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Name Product: Blueprints To Profits
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Blueprints to Profits is a simple, yet incredibly powerful system for doubling your profits.
Here’s how Blueprints to Profits makes you a profit master. Over the course of 15 weeks, you’ll have access to a huge number of action blocks. Pick just one that you simply like, that you’re comfortable with, or that you believe would be simple for you to implement within your business, and just do it.

In other words, you do not ought to go via this gigantic course all at once. You browse all-around like you would at a huge buffet, you pick anything you like, and you do it. Lemberg is cool that way, he does not expect you to sit by way of 100 hours of video to understand how to do one thing, he provides you with a bunch of five or 10 or 30 minute videos, or transcripts in the event you find out better than way, and then you just stop the video, put down the report, and just do it.

In one session I saw a couple points that I can do for my on the net web store that could enhance my profits by far more than 15%, possibly overnight.

If I did that for each of the five factors, let’s say I’m doing $1000 a day now (not profit, but earnings), and if I strengthen that by 15%, I am up to $1150.

Then if I enhance that $1150 by 15% by carrying out yet another action block, I’m up to $1322.50. Then another 15% brings me to $1520.87, then another 15% brings us to $1749.00, then the final 15% yields $2011.35.

So by the magic of compounding, and finding just five things that will net you an additional 15% betterment inside your enterprise, you’ve doubled your revenue.

For instance, in several companies, raising your costs is anything that would not, believe it or not, hurt your organization. Specifically if it is possible to add a little value, or enhance your sales letter to cause your prospect to think that your product or service is worth it.

So if it costs me $700 to sell $1000 worth of product now, and I raise my rates by 15% to $1150, instead of making $300 on those product sales, I’m going being generating $450 about the same revenue, overnight. That is a 15% advancement around the product sales, but a 50% advancement on the profits.

And isn’t that what we want, soon after all, additional profit?

That is just one action block which could yield you incredible improvements as part of your enterprise. Just accomplishing that could far more than pay for this course, but the other 237 action blocks offer you tremendous leverage.

There’s obviously nothing to say that you just have being satisfied with just 5 incremental improvements, but which is what it takes to double your business enterprise. The Blueprints to Profits guys have laid it out to ensure that you will find some quick fixes. The theory is if you implement a single on the action blocks, and in the event you do it wrong, it’s still much better than not executing anything at all.

Small Changes = Big Profits Part 2

People say, “knowledge is profit.”
It isn’t, and I can prove it.
Everyone knows someone who has a PhD or a monster-sized IQ and can’t earn a dime, because it’s not what you know but what you do with it.
So why don’t most people do MORE with what they know?
Because it’s too hard…
Or it’s too complicated…
Or they don’t have the time to get it right.
Which brings us back to making small, easy changes.
Most small businesses are going out of business.
It’s a sad fact.
According the US Small Business Association, 62.8% (to be exact) of businesses will fail.

That’s depressing. Casinos have better odds!

The Blueprints to Profits system is the way to beat the odds. Blueprints to Profits leverages the magic of compounding to deliver huge improvement in sales and profits. Paul Lemberg, the creator, focuses on 5 business levers that really drive your profits. The benefit is that the changes in each of these areas is not additive, it’s multiplicative.

So if you increase all five areas by 15%. The result is improved profits of 15% x 15% x 15% x 15% x 15% which results in doubling of profit.

I wanted to expand on the math above to show you how this works.

So lets say you make $1,000 each month. That’s a nice even number to start with.

Then if you increase your gross profit by 15% you are now making $1,150. Then let’s say you increase your lead flow by 15%. That will increase your profits to $1,322. Then if you increase your customer conversions by a small 15%, your profit is up to $1,520. Just look at that compounding in action.

Then let’s say you can increase your up sell by 15% you now have a profit of $1,749. Then let’s just add one more boost – customer retention. Retain 15% more customers and look at the profits. You are now making $2,018 each month.

When I first saw that I was stunned.
But the math is the math..
You just need to make some small improvements and you have an incredible boost in profits.

