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Chris Croft – Happiness Tips Weekly

Name Product: Chris Croft – Happiness Tips Weekly
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Author: Chris Croft
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Course details
Start your week off right. Get a new happiness tip every Monday to help you live a happier life. Coach Chris Croft provides practical, actionable techniques for finding more time for the things you love and maximizing your day-to-day happiness. Over the coming year, he’ll release over 50 tips, on topics such as understanding your options, focusing on the bigger picture, being grateful, savoring experiences, choosing how you spend your time, and more!

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Jason Capital – 3 Shortcuts to Stop Giving a Fck

Name Product: Jason Capital – 3 Shortcuts to Stop Giving a Fck
Download Size: 980 MB
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Author: Jason Capital
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3 SHORTCUTS To Truly Stop Giving A F*ck In 10 Seconds Or Less! Demonstrated and Explained In Full Detail. You’ll get it immediately.
Complete Instructions For When and How To Use The Shortcuts Effortlessly In Your Life. You will experience Instant Results.
How To Keep Them Working For You Permanently. You’ll Find The Changes Last And This Badass Life Of Freedom and Fun Is YOURS!

Now, Maybe for the First Time in Your Life This Ultimate POWER Is Within Your Grasp…
Lots of guys have at one time or another not given a f*ck.
We know what it feels like, and we know how powerful it is.
But do you know how you did it? Can you recreate it whenever you want?
The answer is unfortunately no.
I can tell you if you are not totally free, joyful, feeling totally alive all the time and life isn’t this incredible flood of fun and opportunity just pooling your way all day long, you’re missing out one of the greatest things going on in our world today.
When I released the 3 Shortcuts To Stop Giving A F*ck to my inner circle, I only wanted guys who would get it, apply it and give me specific and measurable feedback about how to improve it. I wanted to work out the kinks.
I offered only 50 copies to my guys and sold them for $197 each. I sold out in a day. I only wanted guys who were serious about using it.
However, when you click the button below now, you won’t have to pay $197 like they gladly did.
You won’t have to pay even $150. Or even $100. Or $50.
And not even $29. That’s right.
I may be crazy. But I’m offering 3 Shortcuts To Stop Giving A F*ck for just… 9 measly bucks.
Now that we understand it, I just think every guy (and girl for that matter) deserves a shot at having a truly amazing and free life, don’t you?
And if I personally can contribute to that goal in some small way, I’m willing to get this program into the hands into as many guys as I can for as little as possible.
Sounds kinda cheesy, but these 3 Shortcuts To Stop Giving A F*ck really can change the world for guys.
Now that I’ve discovered the scientifically-proven neuroscience principle that allows anyone to stop giving a f*ck and start being truly FREE, I want everybody to have it.
Get Your Paws On This Time-Sensitive
Recently I’ve discovered that every entrepreneur (or budding entrepreneur) who goes on to make 6-figures or more lives and dies by 6 core principles, 6 core mindsets…
These aren’t normal mindsets you’ll hear talked about on TV or even read about in any wealth-building or finance book.
They’re controversial. They’re unique. If you heard someone talking about them on the street, you might think they were from another planet.
But without these 6 core mindsets installed deeply and permanently into your subconscious, getting to a 6-figure income (or more) becomes almost impossible.
But with them, multiple 6-figures, or even 7-figures, becomes as simple as apple pie.
Now I’m not teaching these 6 core mindsets publicly anytime soon. I just want case studies and success stories. You know I love to brag about the success of my students like you.
There are thousands of guys like you making 6-figures and 7-figures, traveling the world, doing what they want, when they want, with who they want.
You can be next. You are next.

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Carlos Xuma – Secrets of the Alpha Man – Platinum

