LearnSmart LLC – Mastering Agile Scrum Project Management (2016)

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Apply Agile development & scrum methodologies to your career as you as you study for the PMI-ACP® Exam

Welcome to Mastering Agile Scrum Project Management from LearnSmart.

LearnSmart is Project Management Institute (PMI) Global Registered Education Provider (REP 3577). This course qualifies for 24.25 credit hours toward the PMP, CAMP or ACP training contact hours or toward maintaining your current certification. Thus meeting the contact hour requirement necessary to register for the ACP exam or for experienced project managers wanting to brush up on their education.

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Course Overview:
Agile is an alternative methodology to traditional project management and is used in a wide range of applications. Agile anticipates project changes giving users maximum flexibility over traditional project management objectives; breaking projects into prioritized requirements. With Agile, detailed goals are set for many iterative levels within the project scope focusing specifically on expected changes, time estimates, budgets and project priorities.
This training includes an introduction to Agile, Change Management, Prioritization, Stakeholder Expectations, Team Empowerment, Levels of Planning Adaptation and much more. This exclusive training bundle thoroughly examines Agile development so that students may learn strong team building skills and effective planning and estimating. Begin immersing yourself in the skills needed to work as an Agile expert within your business with this exclusive Agile training bundle from LearnSmart


Smart method to learn – This course is helpful and using smart way to motivate thinking and understanding. The instructor has a professional delivery method, and the he materials are interesting and creative specially the flashcards and the exercises – Ibrahim Alsayed
This course is of high quality – This course will let you become a ACP master and it will explain you every concept from scratch. The instructor is highly engaging and highly motivating. Can’t be better. Thank you – Saber Tlili
I enjoyed learning every bit of this course – worth every bit – This is the first time I sat thru the entire course lectures, listened very carefully and assimilated a lot of Scrum and Agile PM knowledge. This method of education is of prime value because you don’t have to tax your eyes reading – just sit back and listen to any lecture you want. This helps in learning faster than reading. I am glad I took this course – the lectures and the 83 quizzes that really challenged my brain – Khurshid Khan

What are the requirements?

There is not any requirements for this course.
A computer with internet.
It is helpful to have a basic understanding of and interest in Project Management.

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 213 lectures and 10 hours of content!
Review an introduction to Agile, Principles, Change Management, Prioritization, Stakeholder Expectations, Team Empowerment, Levels of Planning Adaptation and much more.
Learn Agile development as you examine strong team building skills and effective planning and estimating.
Prove to yourself, and others, that you are ready for PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® Certification Exam with our integrated quizzes and finals.
This course qualifies for 24.25 Contact Hours toward the PMI-ACP® certification from PMI.
Download extra printable and saveable flash cards, games, slideshows, and other supplemental materials for each lecture in our course
Participate in active discussions with other PMP candidates & participants becoming PMP

What is the target audience?

New managers interested in understanding the key agile, scrum, and project management concepts to improve their skills and professional credibility
This course is designed to provide professionals with knowledge they can apply directly to their job
Professionals in the Project Management or IT space who desire to learn the content necessary to become a PMI certified ACP credential holder
Existing IT project managers wishing to get certified in recognition of their skills and experience, or others who wish to train to become accredited Agile Project Managers.
Please review our course map to see just how we align and partner with PMI.org in providing this training: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-bU4vzmt_NyTGpybDlHNmFxMUk/view?usp=sharing

