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RSD Todd – Attraction Unlocked

Name Product: RSD Todd – Attraction Unlocked
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Imagine your perfect 10…
One second she’s standing there bored, staring at her phone, going about her day.

.and the next she’s MASSIVELY turned on.



.attracted….TO YOU.
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As you engage her in conversation and flirtation, she goes from being skeptical at intensely mesmerized.

You go from just a random guy on the street to THE Guy she’s been dying to meet her whole life.

A cool, confident, high-value guy…

… who challenges her and gives her butterflies with just a look and a tease.

It’s very on.
And it’s only been 30 seconds!

You’re a little shocked at first.

You try and conceal the excitement of having YOUR perfect 10 practically drooling at your every word.

But this isn’t an accident.
You didn’t “get lucky”
And it’s got nothing to do with looks or money. (She knows next to nothing about you.)

Instead it’s got everything to do with what you’re doing.

.what you’re saying.

.how you’re saying it.

.and the critical ATTRACTION SWITCHES you’re flipping one by one.

Attraction switches that you could have never even guessed were there just a couple weeks before.
The truth is I don’t think about attraction at all.

When I go into a club or hit the streets during the day, I’m not worried about “getting attraction” in the slightest.

It just happens.

Again. And again. And again.
At this point, Attraction is
pretty much an afterthought.

Ok, not EVERY girl.

But realistically speaking, a significant majority of the hot girls I approach end up “hooking” in 30 seconds or less.

And yes, that’s all the time you need.

In my experience, if you DON’T hook her in the first 30 seconds, you’re pretty much done.

But it wasn’t always like this for me.

After years of confusion and hitting my head against the wall, I LEARNED this skill cold.

To the point where I don’t have to think about it ever.

And so can you.

In fact very few people know the complete truth about attraction.

That’s because Attraction is Highly


The guys you assume would crush it end up being practically celibate.

And the guys who you think are total losers very often end up hooking up with 5 or 6 new stunners a month.

(Not to brag, but I once had sex with 25 women in a month and it was the least productive month of my life.)

As a professional dating coach for the last 15 years, I’ve seen my students end up having some of the absolute craziest hookups.

Fat dudes pulling porn stars.

Short dudes (like myself) with playmates.

Regular average guys getting threesomes with the 9’s and 10’s that ignored them in high school and college.

And reformed “nice” guys ending up with stunner girlfriends and wives that they could once only dream about.

How are these match-ups even possible?

What makes some of the most sought after women in the world go absolutely nuts for regular everyday Joe’s?

At the end of the day, it all comes down to one thing:


They don’t want you to hook up with hot girls.

Who’s “they”, you ask?

Society, your parents, your friends, coworkers, teachers, magazines, movies, social media, etc.

They want you to think that only the rich, tall, successful, jacked guys get the hot girls.


Especially when it comes to sex and dating.

For a woman, how she FEELS about a guy usually determines what she’ll end up doing with him.


An incredibly powerful one.

Every single hot girl on Earth is constantly on a roller-coaster of emotional ups and downs when it comes to guys, dating and sex.

And if you’re aware of what attraction switches she wants and needs flipped.
.then you become the outlet for all her sexual and romantic needs and fantasies.

The funny thing is that most of the time, 99% of guys HAVE NO F#*@ING CLUE what they’re doing.

Even though it was 15 years ago, I remember what not having a clue was like for me.

The funny thing is this:

Attraction is NOT intuitive for men.

When most guys think they’re being smooth and cool, they’re usually actively PUSHING THE GIRL AWAY and creeping her the fuck out!

(That also goes for alot of guys that have spent learning the wrong kind of game.)

At the end of the day, making a girl attracted to you is a simple process:

Flip the right switches, and you have attraction.

Accidentally flip JUST ONE of the WRONG switches.and you come off as creepy, pushy, and weird.

And the thing’s so damn easy to flip a wrong switch.

