Mark Oryhon – Professional Strategies For Trading The DAX

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Mark Oryhon is one of the biggest DAX traders in the world. Here’s your chance to learn from him.

Mark Oryhon have been trading full time in 1998, ever since Mark Oryhon left DePaul University midway through my freshman year to go trade the new E-mini S&P futures at the CME. I traded stocks and options during high school, and the big S&P Futures contract over the summer following my graduation from Mt. Carmel High School in Chicago.

Mark Oryhon was attracted to trading because he liked the idea of being 100% in control of my future, with my ultimate success or failure being totally dependent upon me, not corporate politics, not connections, not a lucky or bad break. I also love to compete, and trading seemed to be the most competitive arena to participate in. It seemed like a fun strategy game to play.

Mark Oryhon traded at the CME from 1998-2001 primarily trading the S&P E-minis. In early 2001, Mark Oryhonmet Jack Earnest, the co-founder of Momentum Securities. Mark Oryhon moved to Houston to trade with him and help him make the transition to trading electronic futures, as he believed this was going to be the next big thing. The following year I joined Velocity Futures as the V.P. of Trading and a Principal.

How Mark Oryhon Got Started Trading The DAX

In early 2003 as the volatility was drying up from the levels seen in the preceding years, Mark Oryhon made the move away from the E-minis to the DAX futures on Eurex in search of a more volatile market to trade. The DAX was definitely it. As many people have heard me say, trading the DAX is like trading the Nasdaq in the 90s. It has superb volatility, trading range and liquidity.

Mark Oryhon a firm believer that discipline is the key to trading success. Also, Mark Oryhon believe you must learn to read yourself as well as the market. You must know when you are in sync with the market and when you are not. You must be aware of when you are getting angry or complacent, because this is when your discipline fails. I believe adjusting your trading based on your emotional state is essential for consistent results.

Mark Oryhon trading style is that of a scalper and an intraday swing trader. Mark Oryhon use my scalping to get me closer to the pulse of the market, I feel it allows me to get more timely entries on swing trades at market turning points. In a typical trading day, I might make 50-100 trades, of which 3-5 are what I would call intraday swing trades.

The training module is divided into two main sections:

SECTION I: First, Mark Oryhon will explain to you what the DAX is and why, as a former E-mini trader, I made the switch to trade the DAX full-time. If you have the flexibility to work during hours that most traders are still in bed, there are numerous advantages for you in trading the DAX.

SECTION II: Then Mark Oryhon will teach you the main strategies that I use to make my living trading the DAX. These strategies are as follows:

•Divergence Trades Between The DAX And The DJ EURO STOXX 50
•3-Minute Bar Opening Range Fake Out Strategy
•Opening Range Reversal Fake Out Breakout Strategy
•The DAX Opening Range Follow Through Pullback Strategy
For each of Mark Oryhon DAX strategies, I will:

Teach you the rules Mark Oryhon apply in my own trading, step-by-step.
Walk you through numerous examples of how those trading rules are applied to a variety of situations you’re likely to encounter.
Show you how to manage your trades including the price levels at which to take profits and and place stop-losses
Train you bar-by-bar on how to apply the strategy in your own trading through the use of detailed movies thatMark Oryhon created. You’ll hear me explain all the nuances and tricks I use as I take you through entries, trade management and exits.

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