Section 1: Course Overview
Lecture 1 Course Orientation 01:13
Lecture 2 Series Welcome 01:51
Lecture 3 Course Introduction 00:39
Lecture 4 Topics Covered 03:48
Lecture 5 Knowledge Check 00:39
Section 2: Traditional vs. Agile Project Management
Lecture 6 Agile Project Management: What is Agile Project Management 04:45
Lecture 7 Agile Project Management: Example Using Traditional Methods 08:24
Lecture 8 Agile Project Management: Example Using Agile Methods 05:48
Lecture 9 Agile Project Management: Knowledge Check 00:23
Lecture 10 Working with Agile Project Management: Disadvantages 02:05
Lecture 11 Working with Agile Project Management: Knowledge Check 00:44
Lecture 12 Working with Agile Project Management: Conclusion 02:33
Quiz 1 Chapter 1 and 2 Quiz 3 questions
Quiz 2 Final: Traditional vs. Agile Project Management 7 questions
Section 3: Manifesto Principles 1-6
Lecture 13 The Agile Manifesto: Introduction 02:23
Lecture 14 The Agile Manifesto: History of the Agile Manifesto 02:09
Lecture 15 The Agile Manifesto: Why the Manifesto is Important 02:24
Lecture 16 The Agile Manifesto: Agile Values 12:12
Lecture 17 The Agile Manifesto: Knowledge Check 00:36
Quiz 3 Chapter 1 Quiz 5 questions
Lecture 18 The Agile Principle: Number 1 03:22
Lecture 19 The Agile Principle: Number 2 02:38
Lecture 20 The Agile Principle: Number 3 01:49
Lecture 21 The Agile Principle: Number 4 02:38
Lecture 22 The Agile Principle: Number 5 02:02
Lecture 23 The Agile Principle: Number 6 01:54
Lecture 24 The Agile Principle: Knowledge Check 00:36
Lecture 25 The Agile Principle: Conclusion 01:52
Quiz 4 Final: Manifesto Principles 1-6 19 questions
Section 4: Manifesto Principles 7-12
Lecture 26 The Agile Manifesto: Agile Manifesto Introduction 01:41
Lecture 27 The Agile Manifesto: Review of the First Six Principles 01:11
Lecture 28 The Agile Manifesto: Knowledge Check 00:22
Lecture 29 The Principles: The Next Six Principles 01:05
Lecture 30 The Principles: Agile Principle Number 7 02:44
Lecture 31 The Principles: Agile Principle Number 8 01:58
Lecture 32 The Principles: Agile Principle Number 9 02:19
Lecture 33 The Principles: Agile Principle Number 10 01:12
Lecture 34 The Principles: Agile Principle Number 11 02:59
Lecture 35 The Principles: Agile Principle Number 12 01:50
Lecture 36 The Principles: Knowledge Check 00:31
Quiz 5 Chapter 1 and 2 Quiz 6 questions
Lecture 37 Interdependence: Declaration of Interdependence 02:20
Lecture 38 Interdependence: Knowledge Check 00:33
Lecture 39 Interdependence: Review 02:33
Lecture 40 Interdependence: Conclusion 00:45
Quiz 6 Final: Manifesto Principles 7-12 19 questions
Section 5: Scrum and XP Methods
Lecture 41 Scrum: Introduction to Scrum 06:37
Lecture 42 Scrum: Scrum Roles and Responsibilities 05:15
Lecture 43 Scrum: Scrum Events 08:21
Lecture 44 Scrum: Artifacts of Scrum 07:57
Lecture 45 Scrum: Definition of Done 08:11
Lecture 46 Scrum: Knowledge Check 01:18
Lecture 47 Scrum: Agile Principle Number 9 00:49
Quiz 7 Chapter 1 Quiz 10 questions
Lecture 48 Extreme Programming: Introduction to XP 03:46
Lecture 49 Extreme Programming: XP Core Values 02:00
Lecture 50 Extreme Programming: XP Roles and Responsibilities 01:18
Lecture 51 Extreme Programming: XP Core Practice — Planning Game 02:10
Lecture 52 Extreme Programming: XP Core Practice — Small Releases 00:52
Lecture 53 Extreme Programming: XP Core Practice — Customer Tests 00:42
Lecture 54 Extreme Programming: XP Core Practice — Collective Code Ownership 00:36
Lecture 55 Extreme Programming: XP Core Practice — Code Standards 00:49
Lecture 56 Extreme Programming: XP Core Practice — Continuous Integration 00:38
Lecture 57 Extreme Programming: XP Core Practice — Metaphor 00:49
Lecture 58 Extreme Programming: XP Core Practice — Sustainable Pace 01:06
Lecture 59 Extreme Programming: XP Core Practice — Pair Programming 00:36
