John Reese – Creating Internet Wealth 2.0

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*bakground of John Reese…his hardships

*what gets you rich are fundamentals

*Pulitzer Prize for Procrastination

REESE RULE # 1: Always do more than is expected of you.

*hire experts, found in specialized forums

*successfully marketed toy dinosaurs when he was young

REESE RULE # 2: If you don“t take chances you won“t receive the biggest rewards.

*16 years old…photo

REESE RULE # 3: Being late to the game doesn“t necessarily count you out.

*he applied for several credit cards at the same day

REESE RULE # 4: Never rely on somebody else“s data.

*$107,642.32 debt John Reese had before he was 23 years old

REESE RULE # 5: Every result is an asset.

*Ask why it did not work

*Entrepreneurs always buy hope —buying courses without taking action

REESE RULE # 6: The more action you take the more money you make.

*he had to take a job

*visualization…circling Porsches he would like to buy

*reads ENTREPRENEUR magazine

REESE RULE # 7: Never let anyone tell you “It can“t be done.”

*Brainwash yourself that you“ll be extremely wealthy. If you die before that happens, there won“t be a difference.

*”The anticipation of death is worse than death itself.”

*law of attraction

REESE RULE # 8: The only way to change your reality is to face reality.

REESE RULE # 9: If you want to succeed on the Internet you must structure your marketing to mimic the nature of the Internet.

*The Internet is evolving.

REESE RULE # 10: Dedicate at least 80% of your time and resources to your primary web site.

REESE RULE # 11: The stronger your content the stronger your exposure.

*Great content makes you rich in the Internet.

*Emulate success.

*It takes 6 hours for John to write his emails in order to fine tune them.
*If it“s good, they“ll keep reading. If it sucks, they“ll stop.

REESE RULE # 12: On the Internet the rich get richer – high exposure sites get more attention, partners, links, and content syndication.

REESE RULE # 13: Observe. React. Improve.

*The gold is in the data that are freely available.

REESE RULE # 14: Sell what“s already selling.

*Almost every possible Internet business model has already been tried.

REESE RULE # 15: Start marketing that way “it“ is already being successfully marketed.

*Buy from competitors and figure out their business model.

REESE RULE # 16: Don“t clone someone else“s business. Improve it.

*If an ebook is selling well, make a physical product version of it.

REESE RULE # 17: In every marketplace there are two sides… play them both for maximum success.


*You might as well get paid, when visitors to your site buy from your competitors.

*Monetize traffic.

REESE RULE # 18: Constantly monitor the activity in your market to find where the money and traffic is going.

REESE RULE # 19: Build a business not a moneymaker.

REESE RULE # 20: Leverage the networks and data of others for massive results.

REESE RULE # 21: Test the market before producing anything.

REESE RULE # 22: Eliminate decision making…spend Monday making decisions for the rest of the week…then just execute.

REESE RULE # 23: Sacrifice early profits to accelerate growth.

REESE RULE # 24: Test with the lowest price first.

REESE RULE # 25: You can“t sell to someone if they can“t see your marketing message.

REESE RULE # 26: Gradual improvement is the key to huge profits.

REESE RULE # 27: In order to improve your marketing you must frequently experience what your prospect experiences.

REESE RULE # 28: To improve each point of response you must ask your prospects to help you.

REESE RULE # 29: Pay attention to your data…Your data is the treasure map.

G * P(x) * SEO * C(x) * CS * EM * ME * VV * TM * VS * B(x)

G := lead generation

P(x) := [quality] partners

SEO := search engine optimization

C(x) := [quality] content

CS := content syndication

EM := email marketing

ME := marketing exposute

VV := visitor value

TM := traffic monetization

VS := viral systems

B(x) := [QUALITY] Brand

REESE RULE # 30: For every day that passes your business should be worth more than the day before or you are doing something wrong.

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