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20 video training course (90 minutes) from Dave Kaminski showing you how to drive considerable and consistent traffic from YouTube to your own site.

YouNew Video Player
A video player that you host on your own web site which allows you to customize the appearance of YouTube videos that you display on your web site.

Course Details
Quickly and Easily Turn YouTube Into Your #1 Traffic Source
Over the past two years, YouTube has semi-quietly become the world’s #2 search engine behind Google. The good news for you is that 99.99% of people (including your competitors) still don’t look at YouTube as a search engine. They look at it as a place to become rich and famous, to become a celebrity, or to try and launch the next viral hit.

All fine endeavors indeed, but 99.92% of people fail at this.

Savvy business owners look at YouTube entirely different. They see it as a tool that can provide just as much traffic as Google, but cheaper, faster, easier and with far less competition than Google.

And that’s what our exclusive video training course, YouTube Mastery, is about. We show you how to use YouTube as a tool that can drive consistent and considerable traffic to your web site.

We are NOT going to show you how to become rich and famous on YouTube. We are NOT going to tell you what equipment to make your videos with either. This course is not about video production. It’s about video exploitation, specifically, how to exploit the enormous popularity of YouTube to build your business and your bank account.

This course contains over 90 minutes of step by step video training. It’s 100% web based. You get lifetime access to everything. You can watch the videos as much as you want, whenever you want, from your desktop computer or even mobile devices like an iPad. And we don’t waste your time either. All of the training is direct and straight to the point. No fluff and no filler.

You don’t need any special abilities, talents or tools to be successful with this training. This training is for everyone…beginners and experience YouTube users alike. In fact, the concepts, tactics and techniques we share in the training are easily do-able by anyone. We break the training into 3 sections:

The techniques we share will NOT get your videos deleted or your YouTube account shut down. In fact the exact opposite will happen…you’ll get bigger…you will continually get more views and more traffic. That’s because our techniques are 100% professional, legitimate and white hat.

This training is not based on theory or the success of a single YouTube channel. Instead, the techniques we share in this training were developed, tested, refined and proven over a 12 month period using multiple, unrelated YouTube channels and over 25 million video views.

Here’s the bottom line. Many people spend considerable amounts of time and money trying to achieve top ranking on Google. But the surprising truth of the matter is that you can get just as much traffic (and usually more) from YouTube. And you can get it a lot faster and easier. But you have to know the proper techniques and then you have to follow though. We give you the techniques in this course (they are very straightforward and anyone can do them)…but the rest is up to you.

1 The 3 Big Rules of YouTube Videos 1:29
2 The Basics – YouTube Channel Overview 2:22
3 The Basics – YouTube Channel Setup Part 1 4:14
4 The Basics – YouTube Channel Setup Part 2 5:25
5 The Basics – Preparing Your Videos BEFORE Uploading To YouTube 3:55
6 The Basics – Uploading Your Videos and The Importance of Thumbnails 5:42
7 The Basics – Why You Should NEVER Obsess Over Video Views 2:00
8 Crank It Up – How To Use Custom YouTube Channel Backgrounds 6:51
9 Crank It Up – The Right Way To Use and Target Keywords For Your YouTube Videos 7:12
10 Crank It Up – YouTube Annotations and How To Use Them The Right Way 8:02
11 Crank It Up – How To Use YouTube Comments To Generate Traffic 4:22
12 Crank It Up – How To Use YouTube Trends For Traffic and More 4:05
13 Game Changer – The BIG Secret of YouTube Success 3:34
14 Game Changer – The Exact Length Your Videos Should Be 2:41
15 Game Changer – 4 Guaranteed Video styles That Attract Viewers Like Flies 6:26
16 Game Changer – Video Branding and Tracking (maybe the most powerful secret) 5:51
17 Game Changer – Exploiting YouTube Tags (sneaky, legitimate and very effective) 2:59
18 Game Changer – Multi Copy Marketing – What It Is and Why It Works So Well 4:48
19 Game Changer – How To Properly Use Video Comments To Generate Traffic 4:11
20 Game Changer – 3 Killer Video Formulas…Which One Works Best? 5:06

Player Details
The YouNew video player installs on your own web site in under a minute. Once installed, you can use it to pimp out your YouTube videos (or any YouTube videos) however you’d like, all on the fly. And you only need to install it once. You can then use it for as many YouTube videos you want, on as many different domains as you want. Your videos will play on regular web pages, on WordPress blogs…anywhere on the Internet.

With the YouNew player, in real-time you can choose which items appear or don’t appear on the control bar…like play buttons, time indicators, progress bars, full screen buttons, share buttons, video quality selectors and more.

You can tweak the colors to match your own web site…you have full control over the color and opacity of the control bar, the buttons, the progress bar and more.

The standard YouTube player forces you to display random, fuzzy images that YouTube selects before your video plays. But that’s not the case with the YouNew player. You can use your own custom image, just like we did in the video at the top of this web page.

With the YouNew player you can even display your own logo or any other image you want while the video plays. This image can also be clickable. And when someone clicks on it, you can send them to any web site or web page that you want. Even better, you can specify how long you want the image to appear in the video.

We’ve got mobile devices covered too. The YouNew player is smart. It knows when a viewer is using a mobile device like an iPhone or iPad. When they are, it makes sure YouTube serves up the proper video for the mobile device.

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