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Pareto Siu – Ethical hacking – Phishing on Business Email Compromise 101

Name Product: Ethical hacking – Phishing on Business Email Compromise 101
Download Size: 95 MB
COST: $20= Yours Free
Author: Pareto Siu
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Both Security awareness and technical area of phishing will be covered

This course will cover the basic to advanced phishing techniques on business email compromise. You will learn the attack from attacker ‘s view and know how to defence.

Security Awareness topic:

Basic information
Information Resources
How to begin as email scammer
What is spoof of Domain
How to defence
Technical area:

1. Lab on how to setup phishing attack

After this course, you will learn more on security awareness and know how to teach your staff preventing phishing.

Also, if you are learning ethical hacking, this lab will make you know how to setup phishing attack with below features:

a. Fileless attack and difficult to trace

b. 443 port attack and not easy to block

Update: Latest email attack will be added to this course (e.g. DDE)

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Bryan Guerra – How to Turn Instagram into a Business

Name Product: How to Turn Instagram into a Business
Download Size: 334 MB
COST: $180= Yours Free
Author: Bryan Guerra
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How to grow a following, expedite that process faster, profit off your traffic, and then automate the business model

Instagram is a phenomenal social media platform. It’s one of my favorites. You can do so much to network on Instagram it’s unbelievable. The potential for growing a business by using it correctly are only limited by your imagination. With that being said, we can use this platform to our advantage and begin to channel all its traffic to a targeted place of our choosing and then monetize that traffic.

The key to this is targeted leads, targeted page niches, and targeted monetization techniques. I’ll outline of this for you in a very easy to understand way so you can begin to build your following, expedite that process much faster, monetize that following, and then automate the entire business model so you can focus on doing what you love while Instagram is earning money for you in the background!

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Eman Al Riyami – How to choose a Business Idea?!

Name Product: How to choose a Business Idea?!
Download Size: 77 MB
COST: Yours Free
Author: Eman Al Riyami
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Start and Go Series

If you are looking for business ideas, this course is made for you.

If you want to start a business but you don’t have ideas, this course will give you business ideas and teach you how to evaluate them, to come up with a perfect idea.

This course will give you “ 34 Business Ideas with No Cost”. It is an interactive course which engaged the students by doing exercises to ensure they are in the right truck. It facilitates students how to turn a simple idea into a profitable and successful business idea.

This course contains 6 sections; introduction, business definition and types, reasons of starting a new business, 34 simple business ideas, evaluate business ideas and conclusion. At the end of the course you will be able to focus on one idea only and your will build up your business based on it.

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Christian Botta, Bernhard Schloß – Video2Brain – Agiles Projektmanagement

Name Product: Video2Brain – Agiles Projektmanagement
Download Size: 657 MB
COST: $75= Yours Free
Author: Christian Botta, Bernhard Schloß
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Agiles Projektmanagement ist heute allgemein anerkannt und auch in den großen Konzernen angekommen. Aber was ist agiles Projektmanagement? Bernhard Schloß gibt Ihnen in diesem Kurs einen kompakten Überblick. Zunächst erfahren Sie, was es mit „agil“ auf sich hat und wie sich das auf Projektmanagement auswirkt. Am Beispiel von Scrum schauen Sie sich danach ein Framework – stellvertretend für den agilen Ansatz – genauer an. Und schließlich erhalten Sie einen Werkzeugkasten für das agile Arbeiten mit vielerlei Tools und Techniken, die Ihnen bei der praktischen Umsetzung helfen.

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Aniruddha Thuse – Financial Perspectives on Strategic Business Practice

Name Product: Financial Perspectives on Strategic Business Practice
Download Size: 379 MB
COST: = Yours Free
Author: Aniruddha Thuse
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Strategy is at the core of effective business practice. To ensure their success, organizations must look at all facets of their business plan in order to ensure that the strategic vision for the company aligns with viable financial goals and expenditures. Financial Perspectives on Strategic Business Practice offers a unique insight into profitable business planning and practice, including research-based perspectives on effective financial management, corporate investments, and financial planning. Focusing on the most efficient and practical ways to increase company profitability, this video will benefit business owners, financial advisors, managers, and researchers in the fields of strategic business and financial management.

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Traci Synatschk – 5 Must Have Content Pages for Small Business Websites

Name Product: 5 Must Have Content Pages for Small Business Websites
Download Size: 370 MB
COST: Yours Free
Author: Traci Synatschk
Sale Page: _
Guided tutorial with downloadable resources to guide you step-by-step in creating key content!

5 Must Have Content Pages for Small Businesses is a guided video tutorial with downloadable resources and templates. This course is perfect for entrepreneurs and small businesses and focuses on creating the five content pages you need to market and promote your business successfully.

Together we will develop:

About Me Page Content
Services Page Content
Elevator Pitch
Press Release
Site Visitor Welcome Email Content

The course is a series of video tutorials that work side-by-side with the downloadable resources. This is a quick course for entrepreneurs anxious to create good content and get their business ready to market.

If you are struggling with writing copy to showcase your business and skill set, this is the course for you. Short, simple and to the point, you can process the information in the course and put it to work for you within hours.

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Sorin Constantin – Fiverr Business Success Blueprint Step-By-Step Guide + Book

Name Product: Fiverr Business Success Blueprint Step-By-Step Guide + Book
Download Size: 185 MB
COST: $45 = Yours Free
Author: Sorin Constantin
Sale Page: _

Learn how you can start to build a real and stable online business using Fiverr and other Freelancer pltaforms.