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George Hutton – Cult Leader: Master Human Behavior And Leadership To Start Your Own Cult

Name Product: George Hutton – Cult Leader: Master Human Behavior And Leadership To Start Your Own Cult
Download Size: 7.8 GB
COST: $2.99= Yours Free
Author: George Hutton
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Want to start your very own cult? OK, maybe that’s a bit much. But the very same charisma, communication, persuasion and leadership skills required to start a real life cult are the very same set of skills required to start a business, run a company or even master the issues in your own life. Whether you want to lead a group of disenfranchises anarchists out into the desert to await your alien salvation, or if you simply want to get an understanding of human behavior so you can interact more effectively with those in your own circle of friends, this guide will give you everything you need. Human behavior, the structure of group dynamics, why people do things, and why some people are naturally charismatic and outgoing. Understand the internal and unconscious triggers that motivate us to action. Recognize the common blinders that keep us oblivious to the things right in front of our noses. Understand the structure of our petrodollar currency, and why the same devious and idiotic politicians keep getting elected over and over again. Get this guide now and lead your followers out into the promised land, your employees to better productivity, or even your own family members to get along with each other

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Dr. Joseph Riggio – High-Ticket Groups & Programs

Name Product: Dr. Joseph Riggio – High-Ticket Groups & Programs
Download Size: 5.8 GB
COST: $149 = Yours Free
Author: Dr. Joseph Riggio
Sale Page: _
Dr. Joseph Riggio – High Ticket Groups & Programs for Coaches, Consultants, Trainers and Expert Advisors

Are You Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level?

I want to share what I learned from building a multi million-dollar coaching, consulting and training business, and I’ll show you how too …

The Key To High-Ticket Groups & Programs
Despite all the hype around what it takes to create High-End Groups & Programs, like marketing and selling, the ability to design and deliver what you bring at extremely high-value to clients is what makes them work … and positions you as an expert.

Plain and simple, if you’re an expert advisor … i.e.: a coach, consultant, trainer … you may be where I was 25 years ago.

You want to build a practice/business that allows you to work with the clients you want to work with, doing what you want to do, and make the kind of money you hope to make.

Well I totally get that.

I was there once too!

In the early 1990s I had just gotten my certification as an NLP Trainer, and I remember thinking that if I could only make $50,000 as an NLP Trainer, i.e.: not having to do anything but working with clients using NLP and running NLP trainings, I would have it all.

Well, fortunately for me that happened within that year, but truth be told, it wasn’t all I hoped it would be.

So I went back to the drawing board and reviewed my thinking and my plan of action, and something became obvious to me …

I needed a High-Ticket Offering!

My Story .

Very simply by 1995 I had developed a single High-Ticket Program for Major Sales Professionals that came from my years selling high-ticket architectural design to very wealthy clients. I knew this material inside and out, and I knew the it could make a huge difference to sales professionals who needed to sell complex, high-ticket, offerings, that were often intangible as well.

Within a year I was selling that program internationally into multinational corporations for more than $40,000/week … and I was booked for up to 42 weeks a year doing it!

Somehow I cracked the code to a multi-million dollar professional practice. The next step for me was to dissect the code so I could replicate it again. I did that and designed several more High-Ticke programs that made me millions in the years that followed.

Now, don’t get me wrong, making A LOT OF MONEY was great … but, I also love the results I was getting with my clients and the results they were getting using what I was offering them.

I didn’t know it then, but because my programs worked so well, I stopped having to really work to sell them. Instead of trying to convince people to buy what I was offering, two things happened, my reputation began to proceed me BECAUSE OF THE PROGRAMS I DESIGNED … and, the referrals I was getting exceeded by far what I could have hoped to earn if I had to constantly sell my programs to cold prospects.

Now I want to teach you the exact “code” I cracked so you can design your own High-Ticket programs that will position you as the expert you are and want to be known as, with the specific clients you want to be working with, doing what you want to be doing … and, getting paid incredibly well for it.

This is what High-Ticket Groups and Programs is all about … it’s the ultimate insider’s guide to making it big as an expert advisor!

Is this your time to exceed yourself?

High-Ticket Groups & Programs:
The Training
We’ll cover everything you need to know in the five modules of the High-Ticket Groups & Programs to create ongoing success in just five essential modules:

1. Finding Your Topic
2. Designing The Program
3. Identifying the Audience
4. Finding Clients
5. Selling The Package

The Schedule
There is a lot of material we will cover in this program, going into deep detail to ensure that you have a step-by-step process you can follow as we build each element of the program. We will take our time over the course of five weeks so you can do the create the individual pieces you need as we go along.

