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You’re about to take the combined sexual knowledge and techniques of some of the greatest living lovers, and download their skills directly to your brain. Whether you’re single or in a long term relationship, we are going to share with you our secrets for making virtually any womans panties dripping wet for you in just a matter of seconds.

bullet2 – Fantasy Lover Formulabullet2 – Fantasy Lover Formulabullet2 – Fantasy Lover Formula Right away we’re going reverse engineer just about every single one night stand that’s ever happened.This will let us walk you through a dead simple step-by-step system for brining virtually any woman home with you faster than you ever thought possible.When we first uncovered this secret equation, we ended up sharing it with a few dozen of our adult industry friends. and they each agreed 100% that this is exactly what’s lead to all the one night stands they’ve had.
bullet2 – Fantasy Lover Formula We’re also going to show you a special massage technique that you should use when you see her wearing a particular article of clothing. Knowing this short cut alone will turn her entire body into putty in your hands.
bullet2 – Fantasy Lover Formula Next, You’re going to discover how to use 20 seemingly innocent words you probably say all the time in a specific way, that when done correctly, will make her panties dripping wet for you, and send her libido in to over drive.
bullet2 – Fantasy Lover Formula You’re then going to learn how to use the power of her imagination to stop her from being able to concentrate on anything else other than having wild, uninhibited sex with you right then and there. This may also cause her to masturbate to the though of what she’s going to do to you, the next time you’re around.

module2 – Fantasy Lover Formula Module 2: Fantasy ForeplayNow that you’re going to have no problem getting her sex drive higher than yours, it’s time to master some of the most amazing foreplay techniques she’ll ever experience.
bullet1 – Fantasy Lover Formula Right away you’re going to discover a special kissing technique makes her clothes practically melt off her body.
bullet1 – Fantasy Lover Formula As well as the trick to removing her bra with only three fingers. And what your other hand should be doing, to further build her anticipation to the point where she will be happy to get naughtier with you than she has with anyone else before.
bullet1 – Fantasy Lover Formula We’re also going to show you several fingering techniques that will each give her completely different and unique kinds of orgasms.
bullet1 – Fantasy Lover Formula Next, you’re going to discover over a dozen incredible oral sex techniques that were given to us directly from the top bi-sexual and lesbian performers working in the adult industry today.And no, these aren’t the techniques you see them use on film when they have a director telling them what to do.These are the techniques they use at home when they really want to give their lovers an experience they’ll never forget.
bullet1 – Fantasy Lover Formula We’re also going to give you our “Candy Store” trick, to make her taste like a different piece of delicious candy every time you go down on her. f you and you lover have been together for a long time, you’re both going to love how this simple trick spices up your sex life.
bullet1 – Fantasy Lover Formula Then, we’re going to reveal to you the absolute best sex toys you can bring in to the bedroom to not only take the foreplay up to the next level. But also give her a special kind of orgasm that will actually trick her brain in to wanting to get more wild and crazy with you then she’s probably prepared for.
module3 – Fantasy Lover Formula Module 3: Fantasy SexModule 3 is all about transforming yourself in to one of those rare, world-class lovers all women desperately crave.Since every penis in the world is a different size and shape. and when used correctly, any man alive can make his lover feel as though his penis is the absolute most perfect one for her body. By simply knowing the positions and variations that work best for your body, you will never again have any doubt that you are the best lover she’s ever been with.In addition to over 50 positions and their variations, you’re also going to discover:.
bullet2 – Fantasy Lover Formula A simple alternative to the traditional Missionary Position, that will make you feel so large inside of her, that she’ll still be feeling you up to 4 days later.
bullet2 – Fantasy Lover Formula A standing position that will show her you are in complete control of her sexual pleasure, right from the very first thrust.
bullet2 – Fantasy Lover Formula Tiny changes to a number of the most common positions, that will leave you both shaking with pleasure, every time.
bullet2 – Fantasy Lover Formula You’re also going to discover how to trigger her “orgasm button”. This is a simple technique that can easily double the intensity and pleasure of each of her orgasms.
bullet2 – Fantasy Lover Formula And our patented Tease-Please-Tease technique, which will awaken both of your bodies, and allow you to feel much more anticipation and pleasure from your favorite positions than ever before.
bullet2 – Fantasy Lover Formula We’re even going to tell you three things to say to her while she’s orgasming, which will intensify her pleasure by 250%.
bullet2 – Fantasy Lover Formula As well as a number of very specific thrusting rhythms, which can each give her completely different kinds of orgasms. Most men just thump away awkwardly, which will at best, give a woman just one predictable, and barely satisfying kind of orgasm..But after today, you will always keep her on her toes as to what kind of incredible release you choose to let her enjoy.
bullet2 – Fantasy Lover Formula Finally, we’re going to give you a very special bonus for you as part of Module 3. We’re going to share with you the absolute best sex toys you could bring to your bedroom.Teach you how to use them in ways that will give her the absolute most intense orgasms possible.

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