When you make your first $80 or $100 day online, you realize that this IS possible.

You CAN make money online.

And once you make $80 – $100 per day online, you can quickly start scaling that up to a “quit the day job” level of income.

That’s why we’ve put this brand new training together…

You can start getting results right away
It doesn’t require you to invest any money to get started
You don’t have to spam anyone or use some traffic loophole to do this
It’s PROVEN and it will put $80 – $100 per day in your pocket with just a small amount of work each day (an hour or less most days, which is a very nice hourly wage)
You can scale this over time and make more money if you want…
If you’re tired of all of the hype and methods that promise everything and give you little to nothing in return…

THIS is for you…

Here’s A Quick Preview Of What You’ll Discover Inside…

How to get started with this method today, even if you’re a complete newbie and you’ve never made a penny online.
How to quickly get your income to $80-$100 per day with less than 30 minutes of simple “work” daily… this is seriously “copy and paste” easy.
The steps you must take to have sales rolling in literally while you sleep… It’s an awesome feeling to wake up and know you’ve made money!
The simple online software tool is revealed along with the steps needed to get the best results with this method.
Why now is the time to get started and how to position yourself to make money with this simple method for months and even years into the future.
How to multiply your results and scale your income up as big as you want with this simple method…
Here’s the bottom line.

This method is easy.

When you get this training, you’ll likely think to yourself…

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Ahmad Rabiee – Master Business Idioms

Name Product: Master Business Idioms
Download Size: 622 MB
COST: $25= Yours Free
Author: Ahmad Rabiee
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Learn the Idioms & Expressions you need to succeed on the Job

English and American Speakers use many idioms and expressions on the job , if you don’t know these expressions , you’re led out of the conversation

This course will help you speak business English like a natives quickly and confidently , Once you have the Knack , no one can take it away from you . With this course your career will benefit for years to come

What do your Colleagues and coworkers , your customers or clients really mean?
How can you use the same expressions too ?
Language is always changing and business language changes expressly fast . That’s why we’ve explained the most up-to-date expressions here for you .

For better or worse , The American and English workplace is full of idioms , people don’t begin a project . They get a project off the ground , They dont cal leach other to discuss a project , They touch base …

Master Business idioms covers over 180 Idioms and expressions you’re like to encounter in today’s business world . all of the Lessons are explained in a really fun way with drawings and pictures to help you enjoy learning them .

Familiarize yourself wit hall of them . when they come up in conversation , you’ll be prepared to respond confidently instead of becoming silent while thinking to yourself , what’s he talking about ? Sales went though the roof ? what roof ? as you’re asking yourself these questions , the conversation is continuing without you , suddenly you’re left behind . before you know it , you’re out of the loop

After getting to know the idioms, and look for them in newspapers. Idioms are everywhere.Newspapers like the Wall Street Journal and business sections of daily newspapers are full of these idioms. Once you get a good feel for them, try them out on your colleagues and friends. Idioms will add color and excitement to your language. Using idioms will make you sound more like a native speaker.

Let’s take just one example. Let’s say you’re losing a lot of business to your competition. You could say, “We’re losing business to our competition.” Or, you could say, “Our competition is eating our lunch!” The second sentence sounds a little more lively, doesn’t it?

This course Includes :

This course includes over 180 of today’s most common American English business idioms and expressions …
In this course you will find the most common topics like how o run a meeting .. how to discuss different decision , Manufacturing , Good and bad result etc ..
We have add different type of quizzes and exercise to help you master the material (filling the blanks , choosing an appropriate answer or selecting a substitute idiom )
For your convenience , The idioms are separated well for every lesson and topic
You can also download the pdf of these idioms so you could print it and enjoy practising it with your friends ..
And don’t forget to return to this course , We will update this course and add more idioms later ….

Good luck adding idioms to your everyday speech. It’s fun and it’ll

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Tatu Ylonen – Managing SSH Clients and Servers

Name Product: Managing SSH Clients and Servers
Download Size: 286 MB
COST: $45= Yours Free
Author: Tatu Ylonen
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SSH (Secure Socket Shell) is one of the most important Linux administration tools. Understanding its use gives systems admins the ability to securely connect to Linux servers and to transfer files to and from these servers. In this course, you’ll learn how to install and configure the SSH server, connect to it via the command line, and make use of some of SSH’s lesser-known client tools, such as scp command, ssh key authentication, ssh-agent, ssh-add, and sshfs. Participants must understand basic internet terms (e.g., IP addresses), the command line, and the package manager for their Linux distribution of choice. Access to a standard UNIX account with sudo rights (or the ability to gain access to root privileges) on both the client and server is also required.

Understand in detail why SSH is one of the most important Linux admin tools
Master the ability to confidently administer a remote server using a secure protocol
Discover why it’s important to block root login access to the SSH server
Learn why scp and sshfs should be the file sharing tools of choice versus Samba or FTP
Understand why connecting to SSH via SSH keys is a valuable concept to employ
Gain experience copying files to and from a server using the command line and graphical tools

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Vectors – Cartoon Businessman 41

Name Product: Vectors – Cartoon Businessman 41
Download Size: 68 Mb
COST: $45= Yours Free
Author: Vectors
Sale Page: _

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