Lecture 60 Extreme Programming: XP Core Practice — Test-Driven Development 00:34
Lecture 61 Extreme Programming: XP Core Practice — Refactoring 01:06
Lecture 62 Extreme Programming: XP Core Practice — Simple Design 00:24
Lecture 63 Extreme Programming: Knowledge Check 00:37
Lecture 64 Course Wrap-Up: Review 04:57
Lecture 65 Course Wrap-Up: Conclusion 00:46
Quiz 8 Final: Scrum and XP Methods 29 questions
Section 6: Other Agile Methods
Lecture 66 Method Types: Introduction 04:37
Lecture 67 Method Types: DSDM 11:41
Lecture 68 Method Types: Kanban 06:47
Lecture 69 Method Types: Lean 06:33
Lecture 70 Method Types: Crystal Family 03:27
Quiz 9 Chapter 1 Quiz 8 questions
Lecture 71 Development Methods: Feature-Driven Development 03:45
Lecture 72 Development Methods: Adaptive Software Development 01:33
Lecture 73 Development Methods: Review 02:05
Lecture 74 Development Methods: Knowledge Check 00:47
Lecture 75 Development Methods: Conclusion 00:32
Quiz 10 Final: Other Agile Methods 17 questions
Section 7: Value Driven Development
Lecture 76 Value-Driven Development: Introduction 05:28
Lecture 77 Value-Driven Development: What is Value-Driven Development? 05:50
Lecture 78 Value-Driven Development: Project Justification and Selection 01:15
Lecture 79 Value-Driven Development: Incremental Delivery 01:15
Lecture 80 Value-Driven Development: Justification and Project Selection 02:31
Lecture 81 Value-Driven Development: Opportunity Costs 01:32
Lecture 82 Value-Driven Development: Internal Rate of Return 01:56
Lecture 83 Value-Driven Development: Return on Investment/Value 01:46
Lecture 84 Value-Driven Development: Net Present Value/Estimated Value 01:43
Lecture 85 Risks and Risk Management: Managing Risks 02:45
Lecture 86 Risks and Risk Management: Understanding Stakeholder Needs 07:32
Lecture 87 Risks and Risk Management: Product Roadmap 01:01
Lecture 88 Risks and Risk Management: Agile Contracting 00:52
Lecture 89 Risks and Risk Management: Inverted Triangle Model 01:08
Lecture 90 Risks and Risk Management: Fixed Price, Fixed Price Work Package, FP-Adjusted 01:06
Lecture 91 Risks and Risk Management: Graduated Fixed Price, Time, and Material 01:06
Lecture 92 Risks and Risk Management: Money for Nothing and the Change for Free 00:40
Lecture 93 Risks and Risk Management: Knowledge Check 00:41
Quiz 11 Chapter 1 and 2 Quiz 7 questions
Lecture 94 Planning and Delivering Value: Project Chartering 03:07
Lecture 95 Planning and Delivering Value: Prototypes, Simulations, IKIWISI 03:08
Lecture 96 Planning and Delivering Value: Knowledge Check 00:43
Lecture 97 Planning and Delivering Value: Review 02:14
Lecture 98 Planning and Delivering Value: Conclusion 01:04
Quiz 12 Final: Value Driven Development 18 questions
Section 8: Prioritization in Agile Project Management
Lecture 99 Prioritization: Introduction 03:44
Lecture 100 Prioritization: Roadmap to Value 04:59
Quiz 13 Chapter 1 Quiz 5 questions
Quiz 14 Final: Prioritization in Agile Project Management 13 questions
Section 9: Planning Agile Projects
Quiz 15 Chapter 1 Quiz 6 questions
Quiz 16 Final: Planning Agile Projects 19 questions
Section 10: Estimation
Quiz 17 Chapter 1 Quiz 5 questions
Quiz 18 Final: Estimation 18 questions
Section 11: Managing Projects
Quiz 19 Chapter 1 Quiz 5 questions
Quiz 20 Chapter 2 Quiz 4 questions
Quiz 21 Final: Managing Projects 16 questions
Section 12: Adaptive Planning and Design
Quiz 22 Chapter 1 Quiz 6 questions
Quiz 23 Final: Adaptive Planning and Design 19 questions
Section 13: Soft Skills and Leadership
Quiz 24 Chapter 1 Quiz 7 questions
Quiz 25 Final: Soft Skills and Leadership 18 questions
Section 14: Team Formation and Boosting Team Performance
Quiz 26 Chapter 1 Quiz 7 questions
Quiz 27 Final: Team Formation and Boosting Team Performance 17 questions



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