Each week we’ll meet virtually on-line using my private training interface and we’ll cover the material for the module we’re working on with the specific things you need to do to make it work for you. I’ll also take as much time as we need to answer all your questions, regardless of how many you have or how long it takes.

In addition to the on-line training you’ll also get my custom designed lists and assignments that will give you the steps you need to develop your program from start to finish.

In just five weeks you’ll have selected your topic, designed your program, identified your audience, found clients for your program and sold the program to your first clients.

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Ali Adler – How to Fck a Woman

Name Product: Ali Adler – How to Fck a Woman
Download Size: 7 MB
COST: $22= Yours Free
Author: Ali Adler
Sale Page: _

Brazen, uproarious, slyly prescriptive, and always entertaining, Ali Adler is a sex and relationship guru who knows what women want. As a lesbian, she has both the equipment and the experience to give straight men (and the women who love them) advice about how to get more sex and do it well.
In her day job as a comedy writer and TV producer, Ali is sometimes the only woman in a room full of fellow potty-mouthed comedy writers; in these bastions of bad sex jokes she became legendary for offering frank reality checks, and for translating female sexuality into words a man could understand. In her book How to Fck a Woman—which turns out to be about 20 percent explicit instruction, 80 percent relationship advice, and 100 percent hilarious—she brings together essential advice for men (even the ones who insist they could write this book) and the women who want their lovers to truly understand them, both mind and body.

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Tom Torrero – Cold Calling 2017

Name Product: Tom Torrero – Cold Calling 2017
Download Size: 110 MB
COST: $34.99= Yours Free
Author: Tom Torero
Sale Page: _

Join Tom Torero on his daygame pickup adventures in Russia and the Former Soviet Union to seduce some of the hottest girls on the planet. 238 pages, paperback. Contains logistical reports and maps for: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kiev, Minsk, Chisinau, Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius, Prague and Krakow.

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Todd Valentine – Winner Game

Name Product: Todd Valentine – Winner Game
Download Size: 10,2 GB
COST: $150= Yours Free
Sale Page: _

REAL Skills.
REAL Confidence.
REAL Results.
No BS.

Because I’m about to take a SLEDGEHAMMER to whatever you thought you knew about game.
Let’s face it, pickup and how it’s been taught has been hopelessly broken for a while now.
As a coach, I’ve seen first hand the damage that a lot of these concepts have caused.
For years I’ve been forced to stay quiet, subtly tip-toeing around half-truths I knew were inaccurate at best.
But the gloves are coming off.
I finally have the complete freedom to address these myths and half-truths head-on.
And I’m not holding back.
REAL GAME is first and foremost about getting results. Period.
REAL GAME is about progress and building a real skillset.
REAL GAME is about consistency
REAL GAME is about going after the quality of girls that you really want and actually keeping them around.
REAL GAME is about becoming the best man you can be and living the life you’ve always wanted
And to be honest, I see very few guys out there actively teaching real game.
So I decided to do something about that…
The fact is that for the vast majority of guys, their biggest sticking point is clinging to concepts that just aren’t true.
Concepts that at best get them the wrong kind of result.
And at worst make true success with women practically impossible.
There’s only one solution: Real game
It’s time to learn REAL GAME again.
Game that’s based on simple, practical concepts that have been proven to work in the field for almost two decades.
Game that’s designed to get real results with the women you want…instead of settling for “good enough”.
Practical inner game.
Practical outer game.
And a practical path towards making game WORK.
These concepts are so important that I knew I couldn’t keep them behind a paywall.
So I’m giving you complete access to the whole course for free.
I just ask one thing in return: Take action.
But not just any kind of action…

…take smart action.

