get 30 sales and your competitor only gets 5.

This means that your $100 will have a much higher return on investment and you’re business will grow and grow while your competitors struggle to make any cash.

The difference is COPY.

Your copy is the missing link that will change everything in your amazon business. If you get this right, ranks, sales and success follow immediately after.

Changing the copy directly influences your entire business. By changing a few words or paragraphs you can make your marketing cheaper, get faster rankings and more sales immediately.

“But I don’t know how to write copy!!”

Does this sound familiar?

You get ready to write the copy for your amazon page your mind goes blank. Your copywriting sessions are just you staring at a blank white page. You have no idea what to write.

Well. That’s why I wrote it all FOR YOU.

You’ll get all my templates for the headlines, bullets and descriptions so you can literally copy & paste my high conversions into your business.

This course will not only tell you how to write, but I also provide detailed examples as well. You get templates for every part of the copy.

The Templates You Get Include:
The Three Highest Converting (and tested) Headline Formulas
My 5 Bullet Template For Instant Impulse Buys
My Copy&Paste Description Template For 40% conversions

I’ve also included some amazing modules that you wont see anywhere else.

Fly-on-the-Wall Section
This section takes you into our business and reveals our exact products that have 20-40% conversion rates.

I’ll show you our products on amazon and you’ll see exactly what we are doing.

I almost didn’t include this module because we know people will copy our products, however I wanted to be completely transparent and reveal what we are doing to increase our conversion rates.

The Copy Crash course
This golden nugget could have been an entire course on it’s own. I choose a random product completely from scratch. I then plan, prepare and write the copy in front of your eyes until everything is ready for a high converting amazon listing.

Just following the copy crash course will give you everything you need to succeed with your copywriting on amazon.

Let’s be honest. If you can’t write copy for your amazon listing, then everything else in your business will fall apart. Bad copy leads to poor rankings, expensive marketing, dropping below competitors, lower sales, and crushed margins. Everything goes into a downward spiral until you can’t even afford to restock.

You know that this is a missing link in your business, and you know you don’t have the skills of a high converting copywriter. You know that if you just had the templates, layouts and structure of a high converting amazon seller, then you would be able to succeed on amazon.

In this course, that’s what you get.

Get ready to take your amazon business to new heights with the amazon conversion crusher course.

Your shortcut to rank and sales is finally here.

Enrol now and start turning your Amazon business into the success that you know it can be. I can’t wait to see you inside the program.

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Video2Brain – Grundlagen der Informatik: Das Internet

Name Product: Video2Brain – Grundlagen der Informatik: Das Internet
Download Size: 169 MB
COST: $45= Yours Free
Author: Thomas Rose, Doug Winnie
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Nicht nur unser Berufsleben ist ohne Internet mit all seinen Möglichkeiten des Informationsflusses und -austauschs nicht mehr vorstellbar. Aber wie funktionieren eigentlich die grundlegenden Technologien im Hintergrund, und wie konnten sie sich im Laufe der Jahrzehnte zu globalen Standards entwickeln? In diesem Video-Training, für das keine Vorkenntnisse erforderlich sind, erfahren Sie viele interessante Details und schon bald können Sie erklären, warum Ihre E-Mails zugestellt werden, Sie Zugang zu bestimmten Websites bekommen oder wie man selbst Inhalte im weltweiten Netz erfolgreich veröffentlicht.

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Be better at blogging: how blogs fit in the marketing funnel

Name Product: Be better at blogging: how blogs fit in the marketing funnel
Download Size: 196 MB
COST: $92= Yours Free
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What makes a blog post compelling? What kind of posts convert or sell? Learn how to plan, organize, and create content

Everything you wanted to know how to create an awesome blog post.

Learn a Method That Makes Blogging Much Easier

How to use content marketing effectively
How do blogs fit in the marketing funnel
Mastering the perfect headline
“Is my blog post good?” The ultimate checklist
Learn the different post types
SEO for your blog
This specific topic is used for bloggers who want to create awesome blog posts on demand, quick and easy. For online business owners who already have a blog, but want to organize their content marketing strategy and perfecting their blogging skills.

I designed this course to be easily understood by someone who just start their first blog, and who already have some blogging experience as well..

*Note that it’s not a presentation of how to build your WordPress Blog, or how to use other 3rd party blogging sites. I am talking about content marketing fundamentals, blog post types, everything you need for a successful blog post, and how to organize your posts. You can use your own blog and build this knowledge in your business. It’s not a screen-cast course.

Author’s Tip: Keep paper and pen handy, and take notes during the presentation, so you can review the most important information later.

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Ethan Ballinger – Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication

Name Product: Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication
Download Size: 107 MB
COST: $20= Yours Free
Author: Ethan Ballinger
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A simplified guide to understanding multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is becoming the standard approach for securing enterprise systems. Companies large and small are embracing the technology due to its flexibility, affordability, and ease to implement.

Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication provides fundamental topics to help students understand what MFA is, why it is important, and how to start implementing a MFA system.

This course is meant for beginners to MFA, but it can also be a good refresher for those who are familiar with MFA.

By the end of the course, you will understand the fundamentals of MFA and you’ll be able to implement a basic hardware-less MFA system.

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Bryan Guerra – Email & Affiliate Marketing Mastermind

Name Product: Email & Affiliate Marketing Mastermind
Download Size: 390 MB
COST: $200= Yours Free
Author: Bryan Guerra
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Building, Utilizing, and Remarketing to Targeted Email Lists in No More than One Day!

The course subtitle says it all…

If you’re interested in how I build targeted email lists around profitable niches, sell to them, and then continuously remarket more products back to them…then this course is for you!

I’ve been on both sides of the fence so I know how it feels. I got started in Affiliate Marketing a little under a year ago and while I saw decent sales, I couldn’t help but wonder what I could make if I found more email leads. Naturally, the next step was to learn Email Marketing. I scoured the web to learn everything I could about building an Email list. I learned a lot, but the reality was everything I learned took loads of time to implement. I had to build a great “lead magnet.” Then I had to drive people to that lead magnet. Then I had to wait a certain amount of time and a certain amount of emails before I could even have an opportunity to send an email to them that I might make money from…this is what every Email Marketing Guru teaches…

We’re throwing that old business model out!

Yeah, no more of that!

This business model combines my Affiliate Marketing knowledge with my Email Marketing knowledge and puts a revolutionary spin on it. This course will give you the best Affiliate Marketing sites and methods to pick the best products/niches that will make you money. Then it will teach you exactly how to build a targeted email list around those products. More importantly, it will show you how to write your email copy to entice people to open, read through, and click your links…then you’ll be able to remarket back to those profitable leads and make more money.

Hint: You can build as many email lists with as many emails around as many niches as you want!

Hint: You can replicate this process over and over and over again!

Hint: The amount of money you can make with this business model is limited only by your imagination and how much work you’re willing to put in!

…All of this is easy to implement and right at your finger tips. You’ll have this knowledge and ability for the rest of your life. If you’re interested, I encourage you to watch the free preview lectures. The last one will give you a slight taste of the power at your disposal after taking this course.

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Kenz A.Soliman – Online sales for busy entrepreneurs #1 hacks for more sales

Name Product: Online sales for busy entrepreneurs #1 hacks for more sales
Download Size: 108 MB
COST: $175= Yours Free
Author: Kenz A.Soliman
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Simple yet powerful hacks for busy entrepreneurs to make more sales online

everything I teach you in this course is actionable information and I only teach what works for my own business and my clients businesses!
no filler content, no theory, just pure actionable learning experience!

As online entrepreneurs, we LOVE creating! but when it comes to selling, things get a bit hard and uncomfortable!

selling more of your services and digital products and courses in a very busy online world is always hard work, unless you know how to stand out!

in this course I share with you my simple hacks that I use to close more sales online while enjoying it and not feeling guilty, salesy, aggressive, or feel like a fraud for asking people for money for your work. Instead, you’ll close more sales and get even more connected to your audience and have them reaching out for you and asking you to sell them your next service, course, or program

this is not based on theory! these are real hacks that I use every day to close more sales and my own high end clients use them as well!

so….are you ready to up your sales game and feel great about selling? join the course and I will see you on the other side!

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Chris DallaVilla – Agile Marketing Foundations

Name Product: Agile Marketing Foundations
Download Size: 475.6 MB
COST: $29.99= Yours Free
Author: Chris DallaVilla
Sale Page: _
By adopting agile marketing principles, you can run projects that have a greater impact and improve over time.

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Create Uber Clone App Using iOS & Firebase – Rideshare

Name Product: Create Uber Clone App Using iOS & Firebase – Rideshare
Download Size: 3.7GB
COST: $200= Yours Free
Author: Mark Price
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Create Uber Clone App Using iOS & Firebase – Rideshare

What Will I Learn?
Build a full-stack Uber clone – Both driver and user, custom UI, maps, GPS – everything!re an absolute beginner to macOS development then take this course

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The Essential Guide to Entrepreneurship by Guy Kawasaki

Name Product: The Essential Guide to Entrepreneurship by Guy Kawasaki
Download Size: 1.5 GB
COST: $95= Yours Free
Author: Guy Kawasaki
Sale Page: _

What Will I Learn?
An overview of the key aspects of entrepreneurship
The most important do’s and dont’s of an entrepreneur

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Dr Patrick Porter Hypnosis Collection

Name Product: Dr Patrick Porter Hypnosis Collection
Download Size: 650 MB
COST: $24.95= Yours Free
Author: Dr Patrick Porter
Sale Page: _

This collection includes:

Accelerated Learning Series
Brain Fitness
Life Mastery

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