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Name Product: Jamie Smart – Salad NLP – If The Secret’s So Great, Show Me The Money
Website: http://www.jamiesmart.com/products/if-the-secrets-so-great-show-me-the-money-dvds/
COST: $366
Author: Jamie Smart
Size: 8.36 GB

8 – DVDs ripped to .AVI
8 – MP3s of the “Show Me the Money” CD
54 – MP3s of “Instant Wealth Unpacked”
1 – MP3 of “My 12 Biggest Money-Mistakes & 12 Most Liberating Insights”
1 – PDF of the “Show Me The Money” report
1 – PDF of the “Top 10 Secrets of Instant Wealth”

The “Do what you love, Living on purpose process” covers 8 essential areas:

The Inside Out Mindset
Authentic Direction
Product Creation
Getting Clients
Meaningful Wealth, Money & Abundance
Technical Mastery
Creative Process
Mentors, Community & Team

“If the Secret’s So Great, Show Me the Money!” dives into the area of meaningful wealth, money & abundance in-depth.

“If You Want to Live Your Purpose Fully, You Need To Transform Your Relationship With Money”

“What would be possible for you if you never had to worry about money again, & could FEEL FREE to live a life you love every day, enjoying a meaningfully wealthy lifestyle?”

The most misunderstood substance on the planet…

There is nothing in the world more misunderstood than money. People crave it. They work for it, are willing to kill for it & die for it. They mythologise it, demonise it & fight wars over it. They blame it for their relationship problems, & “know” that life would be better if they only had more of it. Some hoard it, & fret over spending it, while others can’t hang onto it no matter how hard they try.

Most people think of money like a magic wand that could solve all their problems & give them lasting happiness & wellbeing, if only it was waved over them. But the truth is that despite money playing an important part in our lives…

Most people haven’t got the slightest idea about what money even IS, what it ISN’T, what it can do & what it CAN’T do.

As a result, most people are DEEPLY SUPERSTITIOUS about money, & exhibit bizarre beliefs & baffling behaviours where money’s involved. These are the inevitable result of having superstitions instead of real understanding (in the same way that people in the dark ages exhibited bizarre behaviours because of their superstitions about the causes of illness & disease).


In the dark ages, people believed disease was caused by bad smells. They wore perfume & carried small bunches of flowers to protect against disease (the “pocket full of posies” in the children’s nursery rhyme refers to the small bunches of flowers people carried to protect against the plague).

We now know that plague ISN’T caused by bad smells – it’s caused by tiny invisible bacteria. But if you were to tell that to a medieval person, they’d look at you like you were CRAZY.

People who lived in the dark ages “knew” that plague was caused by bad smells. This false belief (which still persisted as recently as the 1850s) resulted in sewage being pumped into the river Thames (where it wouldn’t smell so bad), leading to a devastating cholera outbreak.

This widespread FALSE belief led to needless misery, suffering & death. As soon as people had a better understanding of the nature of reality (i.e. the bacterial model), there was a MASSIVE & widespread improvement in quality of life.

While it’s easy to be amused by our ancestor’s misguided beliefs, it raises some essential questions:

What are the things we currently “know” to be true that result in unnecessary misery, suffering & death because they’re based on false beliefs?
What are the things WE accept as fact today, that our descendants will laugh about, in much the same way as we smile at our ancestors’ belief in disease being transmitted by bad smells?
You might say “Well if I lived in medieval times & someone made a good case for the idea that disease is transmitted by tiny invisible beasts, I’d believe it!”

But would you…? Would you really…?? Really…???
I’m not so sure about that…

My sense is that MOST people would respond with something like “Don’t be stupid! It’s a scientific FACT that illness is caused by bad smells. It’s OBVIOUS. It’s common sense…”

Here’s another question…

If you were to be presented with the evidence that one of the most widely-held beliefs of modern society was in fact FALSE, would you be able to listen with an open mind?
I hope so, because here goes. I’ve got to warn you – this is going to sound CRAZY, but…

There’s no such thing as financial security.

And you’re about to discover why that’s great news!

In fact, the most widespread & damaging belief of modern times is the idea that our wellbeing, security & peace of mind come from the outside world, the world of money, jobs, houses, property, relationships etc.

The reality is, when you try to use money to do something it can’t do, it causes problems. But when you discover the true nature & purpose of money, everything gets easier, more effective & more enjoyable. You see…

Money is a powerful CREATIVE tool… money is an AMPLIFIER…

Money amplifies your core beliefs, emotions & feelings about yourself & your world.

If you think you’re not enough, more money will amplify that perception

If you have trouble with debt, more money will amplify that debt-trouble

If you think that life is a struggle, more money will amplify that perception

If money is a source of worry & anxiety, more money will amplify THAT
I’ve met enough miserable, stressed-out millionaires to know that this is true. But it works both ways…

Once you realise that all your security, peace of mind & wellbeing arises from within you, more money can amplify that knowledge.

When you experience yourself as truly creative, money becomes a powerful amplifier so you can bring your creations into being.

When you have a felt experience of your own natural abundance, more money supports you in expressing that abundance in fulfilling & meaningful ways.

Once you let go of worry & anxiety about money, you’re free to use money for its true purpose – as a powerful creative tool!
But before any of that can happen, there’s an insidious piece of cultural hypnosis that you have to be aware of.

“If the Secret’s So Great, Where’s My Ferrari?” & “If the Secret’s So Great, Show Me the Money!” are the first two in a series of 9 programmes applying the “inside-out” understanding of reality to key areas of the process of making a great living doing what you love.

The “Do what you love, Living on purpose process” covers 8 essential areas:

The Inside Out Mindset
Authentic Direction
Product Creation
Getting Clients
Meaningful Wealth, Money & Abundance
Technical Mastery
Creative Process
Mentors, Community & Team

“If the Secret’s So Great, Where’s My Ferrari?” is an overview of all 8 areas.

“If the Secret’s So Great, Show Me the Money!” dives into the area of meaningful wealth, money & abundance in-depth.

While there is a shared foundation to the work (just as all my NLP material has a shared foundation), the material covered in each programme is distinct, & focused on the relevant subject (in this case, money wealth & abundance).

It’s full of new content that’s focused on helping you transform your relationship with money & create the meaningful wealth you desire!

And Your Trainer Is?

…Jamie Smart, one of the UK ‘s most acclaimed and respected trainers as well as the CEO and Founder of Salad. Jamie has a passion for language, learning and teaching. This is evident in Salad’s NLP Practitioner and training courses as well as in Salad’s array of world renowned NLP and Hypnosis products, including Ericksonian Hypnosis Cards, NLP Coaching Cards and Irresistible Influence Cards.

Jamie has been taught by some of the best NLP trainers in the world including the founders of NLP, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, as well as highly skilled and innovative trainers such as Robert Dilts, Chris Hall, and Joseph Riggio.

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