Name Product: Carlos Xuma – Secrets of the Alpha Man – Platinum
Download Size: 0,5 GB
COST: $97= Yours Free
Author: Carlos Xuma
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This program offers high-quality coaching, tips, exercises, examples, and strategies for you to develop the skills and confidence you need to meet single women.
Killer Techniques To Attract Women With Your NATURAL Alpha Male Qualities… If You’ve Ever Felt The Agonizing Sting Of Rejection From A Woman, Now You Can Effortlessly Attract Women – Even If You’re Not Rich Or Good-Looking
eBook contains:
– 17 traits of the Alpha Man
– The 7 core character virtues
– Understanding what the Alpha Man is
– Four exercises to bring out your inner warrior
– The truth about your level of self-confidence
– The right way to make eye contact with women
– Five ways to communicate your value to a woman
– Exercises to tune your voice and train your speech
– How to socialize and network to meet women
– The 2-step process of overcoming personal challenges
– How to open up a conversation with multiple women at once
– Why looks are the least important part of your Alpha Lifestyle
– 5 essential body language indicators a woman is looking for
– How to compensate for your shortfalls and perceived weaknesses
– Ten words that will communicate massive power and confidence
Audio CDs contain:
Disc 1
– Opening
– Why you need to be an Alpha Man
– The Nice Guy syndrome
– The Nice Guy pt II
– How you became a Nice Guy
– How you became a Nice Guy pt II
– Definition
– Removing Anger
– Preparation
– Positive Qualities Exercise
– The Power of Persistence/Buying Temperature
Disc 2
– Attitude
– Feeling Good
– Don’t Help Women
– How to Meet Women
– Alpha Body Language
– Cold Reading Technique
– Cold Reading pt II
– Keeping Your Mental Distance
– Keeping Emotional Boundaries Set
Disc 3
– Introduction to Interview
– Interview pt I
– Interview pt II
– Interview pt III
– Proximity Science
– Self-Confidence Improvement
– Look Her Over
Disc 4
– Handling Rejection
– Introducing Yourself
– Opening Sets
– Sexual Energy
– Emotional Leverage
– The Politics of Haggling
– Patience
– Strength and Impatience
Disc 5
– Removing Your Fear
– Power and Subordination
– Sexual Attitudes
– Conversational Power
– Discomfort
– Discomfort pt II
– Friends
Disc 6
– One That Got Away Syndrome
– Lacunas
– Giver/Taker
– Diagnosing Your Game
– Diagnosing Your Game pt II
– Diagnosing Your Game pt III
– Critical Success Factors
– Closing

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Weider – X-Factor ST 8 Week Training Program

Name Product: Weider – X-Factor ST 8 Week Training Program
Download Size: 3,2 GB
COST: $29.47= Yours Free
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Engage major muscles for continued results and maximize your workout with high-intensity 90-second sequence training. Perform intense exercises for 90 seconds followed by a strength-training movement or rest period. Then follow with another 90-second sequence. It’s a fun, fast-paced way to burn calories and build muscle in the same workout.

8-week training program allows you to break through your workout plateau
Uses high-intensity 90-second sequence training to burn calories and build muscle
Includes 4-week digital nutrition guide to build a balanced diet (PDF)
Digital fitness journal allows you to track progress (PDF)
Digital workout calendar plots your course to physical fitness (PDF)

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Madonna – MDNA World Tour (2013) [Hi-Res]

Name Product: Madonna – MDNA World Tour (2013) [Hi-Res]
Download Size:
COST: $42= Yours Free
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01. Virgin Mary (Intro)
02. Girl Gone Wild
03. Revolver
04. Gang Bang
05. Papa Don’t Preach
06. Hung Up
07. I Don’t Give A
08. Best Friend (Video Interlude)
09. Express Yourself
10. Give Me All Your Luvin’
11. Turn Up The Radio
12. Open Your Heart
13. Masterpiece
14. Justify My Love (Video Interlude)
15. Vogue
16. Erotic / Candy Shop
17. Human Nature
18. Like A Virgin Waltz
19. Love Spent
20. Nobody Knows Me
21. I’m Addicted
22. I’m A Sinner
23. Like A Prayer
24. Celebration

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Amazon Copywriting Master Course – Write Copy That Sells

Name Product: Amazon Copywriting Master Course – Write Copy That Sells
Download Size: 566 MB
COST: $17.95= Yours Free
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Triple your conversion rates and sales with REAL Live Case Studies (Mini copy crash course Included)

Do you want to know what the missing link of your amazon business is?

The thing that guarantees higher rank
The thing that guarantees higher sales
The thing that guarantees your advertising is PROFITABLE.

It’s the COPY!

If you can’t write copy, your entire business falls apart.

Bad copy leads to low sales.
Amazon then punishes you with low ranks.
Your competitors overtake you.
Lower rank, lower sales,
Amazon product dies.

Slowly but surly products disappear from the market place. You don’t make enough money to call this a business, and everything you hoped and dreamed for starts to crumble.

However if your amazon listing CAN turn visitors into customers, amazon will reward you with the life of your dreams.

What happens when you start to get higher conversions?

