Dr Steven G. Jones – 8 Days to End Procrastination

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Do you have a procrastination issue? This is just between you and me. It’s OK, you can be honest. I don’t know what you have tried, it doesn’t really matter. You have my respect because you are trying to solve the problem. If you still have the problem, please try this program. No, just click the button and dive in. Do one module a day or plow through them anyway you want. Just listen to them in order, because they build on each other. I like this guy’s approach, anything that could possibly get you unstuck (and start your life in earnest) is definitely HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

What’s inside you say? Let me give you a small peek:

Module 1
Understanding the problem – discover your own unique behavioral pattern, when you procrastinate and in what situations you tend to delay doing things more
Explore how procrastination touches every facet of your life, not just your work or career
How to create the connections between deep-seated emotions and your actions in day to day situations
How to create the perfect goals that will eliminate procrastination for good
Discover your true purpose in life with this one simple step…
Consciously create the most ideal circumstances in the present so you won’t have to worry about the future
The higher connections between desires, needs and your life’s true purpose
What makes goals effective in eradicating procrastination completely from one’s life?
How to increase the clarity of your goals in life
Do you know how to see the Big Picture or are you stuck with small issues and troubles in life?
Finally discover the hidden Trouble Spots in your life that are causing you to procrastinate… without knowing it!
Improve your handling of goals in life so you won’t be side-tracked by procrastination anymore
Motivating oneself to pursue short term and long term goals

Module 2
Understand how procrastination literally eats up all your available time
See clearly for the very first time how much time you really have versus how much time you spend working on the things you need to do.
Hit the Ideal Hours that can be devoted easily to all of the things that have to be accomplished every week
Create the true balance between play and work that you have been looking for without sacrificing important tasks and responsibilities
Discover the habits that are secretly sabotaging your ability to finish your tasks on time
Is laziness really evil or have we been looking at things wrong?
Uncover the truth between productivity and being lazy – can you be relaxed and productive at the same time? Find out in this module!
Skyrocketing your motivation to perform tasks and responsibilities
Discarding old beliefs regarding work – it’s easy if you know how to do it!
The importance of building True Desire into what you are doing
How procrastination puts your FUTURE at risk!
Dealing with the true reasons why you keep delaying your work
A simple method of unlearning your current beliefs regarding work and creating new ones to replace the old

Module 3
Find out why you are holding on to unproductive beliefs regarding your work and other responsibilities
How to cut down the root cause of endless excuses not to do things on time
Discover the fastest and most effective way to create positive beliefs and emotions about your life in general
How to magnetize new successes in life with this one simple technique
Developing the inner strength and fortitude for life’s challenges – sometimes we all need to buckle up for tough journeys!
How to deal with errors along the way
Utilizing the past to boost your chances of success in the future
Creating a good relationship with your present circumstances so you won’t get stuck thinking of the past and the future
Facing the true consequences of procrastination
When is a person ready to eliminate procrastination?
Hard truths – what happens when a person continues to procrastinate and doesn’t do anything to remedy his own situation?
Avoiding further self-sabotage: undoing the mental traps that force procrastination upon you
Discover how creative visualization can change how your mind perceives work and responsibilities – it’s all matter of perspective or how you look at your life!

Module 4
Discover how you can beat that terrible feeling of “not finding the right time” for the things that you have to do so you are always ready to take action
The illusion of the Perfect Time and why it will never help you accomplish what you need to do in life
How to manage fears and expectations about your own responsibilities – find out why many people are held by back by their own thoughts & emotions and how you can easily avoid this scenario
Uncover the truth behind waiting and why false patience can often ruin your chances of succeeding quickly in the things that you really want in life
Reconfiguring your thought patterns – how to create the perfect thoughts that will demolish excuses to procrastinate when something needs to be done
Find the truth about desire & expectations and how these two essential factors influence your ability to find solutions to life’s challenging tasks
The essential advantage of taking action in the most challenging of times
Changing your perspective on large and challenging undertakings & why you should never give up on them
What is the Domino Effect of New Opportunities?
Spelling the difference between forever and the now: which one is actually grounded in reality?

Module 5
Discover how you can improve your self-control for added focus and motivation for tasks that you have to accomplish
Untangle your messy work schedule with my technique for evaluating and grading tasks based on their importance
How to create the perfect Reward System so you will stay focused at what needs to be done
What is the best way to deal with distractions when you need to get something done?
What to do when you are delayed or when you commit an error when doing something
How isolating yourself can be the best solution to procrastination
The Social Network Conundrum and how to manage it
Should you be online when working on something?
How to boost your productivity with the right type of music
Designing the workplace of ultimate productivity
Taking care of what your eyes actually see when you are working
Managing your immediate work environment and how to keep it clutter-free
How to keep others from distracting you from the work
Developing a firm and steadfast attitude when it comes to working on tasks
Developing the ability to disagree or say “no” to people to keep yourself focused and on-track with what you have to do

