Mega Brain Zones Vol 01 – 06

Name Product: Mega Brain Zones Vol 01 – 06
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Author: Michael Hutchison

Mega Brain Zones Vol 1 (Classic Edition) Deep Relax + Peak Performance

1. Deep Relaxation:
These frequencies in naturally accompany meditative states, accompanied of deep physical relaxation, relaxing in one, natural and healthy sleep can lead. Internal state: Deep physical relaxation is observed aware or relieved by sleep.

2. Peak Performance:
Espresso-replacement for a lively start to rest and for permanent mental or athletic excellence. Ideal for PC work, for learning and for Super Learning. Interior Condition: Consciousness depends on the slope gradually from the peak, highly active at inner peace.

Mega Brain Zones Vol 2 (Classic Edition) Focus + Exploration

1. Focus – Total concentration:
This audio program stimulates a state of relaxed attention and serves as a training to easily and at any time to concentrate intensely. Internal state: the ideas are shielded from the outside with a clear focus on a the present subject.

2. Exploration – Creative Mind Power:
The mental training, where you can run all his thoughts freely in a sea full of ideas and new bath, creative problem solving discovered. Interior Condition: association of ideas to develop free us to develop solutions that come from an inner calm.

Mega Brain Zones Vol 3 (Classic Edition) Flow + Awakening

1. Flow – Centered being:
Discover the tranquility of the ZEN. Without years of training, only with High-tech stimulation: just in flux, always in deep silence and Serenity in being. The result is a Zen state: Getting inside Feel centered while the mind in deep peace and serenity can stay.

2. Awakening – spiritual growth:
The music makes you feel for time and space, which may open up access to new dimensions. Internal state: Relaxed and disssoziiert from reality. As in advanced Meditation practice creates awareness of the world as seen from higher Wait (meta-level) right to life, e.g. in the Out-of-body experience is described.

Mega Brain Zones Vol 4 (New Edition) Deep Relax + Peak Performance

1. Deep Relax – Deep Relaxation:
Frequency stimulation for a restful, deep relaxation and Meditation, in which dissolve muscle tension. Snooze and sleep, Mind deeply relaxed. Interior Condition: The mind relaxes the body. The muscle tension tends near zero and promotes sleep and sleep.

2. Peak Performance – Peak Power:
High Performance in relaxation, the highest attention to any kind of mental or athletic performance. Ideal accompaniment to PC work, yoga or learning. Internal state: wide awake like a relaxed cat. Attentive high performance is also possible to relax. Is ideal for yoga, Tai Chi and to learn, if you stay wide awake want!

Mega Brain Zones Vol 5 (New Edition) Focus + Exploration

1. Focus – Total concentration:
You can relax and at the same time your entire Attention on a single theme to draw, like a laser on a point of focus. The attention remains on a subject, thoughts are to the point brought. Internal state: relaxed and think without distraction.

2. Exploration – Creative Power:
The thoughts go on a spiritual journey, can be solved problems, and easily find new connotations, good ideas, solutions and new Ideas. Internal state lifted: the problem and result in easily Associations, new contacts and new ideas for creative solutions find themselves!

Mega Brain Zones Vol 6 (New Edition) Flow + Awakening

1. Flow – “Flow” state “:
The “river” be: In what you are doing to rise, perfect, and to enjoy everything that succeeds by itself, pure joy, makes timeless perfect. Internal state: everything seems to have made themselves flow, it runs everything all by itself, completely detached from the Everyday life (stress) consciousness e.g. at the “jogging High”.

2. Awakening – spiritual growth:
While in deep meditation without space or sense of time, and automatically own attention to a greater awareness awakened. Interior Condition: deepest meditation, space and sense of time seem to forget, the full attention and consciousness rests in the “here and now.”

Vol 1 – 3 has Nature Sounds background. Vol 4 – 6 pretty much the same but has Music background.

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