Instant High Rankings

Think about it, if both you and a competitor get 100 people to your page. Your competitor sells 20 items, and you sell 40 items .

Who do you think amazon will want at the top of their ranks.

Of course, it’s YOU.

Higher conversions wins all the time.

Higher return on Advertising spend!

What if you and a competitor both spend 100$ on bringing 100 people to your page through paid advertising. Let’s say you get 30 sales and your competitor only gets 5.

This means that your $100 will have a much higher return on investment and you’re business will grow and grow while your competitors struggle to make any cash.

The difference is COPY.

Your copy is the missing link that will change everything in your amazon business. If you get this right, ranks, sales and success follow immediately after.

Changing the copy directly influences your entire business. By changing a few words or paragraphs you can make your marketing cheaper, get faster rankings and more sales immediately.

“But I don’t know how to write copy!!”

Does this sound familiar?

You get ready to write the copy for your amazon page your mind goes blank. Your copywriting sessions are just you staring at a blank white page. You have no idea what to write.

Well. That’s why I wrote it all FOR YOU.

You’ll get all my templates for the headlines, bullets and descriptions so you can literally copy & paste my high conversions into your business.

This course will not only tell you how to write, but I also provide detailed examples as well. You get templates for every part of the copy.

The Templates You Get Include:
The Three Highest Converting (and tested) Headline Formulas
My 5 Bullet Template For Instant Impulse Buys
My Copy&Paste Description Template For 40% conversions

I’ve also included some amazing modules that you wont see anywhere else.

Fly-on-the-Wall Section
This section takes you into our business and reveals our exact products that have 20-40% conversion rates.

I’ll show you our products on amazon and you’ll see exactly what we are doing.

I almost didn’t include this module because we know people will copy our products, however I wanted to be completely transparent and reveal what we are doing to increase our conversion rates.

The Copy Crash course
This golden nugget could have been an entire course on it’s own. I choose a random product completely from scratch. I then plan, prepare and write the copy in front of your eyes until everything is ready for a high converting amazon listing.

Just following the copy crash course will give you everything you need to succeed with your copywriting on amazon.

Let’s be honest. If you can’t write copy for your amazon listing, then everything else in your business will fall apart. Bad copy leads to poor rankings, expensive marketing, dropping below competitors, lower sales, and crushed margins. Everything goes into a downward spiral until you can’t even afford to restock.

You know that this is a missing link in your business, and you know you don’t have the skills of a high converting copywriter. You know that if you just had the templates, layouts and structure of a high converting amazon seller, then you would be able to succeed on amazon.

In this course, that’s what you get.

Get ready to take your amazon business to new heights with the amazon conversion crusher course.

Your shortcut to rank and sales is finally here.

Enrol now and start turning your Amazon business into the success that you know it can be. I can’t wait to see you inside the program.

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Alex Vidzup – Boost Your Dating Confidence

Name Product: Boost Your Dating Confidence
Download Size: 1.04 GB
COST: $200= Yours Free
Author: Alex Vidzup
Sale Page: _*k
Attract The Women You’ve Always Wanted, Without Letting Fear Stop You

Do you feel like you need more confidence when approaching women, asking for their number, or even asking them on dates?

If so, then this course is for you! I was exactly at the same place where you are now…

I used to be that guy in the corner, watching all the women pass me by, not having the balls to even go say hi, let alone get her number.

I know how you feel – it’s frustrating and that thought that passes through your mind “Why me?!”…

Look, I came to the point in my life where I had enough and decided to change. No more! I was going to get all the women I want. I started studying, experimenting, and practicing different confidence exercises and techniques and day after day my confidence grew more and more.

Pretty soon, I didn’t even recognise my old self. Today, I can easily get any woman I want and regularly get 2-3+ dates per week and even take them home with me.

Look… I’m not special, I wasn’t born with any magical womanising abilities. You can get the exact same results as me by applying the exercises in this course. Yes, that’s right – you can boost your dating confidence in a mere 7 days by following the information I’m about to give you in these lessons.

So let me ask you a question…

Do you want more pussy? Or are you going to stay where you are and keep watching your friends and other guys take those gorgeous women home?

Your choice! Buy this course now and I look forward to coaching you to boost your dating confidence. See you there!