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Carlos Xuma – Sexual Spark System

Name Product: Carlos Xuma – Sexual Spark System
Download Size: 943 MB
COST: $197= Yours Free
Author: Carlos Xuma
Sale Page: _

The real difference between The Sexual Spark System and just about any other book, DVD or dating program out there is that The Sexual Spark System is the ONLY program that gives you the complete sequence Not just texting her – which just doesn’t work by itself.
I figured out how to tap into her addictive habits so that you can become her GOOD obsession
All of the other programs assume that every woman wants clever dialogue and memorized phrases, so the best they can do is give you really vague, generic scripts to try. Those programs ignore the fact that women can sense your level of masculinity before you even open your mouth.
And if you can’t get past her smartphone – her “digital bodyguard”, it really doesn’t matter what you say! She’ll simply swipe you out of her life …
You see The Sexual Spark System is based on cutting edge sexual attraction principles that game companies have used for years. You’re going to find out specific behaviors, specific tactics for the GIRL YOU LIKE RIGHT NOW
Picture a girl you have in mind right now Imagine what she looks like in your mind’s eye – The Sexual Spark System will show you exactly what’s sexually attractive to HER – show you how to get her attention and interest, and then get into her brain so that she just can’t shake you…
This system by Carlos Xuma shows men how to trigger instant sexual attraction and addiction in a woman, and supercharge her sexual desires. It is designed to tap into a woman’s addictive habits in order to become her desired obsession.
Some of the areas covered:
– The words to bypass a woman’s rejection reflex
– How to get a woman to feel genuine sexual desire for you
– A technique to know when a woman is ready to sleep with you
– How to get you out of the friend zone and create an instant bond with a woman
The Sexual Spark System is actually designed to let you trigger attraction in pretty much any woman totally “stealth” and without her noticing what’s happening until she can’t resist you.
I also added in the benefit of focusing these techniques on that ONE special girl you might want.
The tricky thing about making moves on a female friend is that you don’t want to risk ruining the friendship, or having the word spread and get a bad reputation
But that’s not an issue because The Sexual Spark System conceals the sexual attraction triggers – those triggers in the addictive pleasure center of her brain.
So one day you’ll just be talking to her and she’ll say to herself, “Wow this guy really seems different, and I’m really feeling attracted to him…” And then she’ll probably start flirting with you and coming on to you.
She’ll suddenly “think about you differently”

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Arash Dibazar – Ravi – Playing with the gods

Name Product: Arash Dibazar – Ravi – Playing with the gods
Download Size: 3 GB
COST: $254= Yours Free
Author: Arash Dibazar
Sale Page: _

Discover the hidden mysteries and unleash the force of your godlike communication.
“Regain your force, your strength and your will to manifest and create your life that you want inside of you”

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Ross Jeffries – Stealth Persuasion Program

Name Product: Ross Jeffries – Stealth Persuasion Program
Download Size: 1,25 GB
COST: $497= Yours Free
Author: Ross Jeffries
Sale Page: _

In this wicked module, you’ll learn how to effectively “seduce” your customers and clients to make the decision to hire, buy etc on the unconscious level, in minutes, using some wickedly powerful and easy to use methods.
Here’s just a taste, that illustrates a key shift that makes this all possible.
Look: I’ve personally used each and every one of the methods, tricks, principles and tools I teach in this module for my own business. And that means you can get very excited at how to benefit and profit from having the same power to bend minds, warp wills and drive decisions and behaviors that I do.
Here is just some of what you will learn:
-The seven “Pull Their Strings/Puppet Master” Principles that form the essential foundation for any and all acts of hypnotic persuasion
-Four word for word “get them to buy now” hypnotic patterns you can drop into any sales or business context to pre-program your prospect to already decide to buy from you before you make any actual presentation
-How to use “Truisms” to blow objections out of the water
-How to use “Agreement Frames” to give your prospect AMNESIA from their objections
-How to use meaning reframes to use objections as cognitive leverage to get your prospect to MAKE YOUR DAY – by handing over thair cash, check or credit card!
Listen: it’s against the law for me to make any promises when it comes to earning money, but what I will say is that if you have any intelligence at all, than applying the methods and secrets I teach in this segment might easily make you back your investment and probably much more

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Carlos Xuma – Natural Attraction Blueprint – Black Belt Coaching

Name Product: Carlos Xuma – Natural Attraction Blueprint – Black Belt Coaching
Download Size: 1,6 GB
COST: $247= Yours Free
Author: Carlos Xuma
Sale Page: _

Your Foolproof Dating Plan – Custom Fit For YOU:
How To Overcome Your Shyness & Fear,
How To Approach ANY Woman
With Your Own Custom-Built Blueprint,
And Walk Away With A Date…

How Do You Get “Customized” And “Personalized” With Stuff That Works – For YOU?
I’m about to share a solution with you – one of my most closely guarded “trade secrets.” I’m only going to have this page available for a short time – and for a good reason, as you’re about to see.

