Joe Sugarman – Lost Sugarman Tapes

Name Product: Joe Sugarman – Lost Sugarman Tapes
Website: http://www.simpleology.com
Author: Joe Sugarman
Size: 8.52 GB

In addition to The Lost Sugarman Tapes this pack includes a 6 gig bonus marketing conference that includes Mark Joyner, Carl Galetti, David Garfinkle, Declan Dunn, Ed Taylor, Raleigh Pinskey, Ted Nicholas, Joe Sugarman, Tom Antion, Tom Wood, Wally Bregman, Terry Corvel, and Dan Janal.

The bonus package also includes the Triggers presentation mentioned in the pitch letter.

Although the actual pitch page has been shut down because the program is closed, here are some pitches I found elsewhere:

The Joe Sugarman Lost Tapes

I hope you had the chance to grab for yourself a copy of the Joe Sugarman Triggers mp3s that were used as in the prelaunch of the Lost Sugarman Tapes.

The bad news is that they’ve gone and you can’t get them any more.

The great news is that the Lost Sugarman Tapes are now available.

And at a much lower price than I was expecting when you use the coupon code m78xc3qw.

If you are not familiar with the story behind the Lost Sugarman Tapes then let me share it with you.

Joe Sugarman is a legendary direct marketer who is more entrepreneur than copywriter. He has skills and insights that make him respected by the great and good copywriters but Joe has built his reputation by selling products for himself rather than being a hired gun.

That makes him difficult from people like Gary Halbert, John Carlton and Dan Kennedy – all of whom I’ve studied intensely.

While Joe Sugarman’s main success was in selling products, he also loved to teach entrepreneurs how to create an offer and take it to the market to make money.

In the 1980s he presented some high price seminars but didn’t use the opportunity to create an expensive info-product. It turns out that he did have one of his seminars videoed but didn’t do anything about it.

A few years ago he mentioned to author and Internet marketer Mark Joyner that he thought he had the tapes somewhere. Joe didn’t know where but mark was eager to get his hands on them.

Well the tapes have been found and have been remastered and digitally enhanced, although they are not up to 2011 standards.

But it’s the content of the Lost Sugarman Tapes that matters.

Online access is now available to a limited number of buyers, before they are taken off sale forever.

The Lost Sugarman Tapes – affiliate link – coupon code m78xc3qw

Can you learn from a multi-millionaire direct marketing legend?

Of course you can. If you’ve heard the Triggers mp3s, then you’ll know that Joe Sugarman has an engaging style and approach and it’s not based on sleazy tricks.

Are marketing tips from the eighties still relevant in 2011?

Communication methods have changed in the last twenty to thirty years but that time is a drop in the ocean to time it takes for human psychology to change.

The guts of what Joe Sugarman teaches are still very relevant. With the Internet and social media, we’ve just got new ways to deliver the message.

Best of all I was astonished at the price that the Lost Sugarman Tapes are offered at.

I guess I’ve got cynical but I feared that this would be another $1,997 product (that’s the common price in Internet marketing) or at best $997.

I wasn’t even close as you’ll find out if you click over to The Lost Sugarman Tapes and use the coupon code m78xc3qw

Disclosure: again, the a/v quality is not the best … we re-mastered them and you can follow along fine, but don’t expect a Hollywood production! One of the tapes was recorded over (tape #8) with an info-mercial, and one other ends 6 minutes early. But we’ve included full transcripts of the materials and nothing essential is lost.

21 MP3 Audio Files So you can listen to the same content on-the-go.
21 Transcripts If you have trouble following any part, our transcripts of each tape will make it crystal clear
Giant Downloadable PDF Workbook – This includes a massive swipe file of Joe’s most outrageously successful advertisements.
30 Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee – If you feel The Lost Sugarman Tapes are not going to finally remove the fog from your business and give you a clear path to success, or if you are not satisfied for any reason whatsoever, simply contact our 24/7 list Customer Care team and you will be issued a prompt and courteous refund on the spot – no questions asked. Now, what is the tax-deductable tuition fee you’ll pay for this battle-tested education in outageous business success today …

Who Is Joe Sugarman?

Joe Sugarman, once called the “Mail Order Maverick” by The New York Times, is a groundbreaker in every sense of the word. His accomplishments in marketing innovation alone give him the right to be called a legend. Now he wants to share his brilliance with the rest of the world.

He used direct marketing to get the world’s first pocket calculator into as many hands as possible. This led to the formation of the JS&A Group, Inc. which led the industry in space-age technology. Sugarman introduced the cordless phone and the digital watch and even the home computer to the public with his marketing techniques.

Sugarman also introduced the concept of using toll-free numbers to take credit card orders over the phone, which was unheard of at the time. After only one year of using toll-free numbers to process orders, thousands of other companies followed suit. This led to a revolution in the merchandising industry.

Switching gears from electronic products to sunglasses may seem like suicide, but Sugarman was up to the challenge. His direct marketing skills led to the sale of twenty million pairs of BluBlockers. How about the BluBlocker rap? One of his lasting
advertising innovations is the “man on the street.” This involved a public demonstration of the product to strangers passing by and was completely new at the time. It’s now one of the standard tricks of infomercials.

Joe has been mega-successful with the BluBlocker brand. He has also done well on QVC, selling millions of dollars worth of his product in a single day.

Here is wat Joe Sugarman has managed during his legendary career:
“I live in Maui Hawaii. Have a home on the ocean and real estate here on Maui that is very valuable. Have, at one time, owned four airplanes, became a multi-engine instrument-rated commercial pilot.

Had many cars to include Deloreans, Feraris, Mercedes and at one time had a stable of 12 exotic cars. Sold the airplanes, the cars, moved to Hawaii, bought the local newspaper called the Maui Weekly and was its publisher for over six years before selling it to the local daily newspaper.

Have created several companies through the power of my pen, to include BluBlocker sunglasses, JS&A Group, Inc. (a marketing firm) and more recently, Stem Cell Products (a bio-tech company) and Maui Joe Coffee (a coffee company). All of these companies are run out of Las Vegas although I have an office set up on Maui and with the power of the Internet, keep in close contact with the companies I own.

Everything I’ve accomplished has been as a result of my ability communicate and my ability to write copy and sell my products to a mass market.”

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