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Beachbody – Clean Week

Name Product: Beachbody – Clean Week
Download Size: 1.92 GB
COST: $43= Yours Free
Sale Page: _N/A

Have you ever wanted to just “try” a healthy lifestyle to make sure that it suits you? Now you can do it with Clean Week, an exclusive, step-by-step 7-day program that gives you all the tools you need to begin to lose weight, get a beautiful physical shape and get healthy habits.

Clean Week is the 7-day nutrition and fitness program that guides you through simple lifestyle changes to help you eat better, start losing weight, and create new healthy habits. It’s the perfect introduction to Beachbody’s proven system that combines fitness, nutrition, and support—the solution that’s already helped millions of people get real, lasting results.

Trainer Megan Davies created these workouts to focus on the foundations of fitness, so you get a well-rounded program that’s perfect for all levels. The “Clean Week” program has four 30-minute training sessions and you will practice every day for a week. Each training has different aspects of fitness: Cardio, Strength, Core Function and Flexibility. Together they provide a well-planned fitness program, which will make you feel great and get a tight fit.

The set includes a seven-day training plan.

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Debra Johanyak – Say What You Really Mean!: How Women Can Learn to Speak Up

Name Product: Say What You Really Mean!: How Women Can Learn to Speak Up
Download Size: 2 MB
COST: $36= Yours Free
Author: Debra Johanyak
Sale Page: _

Most of us claim to value honesty and openness in communication, but we often settle for insincerity and ambiguity. We valiantly try to say what we mean, all the while using words, attitudes, and expressions that sabotage the real message. Results can be frustrating, or even devastating.

A recent workplace report claims that 25% of the business sector experience communication problems on the job. The actual percentage is probably much higher. Most large companies recruiting and hiring employees are looking for effective communication as one of the top three skills, in addition to being a team player and having job expertise. Knowing what to say, as well as how and when to say it, are critical factors in communicating about important issues. Finding the courage to give an honest response can give you a bad case of nerves or insomnia. Yet, keeping quiet or minimizing a message can be potentially problematic.

In romantic relationships, avoiding sensitive topics may seem like the right thing to do. But chances are women are lighting the fuse to a cache of fireworks that’s bound to explode sooner or later, ruining any chance of a truly meaningful relationship.

Frank and focused discussion can build positive interactions and mutually respectful relationships.

Say What You Really Mean! How Women Can Learn to Speak Up offers hope for improving personal and professional communication for those who struggle to find the right words:

Why being direct is respectful, not rude

How silence plays a key role when used appropriately
Knowing when to listen and when to speak up
Bridging gender differences
Using a message plan to get results
Saying “no” without causing friction

This book has grown out of years of research, observation, and practice of effective communication in college teaching, and from consulting and training in the business world. The author’s articles and workshops have helped people learn how to become more articulate and enjoy satisfying relationships based on meaningful conversations. The book features:

Anecdotes and observations from real-life situations
Statistics on communication problems in personal and professional relationships
Case histories from actual companies (names changed)
Tips from employers, employees, parents, and spouses who rely on clear communication for occupational and relational needs

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John Wayne – Gamer Elite Daygame Program

Name Product: John Wayne – Gamer Elite Daygame Program
Download Size: 7.23 GB
COST: $347= Yours Free
Author: John Wayne
Sale Page: _

Welcome to the 16-hour online program for $400 USD. It also comes with 3 free Skype coaching for an hour each. It covers most of the effective Wayne Dating Lifestyle concepts. By effective, I don’t mean personality adjustment or lock in process nonsense.

We have a vibe system and girlfriend process instead. I mean the concepts that made my students get 80% of my students pull. This 16-hour course helped my students pull around the world. If you contacted me through Wayne Dating Lifestyle. Then the same course will be $500 USD. (I’m not allowed to release this product, as it competes against my company products. But I can release it to you with Skype coaching as an exclusive bonus. This is a full A-Z product of Wayne concepts. It covers every topic.

-Module 1, game therapy in a box. Using psychology to repair your mind = $300
-Module 2. An entire day of bootcamp filmed explaining Wayne 30 = $700 USD
-Module 3. Me as your virtual dating coach explaining every challenge = $1200
-Having short infield examples from John Wayne = priceless
-Advice that has 80% of my students pulling and 70% laid without taking a bootcamp. =$1000
-$3200 worth of coaching for a measly $150 USD. Its like having me there explain the concepts to you and demonstrating a bootcamp that is purely on social calibrations. Like I said build the foundation first before you apply the game in the Wayne Playbook. That stuff is build on top of this foundation. Master the basics first.

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