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About the Event

This Cryptocurrency Foundation Course for Investigators is a hands-on practical 5-day training program designed for investigators who want to advance their knowledge of bitcoin, the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and its criminal applications.

For criminals, cryptocurrency is the ideal method to launder proceeds of illegal activities, used for money-laundering, tax evasion, drug trafficking, and extortion. Today’s investigator must be experienced in the basics of Cold Storage, BIP38, BIP39 and transferring cryptocurrencies during the execution of a search warrant from a suspect’s wallet to their agency owned wallet.

Law enforcement, intelligence analysts, and investigators will practice cold storage, learn why it matters, name the different types of cold storage options, and create their own public and private keys without connecting to the internet or any other network. The course will teach how to establish an agency owned cryptocurrency wallet before the execution of a search warrant. After that, investigators will go through several exercises and practice the transfer of cryptocurrencies from a suspect’s wallet to their agency owned wallet.

Students will learn about a variety of private key hiding places, see examples of “hidden in plain sight” private keys and practice a search of a hidden private key in plain sight.

Attendees will know the purpose and functionality of typical crypto exchanges and visit several exchanges.

Participants will understand the similarities and differences between and ICO and an IPO, articulate how cryptocurrencies are launched and discuss the process of a pump and dump scheme. Students will gain knowledge about coins and tokens, describe how tokens gain value and differentiate between utility tokens and security tokens.

Course participants will become proficient in Bitcoin and Altcoin basics, the Blockchain, cryptocurrencies wallets, exchanges, transactions, and do hands-on exercises on the five most common Hardware Wallets.

Course Highlights

  • What is Bitcoin?
  • What are Altcoins?
  • What are Forks?
  • ICO Process.
  • What are Tokens and how to create them?
  • Learn about the five most common Hardware Wallets.
  • Practice Hardware Wallet Setup, Wipe and Recovery on the 5 most common Wallets.
  • Learn how to use a Hardware Wallet.
  • What is a Paper Wallet?
  • Learn how to create a Paper Wallet and use a paper Wallet.
  • Learn about the five most common Desktop Wallets and how to use them to seize funds.
  • Learn about the most common Mobile Wallets and how to use them to seize funds.
  • Learn about the most common Web Wallets and how to use them to seize funds.
  • Learn about Exchanges and their hiding places.
  • Basics of Cold Storage.
  • What is a Mnemonic code?
  • Learn how to create Mnemonic codes offline.
  • Learn how to find Mnemonic codes in suspects home.
  • Identify a suspects Private Key Hiding Place.
  • Identify a suspects Mnemonic Code Hiding Place.
  • Practice Cold Storage.
  • Learn how to use different types of cold storage options.
  • Create your own addresses, public, and private keys offline.
  • Wallet Security, Protect your department/agency wallet.
  • Establish an agency owned cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Practice the transfer of cryptocurrencies from a suspect’s wallet to their agency owned wallet.
  • Private key hiding places.
  • Generating a cryptocurrency wallet prior to the execution of a search warrant.
  • Identify the location of cryptocurrency during the execution of a search warrant.
  • Discovery evidence of the use of cryptocurrencies searching online history, social media, forums, the dark web, and mobile applications.
  • Learn how to transfer cryptocurrency assets from a suspect o the department owned wallet.
  • Learn how to import and offline Paper Wallet into a web wallet.
  • Understand and learn the basics of how to use Cryptocurrency Transaction Data during your investigation.
  • Accelerate Cryptocurrency Transaction Time.
  • Push unconfirmed transactions through the confirmation process.
  • Create and apply Law Enforcement Cryptocurrency Policies.


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