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We have all heard the stories of publishing “miracles,” such as the struggling English teacher who fished his first short story out of the trash, turned it into a novel in two weeks, and ended up becoming one of the best-selling authors of all time. Or the teacher living on welfare whose book got published because the head of a publishing house gave the first chapter to his daughter to read, resulting in one of the most successful franchises in the world. Or the stay-at-home mom of three active children who wrote at night and just happened to have her manuscript picked up from a slush pile, turning her into a wildly successful Young Adult writer.

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How to Publish Your Book

Hearing these stories of success can make getting published appear to be easy—a happenstance where the right manuscript, in the hands of the right publisher, means anyone can become a best-selling phenomenon. But, sadly, that’s not the case. With the advent of the convenience offered by the internet, today’s new writers face unprecedented competition in the writing market. In addition, the publishing market is in a constant state of flux, susceptible to corporate take-overs or consolidations, making publishers even more wary about taking on new authors. Further, a plethora of options for publication make navigating the increasingly complex publishing industry harder than ever. Were those three best-selling writers just lucky?

Most authors, even those lucky best-sellers, have had to deal with self-doubt, rejection, and frustration. Whether it was a touch of luck or steady perseverance and using the right strategies, authors such as the ones whose stories were shared above (Stephen King, J. K. Rowling, and Stephenie Meyer, respectively) serve as both a source of inspiration and a source of frustration for aspiring writers. If they can do it, why can’t I?

Luck can, and occasionally does, play a role, but learning the ropes, understanding how publishing works, and having someone who can help you navigate this increasingly convoluted system will make all the difference between a manuscript sitting on your closet shelf—or rising to the top of the best-sellers list.

In the 24 eye-opening lectures of How to Publish Your Book, Jane Friedman, publishing industry expert and educator, provides you with sought-after secrets of the publishing process that will help you navigate this difficult progression, bypass pitfalls that many novice authors get hung up on, and improve your chances of being considered for publication. She acts as your personal guide though the entire process from finalizing your manuscript, to writing the perfect pitch, to reviewing contracts and marketing your book. She provides the candid scoop on what you need to do in order to increase your chances of being considered. The knowledge you’ll gain by having an inside expert teaching you how to position your book for publication gives you a unique advantage and drastically increases your chances of getting noticed in this increasingly competitive industry.

The Magic Formula to Getting Published

The reality is that there is no magic formula that will guarantee publication. Just writing a good book is certainly not enough. In fact, as you’ll learn in this course, once you have written your book, you are not even halfway there. The hard truth is that, with a rejection rate of 99%, many excellent manuscripts will never see publication, and many writers will give up the hope of ever being published.

There are, however, numerous things that you can do to improve your chances and streamline your path to success. This course will provide you with extensive insights into the publishing process that will help you avoid the most common mistakes, pitfalls, and wrong turns that many authors encounter. Avoiding these errors will help you to dramatically increase the likelihood of being considered for publication.

Professor Friedman provides a comprehensive path to publication, which is laid out in clear steps and includes specific tips and guidelines a writer in any stage will benefit from, covering topics like:

defining your genre and finding the right market
reviewing and editing your manuscript
determining the right agent or publisher
writing a query letter, developing a pitch, and constructing a proposal
submitting your manuscript
dealing with rejection
understanding a publication contract
the pros and cons of self-publishing
marketing your book

With expertise in the industry as the former publisher and editorial director of Writer’s Digest, a lecturer in publishing at the University of Virginia, and a former professor of e-media at the University of Cincinnati, Professor Friedman is highly qualified to provide you with a penetrating view into the many mysteries of the book publishing world. Previously an executive in the publishing world, and a published author herself, she has a depth of experience that provides her with unique insights into the publishing process from the both the perspective of the industry and of the writer enduring each step.

TTC2553 S01E01 Today’s Book Publishing Landscape.mp4
TTC2553 S01E02 Defining Your Fiction Genre.mp4
TTC2553 S01E03 Categorizing Your Nonfiction Book.mp4
TTC2553 S01E04 Researching Writers’ Markets.mp4
TTC2553 S01E05 What to Expect from a Literary Agent.mp4
TTC2553 S01E06 Writing Your Query Letter.mp4
TTC2553 S01E07 Writing Your Novel or Memoir Synopsis.mp4
TTC2553 S01E08 The Importance of Author Platform.mp4
TTC2553 S01E09 Researching and Planning Your Book Proposal.mp4
TTC2553 S01E10 Writing an Effective Book Proposal.mp4
TTC2553 S01E11 Submissions and Publishing Etiquette.mp4
TTC2553 S01E12 Networking – From Writers’ Conferences to Courses.mp4
TTC2553 S01E13 Pitching Your Book.mp4
TTC2553 S01E14 Avoiding Common Manuscript Pitfalls.mp4
TTC2553 S01E15 Hiring a Professional Editor.mp4
TTC2553 S01E16 How Writers Handle Rejection.mp4
TTC2553 S01E17 Overcoming Obstacles to Writing.mp4
TTC2553 S01E18 The Book Publishing Contract.mp4
TTC2553 S01E19 Working Effectively with Your Publisher.mp4
TTC2553 S01E20 Becoming a Bestselling Author.mp4
TTC2553 S01E21 Career Marketing Strategies for Writers.mp4
TTC2553 S01E22 The Self-Publishing Path – When and How.mp4
TTC2553 S01E23 Principles of Self-Publishing Success.mp4
TTC2553 S01E24 Beyond the Book – Sharing Ideas in the Digital Age.mp4

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