Here is what you’re getting:

Module 01 – Gross Profit Blueprint
01 – Introduction
02 – Superior Value Position
03 – It’s The Offer That Matters
04 – Demonstrate Value
05 – Building The Value Case
06 – Valuizing Your Offer
07 – Calculating Return
08 – Proof
09 – Common Pricing Strategies
10 – Pricing Research Project
11 – Margin Question – Part 1
12 – Margin Question – Part 2
13 – Typical Reasons Why Many Business Owners Price Too Low
14 – How To Raise Your Prices
15 – How To Know If You Are Pricing Too Low Or Too High
16 – Random Thoughts On Pricing

Module 02 – Customer Leverage Blueprint
01 – Introduction And Core Concepts
02 – Core Metrics
03 – Upsells
04 – Bundling
05 – Cross Sell And Back Ends Part 1
06 – Cross Sell And Back Ends Part 2
07 – Larger Transaction Wrap-Up
08 – Selling More Often
09 – Increasing Frequency Of Purchase Part 1
10a – Increasing Frequency Of Purchase Part 2
10b – Increasing Frequency Of Purchase Part 3
11 – Subscriptions, Memberships, Continuity
12 – Extending The Life Of The Customer
13 – Reactivation
14 – Wrap Up

Module 03 – Personal Productivity Blueprint
01 – Introduction
02 – Mindset
03 – Orientation
04 – Sustainable Performance Mastery For Entrepreneurs
05 – Performance Tools and Tips
06 – Delegation

Module 04 – Unlimited Leads Blueprint
01 – Introduction
02 – Fast Start To More Leads
03 – Channels and Metrics
04 – Multiple Pillars of Marketing
05 – All The Lead Generation Tactics
06 – Choosing Your Tactics
07 – Messaging Short Course – Part 1
08 – Messaging Short Course – Part 2
09 – Messaging Short Course – Part 3
10 – Lead Generation Management
11 – Tracking Your Lead Generation
12 – Unlimited Leads Wrapup

Module 05 – Sales Conversion Blueprint
01 – Introduction
02 – Baseline
03 – Sales Conversion Research
04 – Product Market Match
05 – Master Selling System Intro
06 – MSS Engage and Connect
07 – MSS Qualify
08 – MSS Desire
09 – MSS Offer
10 – MSS Risk Reversal
11 – MSS Do The Deal
12 – Trust Factors
13 – Other Conversion Boosters
14 – Stop Guessing & Test – Part 1
15 – Stop Guessing & Test – Part 2
16 – Sales Conversion Wrapup

Module 06 – Product Producer Blueprint
01 – Introduction
02 – Range of Products
03 – Product Research
04 – How To Get Products
05 – Outsourcing
06 – What Do You Want To Create
07 – Creating Content
08 – Power Point Video Method
09 – Instant Written Products
10 – Tools
11 – Manufacturing Info Products
12 – Wrap Up

Module 07 – Systemization Blueprint
01 – Why Systemize
02 – What is a System
03 – Figuring out the Steps, Part 1
04 – Figuring out the Steps, Part 2
05 – Checklists and Worksheets
06 – Flow Charts and Process Maps
07 – Clarifications
08 – Metrics and Dashboards
09 – The Merlin Method
10 – Testing, Training, Tweaking
11 – Wrap-up

Bonus – Getting Started In Business Blueprint

01 – Beginner’s Blueprint Mindmap
02 – Growth Goals Workshop
Session 01 – Deciding to Start
Session 02 – What Your Business Should Be And What It Should Do
Session 03 – Your Business Model and Plan
Session 04 – Marketing and Sales to Get Your First Customers PT1
Session 05 – Marketing and Sales to Get Your First Customers PT2
Session 06 – New Entrepreneur’s Time Management
Session 07 – Choosing the Right Corporate Form For Your Business
Session 08 – Getting Your First Few Customers
Session 09 – Building a Scalable Sales Growth Machine
Session 10 – Measuring the Numbers to Supercharge Your Business
Session 11 – Getting Help (Hiring and Outsourcing)
Session 12 – Making It REAL
Session 13 – Agreements and Contracts
Session 14 – Financial Reporting and Management

Bonus – Coaching Calls

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