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What Is Remote Viewing and How Does It Work?
Over twenty years ago, the CIA and U.S. Army perfected a mind skill called Remote Viewing (RV) that unlocks the unconscious mind’s inherent ability to obtain knowledge about any person, place, thing or even in the past, present or future with life changing accuracy. This technique was proven to work so well, the military used it in real-world operations. Due to security leaks in the program, RV was forced into declassification and revealed to the public.

You’ve probably heard that you should follow your gut feeling, but why is that? It doesn’t take a physicist to tell you that’s because your unconscious mind sees all outcomes in life and can guide you to your optimal path. It took an entire team of researchers, Quantum Physicists and test subjects over 20 years and millions of tax payer dollars to unlock the mysteries behind your unconscious mind and develop a protocol that allows you to tap into this ability!

You might be thinking that if you could tap onto your unconscious, then wouldn’t people be using this knowledge to make optimal financial investments, discover health treatments, protect their loved ones from future threats and more? Well, people are doing JUST THAT and what you’re about to discover is truly one of the best kept secrets in the world! In fact, not only can RV put you on an optimal life path, but most of the world’s problems today were foreseen by Remote Viewers over 10 years ago!

The Proof Is In The Results!
Since the declassification from the U.S Army and the CIA program, Remote Viewing has been proven to work on national TV and radio through live demonstrations and is widely considered to be the most groundbreaking and effective mind skill in the world. Thousands of students including the creator of the Learn Remote Viewing program, Major Ed Dames, have utilized the unconscious mind skill to look into the future to find missing people and predict future disasters with alarming accuracy. From the deadly earthquakes in Indonesia and the Madrid Spain terrorist attack to predicting the current financial downfall; Remote Viewing is a skill that can no longer be ignored. In fact, many of the predictions made through national media were derived from using nothing but the power of Remote Viewing by beginner students with no previous training or “PSI/ESP” ability! (Watch more prediction videos here.)

What’s In The Basic 4-DVD Training Course?
The Learn Remote Viewing DVD course was built entirely from the ground up to offer a user friendly experience that provides easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and interactive lessons as you proceed through each training stage. After each lesson, you will execute a blind practice target that incorporates what you have just learned; conducting each Remote Viewing practice session right along with the classroom students on the DVDs! After each session has ended, detailed feedback is immediately provided and the target is revealed; comparing your session results with the actual results of the classroom students! The feedback segments will show you how accurately you hit the target and where your pitfalls may have been so that you quickly and continually become more accurate! The course was designed to allow you to go though each DVD at your own pace!

Workshop DVD 01
The first DVD begins by presenting the fundamentals of Remote Viewing and the core structure of the skill. You’ll work step-by-step alongside a filmed student class to learn the RV protocol through short lectures and examples. Apply what you’ve learned by executing blind targets with feedback as you complete each lesson.

Workshop DVD 02
The second DVD takes the basic protocol from the first workshop and cements it into a rock solid foundation. You and the class will be prepared for using Remote Viewing in a wide range of applications against problems that could not be solved by other means.

Workshop DVD 03
The third workshop builds proficiency into RV discipline. It covers the types and ranges of RV targets and problem sets as well as the correct RV methods and investigative techniques to employ against them.

Workshop DVD 04
Workshop four is the capstone class that covers exploratory and advanced RV tools necessary to set up and orchestrate difficult and/or complex RV projects. Also presents an overview if Remote Viewing as a vocation.

Also included is the rare Companion Guide and additional manuals written by Major Ed Dames which includes the template library, word descriptor list and a real world example of a Remote Viewing session presented through a page-by-page example to take with you while you are on the go!

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