Conscious Sexuality and Relationship Conference 2014

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Join us and 45 plus experts, teachers, and wisdom-leaders who’ll share innovative ideas and daring insights into the fascinating realms of Conscious Sexuality and Relationships helping us to discover our truest sexual and relationship potentials.

Welcome to a whole new kind of online event! The world is ripe and ready for a fresh new conversation around sexuality and relationship. These are two of the most powerful, mysterious, and juicy life domains we can explore. Get ready for new viewpoints, compelling ideas, and timeless teachings that can make a real difference. You’ll experience an approach that honors all of who we are as sexual and relational beings – body, mind, heart and soul. Our experts have brought innovation and daring ideas to the table. We trust you’ll enjoy the honest, exciting, edgy and practical wisdom from some of the world’s great thought leaders and explorers. It’s time to discover our truest sexual and relationship potentials.

The fields of human sexuality and relationship are wildly diverse and often difficult to navigate. There are so many taboos that exist around this beautiful part of being fully human and alive. Most experts seem to have something different to say. The good news is that there’s plenty of room under the tent for everyone. Our focus will be on inspirational approaches to relationship and sexuality that are fresh, outside the box, creative, and even a bit daring. We’ll be giving these all important topics the generous attention they deserve!
Some of the Conference Topics include:

Cutting edge research on sex, biology and the brain, a deeper understanding of tantra, sensuality and sexuality – where’s it all going, the soul of sex, communicating desire, new visions in relationship, the unique psychology of men, sex and relationship, the unique psychology of women, sex and relationship, ancient wisdom teachings, orgasmic meditation, modern insights from clinical sex therapy, the sacred art and science of sexual healing, understanding sexual trauma, the future of love and relationship, and so much more.

You’ll enjoy a truly diverse group of experts including:

John Gray, Matthew Hussey, Nicole Daedone, Arielle Ford, Anyaa McAndrew, Gina Ogden, Tammy Nelson, Charles Muir, Henry Grayson, Richard Anton Diaz, Caroline Muir, Deborah Anapol, Dr. Jenni Skyler, Dr. Patti Britton, Dr. Jen Landa, and lots more. It’s an incredible community of teachers and wisdom-leaders. Our goal is to create an exciting, honest, and powerful new conversation that allows us to discover our truest sexual and relationship potentials. Join us, won’t you?
Meet our Experts

Marc David – Setting the Stage
Tammy Nelson, PhD – Sexuality and Relationship: What’s Going On?
Dr. Patti Britton – Wise Words from America’s Sex Coach
Charles Muir – The Extraordinary Path of Tantra
John Gray – Men, Women, Hormones, Emotional Health, and the Secrets of Relationship
Michaela Boehm – Understanding Masculine and Feminine Psychology
Daniel Vitalis – Re-Wilding Sexuality and Relationship: Looking to Nature, Biology
and the Future
Dr. Jen Landa – Women, Hormones and Igniting the Spark
Geoffrey Miller, Phd – Fascinating Insights From Evolutionary Biology
Anyaa McAndrew – A Spiritual and Sacred View of Sexuality
Arielle Ford – Every Day Wisdom for Elevating Your Relationship
Jenni Skyler – Important Insights from A Clinical Sex Therapist
Nicole Daedone – Orgasmic Meditation and A Women’s Power
Caroline Muir – Deepening To Tantra, Life and Love
Reid Mihalko – Be the Change You Want in the Bedroom
Layla Martin – Discovering Your Natural Passion
Kute Blackson – Inspirational Insights on Love, Soul and Relationship
Christiane Pelmas – Words of Wisdom About Sex, Consciousness and the Heart
Sheri Winston – Women’s Anatomy of Arousal
Joanna Kennedy – Awakening Passion Now
Deborah Anapol – Love Without Limits: Examining Our Assumptions
Saida E. Desilets – The Succulence Revolution
Margaret Paul – The Brilliant Process of Inner Bonding
Kamala Devi – Polyamory: What is it and Where’s it Going?
Mike Hrostoski – Insights from a Men’s Coach
Leah Alchin – Tantra and Transformation
Amy Jo Goddard – The 9 Elements of Sexual Empowerment
Kavita Patel – Attracting Love
Susan Bratton – Spicing Up Your Sex Life: Here’s How to Do it
Bobbi Palmer – Date Like A Grown-Up
Jena La Flamme – Pleasure, Relationship and Intimacy
Briana Borten – Manifestation and More
Nisha Moodley – Fierce, Fabulous and Free
Sarah Jenks – Friendship, Love and Connection
Carl Frankel – Wise Words on Relationship: Love and the More Perfect Union
Richard Anton Diaz – A Taoist Perspective on Sex, Life, Death and Relationship
Henry Grayson – Mindful Living and Loving
Marc Gafni – Conscious Eros and Relationship
Annie Lala and Eben Pagan – Fascinating Insights About Relationship, Sex, Intimacy,
Work, and More
Dr. Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zental Weaver – America’s Favorite Tantra Teachers
Jennifer Russell and Bryan Franklin – The Deeper Path of Relationship
Elizabeth Wood and Daka Dan – Beyond the Bedroom: A Turned on Couple That
Teaches Together
Kate and Joel Feldman – Wise Relationship Teachers on Sex, Fun, Growth, Aging and More
Alyson Schwabe Lanier and Tripp Lanier – Enlightening Words About Relationship and Life
Mikki Willis and Nadia Salamanca – A Powerful Story of Transformation and Connection
LiYana Silver and Nathan Patmore – The Path of Relationship
Bari Tessler Linden and Forest Linden – Working Together, Loving Together
Ali Shanti and Craig Filek – Getting Super Real About Relationship, Anger, Communication
Mike Watts and Kate Northrup – Lightening Up in Relationship
Dawn Beck and Gerard Gatz – Teachings from a Tantra Couple
The Pleasure Mechanics – Erotic Touch as a Devotional Practice

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