Module 6
Find out how you can make each day the Perfect Day for accomplishing tasks and big goals!
The secrets of the Wonderful Morning
How positively condition your brain for the work ahead
Believe it: your diet can dictate how you will work for the rest of the day
How to improve your organization skills
Creating the perfect timeline for all the things that you have to accomplish for the day
How do you create an ideal schedule for yourself?
Eating an Elephant – the master techniques for surmounting massive undertaking easily and effortlessly!
The most effective way to tackle multiple tasks without getting burned out
Learn the Pyramid Technique of accomplishing small and big tasks
Discover how you can live a life of unlimited possibilities – you will never be burdened ever again by limiting beliefs and thoughts about your responsibilities and tasks
How improve your ability to manage easy tasks and difficult tasks

Module 7
Discover the power of deadlines and how you can use them as a positive motivation so you will finish your work on time or even earlier!
How to set priorities when tackling tasks so the most important ones are finished ahead of the least important ones
Creating a support system that will help you accomplish tasks with deadlines
How to integrate and use deadlines to accomplish massive undertakings on time – it is easier than you think!
Uncover how peer pressure can actually help you beat down procrastination before it begins taking over your time again
The role of colleagues, friends and family play in keeping you on your toes and how to keep them from becoming a distraction to what you have to do
The perfect way to create realistic deadlines that are attainable and reasonable given your present circumstances
How to give yourself sufficient time for projects & how to make a good estimate for deadlines

Module 8
Understanding your own needs and preferences when working on tasks
Discover what type of worker you are and what types of tasks you should prioritize based on how you work and how you naturally perceive difficult and easy tasks
Discover how to keep your mind fresh and motivated even if you are scheduled to work for long periods of time. The mind can get bored and exhausted easily so it would be best to keep it refreshed. I will reveal the secret to accomplishing this in Module 8
Learn how to ride the wave of momentum and how to take advantage of it without over-exhausting yourself with the effort
How to create the perfect Productivity Journal that you can use for just about any task at hand
Creating and utilizing powerful, positive affirmations to boost your productivity and to ensure that you finish all your goals and responsibilities on time
Why multi-tasking won’t work anymore – the truth behind forcing yourself to do several things at once
Managing your emotions when working – are you overwhelmed easily?

Here’s what others have to say:

“I was skeptical at first, but now I’m a believer. I’m a 45 year old lady who never dreamed she could change. Believe me, it’s all a matter of changing your FOCUS. I’m a new woman. Don’t wait, it WORKS !!!”
AG- Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“Steve G. Jones has helped me more in three weeks than I was helped with three YEARS of therapy. Thank you thank you THANK YOU !!!”
K.T.- Santa Monica, CA

“Steve G. Jones helped me step up to the plate and be the man I always knew I could be. Through his hypnosis CD’s, he put the wind back in my sails and gave me the confidence I need to successfully approach any situation. Thanks a million !!!!”
RB-Walnut Creek, CA

“Steve G. Jones has given me several sessions of hypnosis which have been extremely beneficial to me because I was unable to get to the root of the problem through any other method. He is a wonderful hypnotherapist and I highly recommend him!”
Sondra Ray
Author of 15 books, founder of the Loving Relationship Training and the Divine Mother Movement

“WOW! No wonder Steve is the leader in hypnotherapy. How lucky are those who have had the benefit of his genius!”
Jeraldine Saunders
Creator the “Love Boat” TV series

“If you want to make a positive change in your life, Steve G. Jones can make the difference. He did with me.”
Tom Mankiewicz
Writer of “Superman the Movie”

“Steve G. Jones exhibited great insight and sensitivity during our time together. I would recommend his services to anyone seeking aid with the elimination of unwanted habits.”
Bernard Fitch
Metropolitan Opera Tenor

“Steve helped me to relax and focus. Thanks to him I had the motivation to accelerate my career into a whole new level.”
Bjorn Englen
Bassist for Soul Sign and Quiet Riot

“Steve G. Jones has had a tremendous impact on my career. Working with him has helped me become more relaxed and confident. He also helped me decide to write a book so that I could share my experiences with others.”
Michael McMillan, MBA
Harvard Business School

“Working with Steve was a fabulous experience. He helped me overcome my fears and move on more successfully in life and in my career. Steve G. Jones is certainly the most brilliant mind in hypnotherapy!”
Andrea George
Miss California 1999

“My hypnosis session with Steve G. Jones was the most relaxing experience I have ever had in my life. Steve was so understanding of my past problems and woke me to a new realization of my goals and the road to a new beginning. This has changed my future in baseball. I now step on the field more confidently and poised with an excellent outlook on the way I pitch.”
Beau Upchurch
Pitcher, Dodgers baseball team

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