Dani Johnson – Leadership, Focus, Time Management (Conference Calls)

Dani Johnson – Leadership, Focus, Time Management (Conference Calls) [4-CDs (MP3)] | 216.9 MB
More great training from Dani’s Monday night conference calls

9 Leadership Skills: Quickly Become The Person Others Want To Follow

Do you want to become a people magnet? Do you want to know the secret to making your prospects experience so profound and so awesome that they are compelled to tell everyone around them? In this amazing training call, preeminent authority on Relationship Marketing, Dani Johnson shows you 9 Leadership Skills that will put you on a fast track to becoming the person others want to follow. Discover how to truly build a professional clientele to where everyone around you is recommending you for what is it that you do.

No matter what field you are in, whether you are running your own business or working a career/job this audio training will give you the secret to increasing your attraction marketing results many fold so that you stand out in a crowd. Listen below and position yourself and your product (or service) in a way that completely separates you from the masses and from the competition, leaving your prospects and customers with no other option but to do business with you. This call is essential in Dani Johnson’s CFI Success Network members training vault that you should listen to over and over again.

Topics Include:

9 leadership skills to help you focus on and build your business in a dynamic way
Who you should constantly be talking to in order to see amazing growth in your business/career
Discover the big difference between a professional and an amateur
The secret to making your new prospects experience so profound that you have other people referring people to you
How 37 people made 11 times more money than 1000 people
What are you afraid of and how that could be hindering you from success
How to develop skills that will help you handle objections
What do you need to do EVERY DAY to build your business
A simple duplicatable system on how to get people started and make money in the first 48 hours

How To Create Sales Volume And Leadership
This call answers the question: “How to create sales volume and leadership out of thin air, even when you’ve been working all month long and haven’t signed anyone up yet?”

Are you as passionate about your success as I am committed to teaching you?
Whatever it is that is hindering you – break through – A life without limits – An excitement for life – being what you were born to be (excited, focused, courageous, adventurous)
#1 most common question Dani gets: How do I build it fast?
Do you know where you’re going in 2004?
How to get over your excuses
How to get past your attitude
How persistence grows success
Why you need to get to know your prospects
Who are the most persistent people in your circle, and what to do with them
Do you know anyone with persistence, tenacity, eagerness, and passion
The more skill you have, the more value you have in the marketplace
What is the best investment you can make to grow your business now
How do you determine your skill level and raise it
How to grow as much as you can grow – everlasting growth
How your skill level determines your value in the marketplace
The worst thing about success is a little bit
What causes you to become unteachable and how it affects your check
Why being teachable is the best place to be
Why you should keep yourself eager always
How to followup with the “no’s” to create thousands of dollars in volume at the end of the month
Exact verbiage for follow up script
How to motivate the people that reject your opportunity
How to make your worst month your BEST month
How to quadruple your volume in the last days of the month
How to paint the vision and picture for people
How to turn one prospect into 20 distributors
If there is not active new blood in the business, it will die
How to motivate your existing sales force
How to increase your income to six figures in one year
How to make your summer HOT
Why you should put your head down and focus during the summer months
If you want a giant increase in sales bring new people to Florida seminar
How ten pennies a day can find you prospects
Questions from callers and more!

The Four Keys of Focus
This call focuses directly on brand new people! Dani gives you the 4 primary keys that new people need to focus on to achieve success both short term and LONG TERM.

Game plan for a new person, top 4 keys to success
How to overcome FEAR and sitting on the fence
Why no commitment = no results
Questions to ask yourself to get committed and take action
How to get over what other people think
Why enthusiasm sells better than knowledge
Why you should pay attention to successful people
How not to be another American average statistic
Exactly what it takes to succeed
The right attitude to succeed
How to get your business growing again
How to get out of a rut
Why ongoing education and advanced training is the key to 6 figure success
What you should be focusing on and doing every single day to build your business
Why quitting CANNOT be an option if you want to truly succeed
And much more!

Time Management
Preeminent relationship marketing authority, Dani Johnson talks about one of the most important aspects of your business and your life – Time Management. This is a priceless call that will change your life NOW!

If you are ready to receive skills to living a more satisfying, full and abundant life than listen to this call now. Start living the life that you are yearning for and striving for by applying time management skills, relationship marketing expert Dani Johnson outlines in this audio training!

Topics Include:

Learn how to be more skilled and make more money with less time
Find out what is the first thing you must determine to manage your time wisely
Discover why are you doing what you are doing and how to guide it in the direction of success instead of destruction
Learn how the way you manage your time will make or break your business
Discover what are your time robbers and apply simple time management tips so that you live a more balanced life!
Learn why setting goals is important in making your time work for you immediately
Discover strategic steps you can take today so that you can start living the life you have always dreamed of
Learn how to explode your business by spending quality time with your family
Find out the secret many have used to increase their income, cut their hours and have more time with family!
Discover how a sales force worked under 20 hours per week and made a six figure income

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