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Name Product: Perry Marshall – Consulting Course Pre-Launch Webinars
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Info Marketing Truth Serum:
An Open Letter to Everyone Who’s Ever Killed
Themselves To Make A Few Thousand Bucks a
Month in Information Marketing

Week 1: Your Consulting USP & The Story You Craft. Saying “I’m a marketing consultant” will get you nowhere. You need an elevator speech that’s head and shoulders more sexy and unique than what every other webmaster and SEO guy is telling people. Jack, Bryan and I will equip you with the tools you need to define this.

I cannot overstate the importance of this. It is THE key to everyone else. You could be the best rainmaker in the world, but if you don’t punch your prospective customers’ greed glands when you explain what you do, opportunity is lost.

Week 2: WHEN YOU’VE GOT WRONG CLIENTS, LIFE SUCKS. A bad client is just as bad as any other toxic relationship. This is why Client Selection and Disqualification is paramount.

John Paul Mendocha, who’s been a six-figure gunslinger consultant for over 20 years, will equip you with the next piece of the puzzle: A filter that gets rid of the people who are going to waste your time and screw you over.

You need to know this before you even begin to market yourself, because most people (especially beginners) will automatically, subconsciously attract vampires and leeches. Brand new consultants are like girls who grew up with abusive fathers: They’re attracted to Harley-riding bad boys who slap ‘em around like dad did. You do not want that kind of client. John will give you the client-intake detox.

Week 3: Client acquisition through Offline Marketing. The best client opportunities are rarely found by advertising online – especially “obvious” online channels. Matt Gillogly will step you through a completely different approach that centers on OFFLINE media and Brick-And-Mortar centric advertising.

This is where the money is. You also get more loyal, more stable clients, people for whom doing a marketing campaign is not like driving a camel through the eye of a needle.

Week 4: Structuring JVs with Jack Born. It’s nice to get an up-front check or retainer fee from a client. But partnering with them is potentially far more lucrative, especially if you’ve successfully detoxed your client list (see Week 2). JV’s are often a “begin with the end in mind” proposition and this can help you attract the right relationships from the beginning.

Week 5: Have you ever done a great presentation, generated an enthusiastic response, then spent the next six months waiting for them to actually write you a check? Your spouse sure loves it, doesn’t she? “Some day my think-it-overs are gonna cash in, just you wait, honey.” Yeah right.

None of this other stuff does you any good until you figure out how to Close The Deal. This is John Paul Mendocha’s specialty – they don’t call him Doctor Speedselling for nothing. Here, you will learn the phrases, the positioning and the posturing you need to land the fish in the boat.

Week 6: Increasing Deal Size – Joshua Boswell will show you that many clients are capable of engaging 3-10 times more business with you than they appear to be at first. Joshua is a master at turning $10,000 opportunities into $100,000 engagements. Every client has hidden buttons, undisclosed desires, festering problems. The problem they told you about, the one that got you in the door, is only the tip of the iceberg. “There’s never just one cockroach.”

Joshua will teach you how to uncover those problems and double or triple the depth of your consulting engagement.

Week 7: There is an entirely different level at which this game can be played. Most Planet Perry people will think in terms of making $5,000 to $25,000 per month. You need to know that many clients will scoff at that, and assume you don’t know anything if you’re charging that little.

It’s not necessarily any harder to get a $50,000 check than a $5,000 check. The High ticket Consulting module with Matthew Gillogly will enlighten you to the world of corporate consulting. It requires different positioning, a more subtle pedigree – but he’ll show you the approach, the wardrobe and the manners you need to land those enviable gigs.

Week 8: Managing accounts & client expectations by RocketClicks. That’s right, one of the world’s premiere Pay Per Click management companies is going to open the kimono on how they keep their clients happy. They sell to the Fortune 1000 and their clients typically have already gone through multiple PPC managers and SEO companies. Their clients are exacting and have an excellent grasp of their numbers. How do they retain them? How do you retain them? You’ll find out here.

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