If you’re trying every trick in the book to overcome your approach anxiety or confidence issues, you can knock that off right now…
If you’re spending more time at home than out there with women – for ANY reason – forget about it…

You’re about to find out what to do to turn it all around.
The answer is “Custom coaching.” Instead of just passively listening, reading another ebook that you forget about the next day…
…what if you could get someone who can give you the custom words and “lines” – and give you your own back-pocket plan for meeting women?
How I “Accidentally” Discovered
The Secrets To Meeting
The Women *I* Wanted…
Look, I never wanted to read some scripts to get women attracted to me and interested in me.
I knew (just like you know) that you MUST have solid INNER game, too. But let’s face it, at some point you will do ANYTHING you need to to just stop the pain and start meeting women.
You can work on your confidence all day, but in the end you need something to SAY to women, right?
So if using some packaged routine worked for some other guy, well it’s at least worth trying.
The good news is that you can create a personalized system for overcoming your shyness and fear, meeting women consistently, and getting results consistently – and without relying on someone else’s personality.
This isn’t about doing any of the traditional “pickup artist” stuff. We’re going to get rid of the stuff that doesn’t work…
It’s much easier and it’s a lot faster for you because we’re going to only use what WORKS!
Are You Sleepwalking Through Your Approaches?
Imagine this: You’re out doing some shopping and you spot beautiful blonde. All of a sudden, you find yourself standing in front of her – and you don’t remember ten minutes of hovering around her or working up your courage before you did it.
And before any fear or shyness can sabotage you, you’ve already started a conversation with her.
(The words just literally FELL out of your mouth. You didn’t have to stand there and hope that you could remember what that other guru dude said…)
It’s almost like you’re on cruise-control, and everything is just taking care of itself.
And it REALLY feels good because you know this is you talking, and not some freaky script you got off a forum. It’s YOU.
She responds to you automatically, because without a moment’s hesitation you’re giving off perfect body language and confidence signals. In a few seconds she’s laughing.
A few minutes later you realize you’re drinking your Starbucks coffee and reading the paper. She’s gone.
But wait, did you actually…?
Yup, you check your phone and you see her name and her phone number programmed in. Right along with another 3 girls you met earlier that day.
It’s like you just pushed a button and this program ran itself and did all the work for you. You were just along for the ride.
No fear or rejection. And for once you could just enjoy the moment of talking with a beautiful woman without sweating or feeling sick to your stomach.
Well, I want to show you how to create your own “Black Box” for meeting women. A complete and personalized system for:

Overcoming shyness
Opening a conversation with a woman
Getting her laughing and interested in you – Good and HOOKED!
And walking away with her phone number, date, or MORE.

I call this the Natural Attraction Blueprint. It will fit you and YOUR personality. Instead of acting and having to become some creepy and manipulative actor using lines that feel creepy and weird, you’ll be able to do this with your own inner NATURAL.
No more bullshitting women or bluffing.
By now, I know that you’re smart enough to know that pickup artist tricks, and stunts designed to trick women just aren’t going to get you anywhere.
Fortunately the reason my system works so well is that I know what women REALLY want. I know how to meet women, how to get them interested in you, KEEP them interested in you. For a night or for a lifetime…
I’ll Show You Exactly
How YOU Can Do This – Step-By-Step…
You’re also going to learn:

How to differentiate yourself from the other guys so she always chooses YOU
How to make her feel at ease
Overcoming the intimidation from beautiful women
How to make your voice sound good
How to get out of your head and just enjoy the moment
How to keep your success going and going and going (without losing motivation)

All of this is stuff that YOU and I will work on together.
Yes, you read that right.
I’m going to be the one reviewing your class work and giving you feedback. I’ll be the one giving you your video classes, your audio instruction, and your weekly assignments.
Dont’ worry, it won’t be like high-school. It will be intense, but in that cool way that always leaves you wanting more to do.
AND – even better – you’re going to have a top expert, Marni Kinrys – a female WING girl – to give you even more feedback and guidance.
Imagine: A trained woman who can give you a female perspective – and dial in your game to be rock solid with meeting women…
You’ll discover exactly how women think with her insider information.

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