Michael Tipper – Business Profit Productivity Blueprint

Michael Tipper – Business Profit Productivity Blueprint | 2.6 GB

“How To Bust Wide Open The Dam Keeping You From Successfully Running Your Own Online Business With Lightening Speed!
Fasten Your Seatbelt!”
Have You Bought Into The Dream of the “Internet Lifestyle” and Having Your Own Online Business But Just Can’t Seem to Get Started Or Make Any Progress…Yet?
Here is the Secret of How I went from Online
Business “Hobbyist” to Full Time Information Publisher
Without Spending One Single Extra Dime on
Business Building Products…
But By Secretly Applying The Little Known & Closely Guarded
Mind Mapping Software Tricks Used By The Internet Gurus

Module 1- Personal productivity in business

Exactly how Mind Mapping releases the incredible power of your brain so you can accelerate your thinking abilities to Super-Speed Productivity Levels

How using Mind Mapping Software for developing, managing and growing your business will dramatically accelerate your productivity much quicker than using Hand Drawn Maps.

Why just using Mind Mapping Software is not enough…the missing ingredient everyone overlooks

The 6 must-use productivity principles that you absolutely HAVE to apply every day in your business (get these right and you will never need to worry about your productivity again)

Module 2 – Applying Mind Mapping Software to Personal Productivity
The four steps to freeing brain fog and thinking clutter to give you focused and crystal clear mental clarity.

How to create, replicate and accelerate daily success to save you time and move your business towards profitability faster

How to get those routine tasks done but eliminate the need to think about them so you operate on automatic.

How you can comfortably manage and control everything you have to do from one very simple and easy to put together page.

How you can simplify project management so you can get effective “project manger” results without the need to train as one

How just a couple of hours a week will keep you focused, avoid unnecessary distractions and drive your business towards financial success

How to manage the key knowledge vital for building your business so it is all astonishingly simple to find in just a few clicks of your mouse.

How to eliminate information overwhelm forever and release yourself from that mental drain.

An exclusive behind the scenes look at my personal hard drive to see exactly how easily you can apply these ideas yourself too.

Module 3 – Getting started
Choosing your mind mapping software – the 4 absolute must-have features necessary to explode your professional productivity – miss out any one of these and you have the wrong software

Refining your mind mapping software decisions – 4 should-have and 3 more great-to-have features to increase your productivity potential.

A detailed tour of the software I use and where you can get a free copy.

Setting up your Profit Productivity system – the right foundations for getting things done quickly, correctly and capably.

The first stage of eliminating Information Overwhelm – how one simple map with 4 branches will shatter mental blockage forever.

Module 4 – Manage your systems and processes
How to set up “E-myth” type profit center systems and processes for your business and professional processes to replicate your success (or to outsource with confidence)

A simple 7 step process of things you MUST check every single week to keep you and your business on track and reach your goals in record time.

How even someone with little or no experience can set up a comprehensive time-saving business process with just a few clicks of a mouse

More behind the scenes revelations on some of my closely guarded business systems never before revealed

A complete and self contained system for managing the content on multiple blogs from the generation of ideas, to the publication and marketing of blog posts.

How to create a simple time saving device used by the most successful, productive (and wealthiest) online business people that you can implement immediately.

Module 5 – Project management
How to de-mystify and simplify project management but still get things done fast just like a professional top notch project manager

How to increase your creativity and idea generation abilities in the brainstorming phase of any project.

How to dust off those “on the shelf waiting to get started” projects and get them going right now and banish procrastination.

How to develop your project proposal from a basic to do list into a powerful step by step plan of action that will guarantee it will get done.

How to easily keep track of your vital project data and ensure the project provides you exactly what you want, when you want it

Advanced project tracking and monitoring for sophisticated large scale projects

Module 6 – Taking charge of your knowledge
The Justin Twins – how knowing which of them you are most like will decide whether you will drown in data or overcome overwhelm…. and what to do about it

How to set up your own personal virtual library of business building nuggets so that vital information is just a few clicks away

The only 5 knowledge areas you need to have to organize just about any piece of information related to your professional success that you can think about.

The one piece of hardware (other than your computer) that will prevent you drowning in paperwork – what it is and how to use it properly.

How to be able to instantly access any handwritten notes you have ever taken, or are ever likely to take again.

How to manage the notes you take from seminars and information products so you can access what you have learned in seconds and apply it immediately.
How to never have to hunt for a long forgotten document, file or folder ever again.

How to keep track of all the software on your hard drive (and how to use it properly), so you never have to look at a program application again and ask “what’s that for?

Bonus 1 – Discover the Inner Winner – How to Raise Your Personal Productivity Game
Bonus 2 – The Hour a Day Workshop
Bonus 3 – Program Yourself for Productivity (mind movie)
Bonus 4 – How the Internet Marketing Gurus Use Mind Mapping Software (Talks about how Andy Jekins, Rich Schefre, jeff Walker & Yanik silver use mind mapping for their business)

Additional program – Mind Mapping Mastery

NOTES – The module titles in this course make this seem pretty basic. Like an intro course into the concept and usage of mind mapping. It is indeed an intro course but there is alot more material then meets the eye here. There is quite abit covered about hand drawn maps not just mind mapping software. Unless your already good at mind mapping this is worth going through in conjunction with the main course.

Module 1 – Mind Mapping Benefits
This is one of the most important modules and will share with you the benefits of Mind Mapping and what you can expect once you have been through the videos and have mastered the Mind Mapping process.

Module 2 – Introducing Mind Mapping
Discover how and why Mind Mapping mirrors the natural processes of the brain and experience the power of this amazing tool. Find out too why conventional note taking strategies just don’t cut it.

Module 3 – Start Mind Mapping
Here you will discover how to read the maps you create, how to create your first map and by the end of this module you will be Mind Mapping.

Module 4 – Mind Mapping Rules
Every technique has its set of rules that help define it and Mind Mapping is no exception. In this module you will understand the finer points of Mind Mapping and how to get the most out of it by adhering to some very simple and easy to understand guidelines.

Module 5 – Mapping Your Ideas
Broadly speaking, Mind Mapping can be applied in one of two ways. The first way is to organise the ideas you create in your own mind. This module deals with using Mind Mapping for that and shows you how you can use this tool for everyday thinking activities.

Module 6 – Mapping the Written Word
This module helps you understand and develop the vital skill of choosing keywords by building up the process through sentences, paragraphs and then full blown examples of real documents taken from the internet.

Module 7 – Mapping the Spoken Word
How do you use Mind Mapping to take notes from someone giving a lecture or a speech? Well this module not only tells you how, but also shows you how in the first example of “live” Mind Mapping ever witnessed on the internet.

Module 8 – Mind Mapping and Memory
Mind Mapping is an excellent tool for not only putting things into your long term memory, but also for drawing out those deeply hidden and long since thought of memories. This module shows you how to do both.

Module 9 – Mind Mapping Software
When you start Mind Mapping, you have two choices – do you learn to create them by hand or do you use software? This module answers that question and introduces you to the three most popular Mind Mapping software packages in use today.

Module 10 – Using Mind Mapping
After working through the entire Mind Mapping Mastery Program, this module looks at the most popular applications of Mind Mapping and demonstrates each one.

Module 11 – Case Studies
As part of his research, Michael has tracked down people who have successfully used Mind Mapping in their lives and has interviewed them to find out how they benefited from it.

Bonus Module – I Can’t Draw
A common and popular excuse why people won’t try Mind Mapping is they believe they can’t (won’t!) draw. This module explains why most people think that and shows how anyone can draw (and if you follow the exercises, you will be drawing by the end of the module)

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