Perry Marshall – 80/20 Rule Seminar

Name Product: Perry Marshall – 80/20 Rule Seminar
COST: $2800
Author: Perry Marshall
Size: 5.0Gb

Question: What do you do if you’re an internet marketing specialist who has built his reputation on providing sound, practical, no-hype advice, and then…

–    What do you do when you’ve spent over seven years stockpiling loads of customer goodwill being the guy who cuts through the rah-rah crap with proven processes, and then…

–    What do you do when you’ve earned a reputation as the “go-to guy” in your consulting niche, and then…

–    You uncover a secret that impacts traffic, conversions, sales, click-through rates, bid prices…everything…making gains of 20%, 40%, 100% instantly attainable?
–    You experience The Epiphany you’ve been waiting on for 5 years?
–    You hit upon your Magnum Opus idea?
–    You develop a Black Box with X-ray vision that sees the future and finds money?
–    You construct a marketing “engine” that can take any business from 0 to 60 in weeks rather than months or years.
–    You find the key that unlocks HOURS of productivity every week freeing you to grow your business by factors of 32, 500, 1000?
–    You solve your own personal “theory of everything” and watch – astounded – as it radically transforms your life and business…

…and then you realize it can change the lives and businesses of anyone who learns it and puts it into action?

– What do you do then?

Well, if you’re me, you keep it to yourself for 18 months!


Because when I realized the shocking potential of my discovery; when I saw the knee-buckling and mind-bending results it had on my life and business; when I began testing this formula on my clients’ business problems and saw the raw power it exerted, I suddenly realized…

“Oh, no! I if really tell people exactly how good this is…I’m going to sound like one of THOSE GUYS.”

You see, even though I had finally discovered the principle that has since gone on to revolutionize every aspect of my business life – and had a dramatic impact on my personal life as well – I just didn’t want to sound like one of “those” guys.
You know those guys? The “gurus” who somehow seem to find a “revolutionary, earth-shattering, life-transforming, blah blah blah” every other week?

I just did not want to sound like one of those guys.  “Please, Lord,” I cried, “don’t make me be one of those guys!”

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