J.D. Fuentes – Gender-Based Subliminal Selling

Name Product: J.D. Fuentes – Gender-Based Subliminal Selling
COST: $249
Author: J.D. Fuentes
Size: 202 MB
Website: http://www.hypnoticsalesforce.com/

Learn How to Hit the Secret Buttons that Guide Men’s Decisions and Make Them Take Action!

(You’re Slamming a Persuasive Sledgehammer into Soft Spots and Nerve Endings that Men Don’t Even Realize They Have– It’s Like Using “Sexual Key” to Get Money and Power Instead of Sex!)

Exploit the Structure of the Male Mind–Brainwash, Dominate, Compel, and Convince Your Male Customers, Colleagues, “Superiors,” and Competitors!

Focus on a Man’s Resistance… and Then Smash It!

Propel Yourself Beyond Basic NLP, and Arm Yourself with the REVOLUTIONARY Techniques for Influencing Men that Other NLPers Just Don’t Know!

Shifting: How to disarm his suspicion… while making him into your natural ally… because, logically, it’s in his own best interest! (Imagine meeting with tough, gray-faced, suspicious Mr. Prospect–and then, with a few simple twists, seeing and feeling him relax, so he’s ready to go along and buy!)
Grinding: How to seize and squeeze a man’s natural fear and anxiety… increasing his inner tension… until he says… “I’ll buy, already!” (Get Mr. Prospect’s hidden inner fear on your side–squeeze and twist until he can’t take it anymore… and he knows he needs to buy right now!)
Symbolizing: How to use your body to turn concepts into big, black, heavy things that crush his resistance and light, sweet, tasty things that pull on his desire! (Put a leash on Mr. Prospect’s imagination… when he hesitates, pull the things he dreads ever closer, so they loom large in his thoughts, and he can feel what it would truly mean to lose out, and that image is as clear as making him see his earthly possessions being hauled away, or making him stand beside his own ivy-covered, forgotten graveside. Don’t just talk about what he needs to avoid and what he needs to do now–show him, physically–make him see and feel–what he has to lose by not accepting the need to buy right now… and on the other hand, showing him–physically, instinctively, effectively–the brilliant upside to taking action and buying right now!)
Stacking: How to reinforce your credibility so powerfully… that he’s scared not to help you… because you could help someone else, someone who wants to steal his girl and take his money! (Lodge that rough, dark, solid, dense feeling of stony certainty deep in Mr. Prospect’s gut–make him feel, instinctively, just how much you can do… for him… or against him! Make his growing feeling of respect for you stand so high… that just looking up at you… makes him want to buy right now–because he knows what kinds of bad things will happen if he doesn’t!)
Plugging His Skull with PSR: How to apply the simple tool that makes whatever you’re talking about, the thing he has to focus on… the thing he has to reckon with… the thing he has to factor into every equation… or suffer the consequences! It twists the obstacles you encounter–twists them into the reasons he must do business with you–or get the sharp end of a long knife! (Soft and vulnerable, Mr. Prospect is–his sponge-like brain has a natural weakness for certain gritty little details, so long as they’re put in a certain little format. And he doesn’t even need the details–you just need to put things in the right format, and he’s already finding more and more reasons to buy!)
Physicalizing: How to cram pure kinetic energy into his mind, so he feels like he must take action now… or burst apart, in a crimson shower of blood and bone! Do it right, and the right actions, the actions you want him to take, will feel like an absolute relief–as if he’s been wandering in the desert for four days, craving water… and there you are, with a glass of water! (Mr. Prospect is a live wire of coiled desire–and if you don’t use this fact, you’re going to lose money! You’ve got to use all that hunger and pressure building inside him–prime him, charge him, point him–then make him want to use that pressure–make him want to pull that trigger–make him want to buy right now!)
Shoving Him Down the MMF: How to make him focus on what’s important… get him to seriously consider what he has to win and lose… realize he has to make a choice, right now… and then, turn the screws! You’ll learn the hidden structure of male decision-making, and how to get him, bit-by-bit, to accept things the way you want them to be…, and then, having accepted the new facts… how to make him take the action you want him to take. You will learn to make him obey! (Overwhelm Mr. Prospect with the most powerful tool of them all–force him down the drain of his own, built-in, preprogrammed thinking pattern, so even as he’s swirling down the drain, he realizes his instinctive decision to buy is entirely his own idea–that spending money and investing is good–that it all comes down to taking action and buying right now!)

Just as Women Don’t Realize
They Have Hidden Triggers
(the Triggers You Use with Sexual Key!)–
Men Don’t Realize That They
in Their Armor…
How Much Longer Are You Going to
Keep Yourself Vulnerable to Attack?

Shore Up Your Defenses!
Get the Hidden Code to Controlling Men!
Get “Selling to Men,” RIGHT NOW!

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