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Name Product: Personality Hacker – Intuitive Awakening
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Author: Antonia Dodge & Joel Mark Witt
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Only 1 in 4 people are Intuitive. Are you one of them?

Embrace and develop your Intuition. Unlock your ability to live a passionate, vibrant, authentic life filled with meaningful conversation with like-minded friends, and a passion or mission that effortlessly snaps you out of bed each morning with enough energy to move mountains.

Your gut tells you that you see the world differently than most people…
You are right.

You see reality through the lens of your intuition. You see what’s “behind the curtain.” You aren’t as interested in the mundane, day-to-day world as most people.
Your mind leaps to “what if?” scenarios.
You’re not only thinking ‘outside the box’, you’re thinking about the box, itself.
Your passion sits in your heart and mind just below the surface…. And it’s dying to be free.
If this sounds familiar…. You are most likely an Intuitive.
Because you change things. You invent. You imagine the impossible. You heal…explore… create… inspire.
Intuitives are the ones who push the human race forward.
Some may see you as crazy or weird… we see genius.
Remember… the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

What is intuition – and why it’s the most important ability you have

Intuition is a pretty abstract word. It’s something many of us rely on for quick judgments and often life-altering decisions. On a social level we’re familiar with that ‘gut sensation’ that tells you when something is wrong, as well as the stereotype of ‘women’s intuition’.

What we’re talking about is something bigger, something that touches every aspect of your life. We’re talking about how you see and navigate reality, itself.

Most people – around 75% – primarily rely on their senses to navigate the world. They want what’s reliable and what’s verifiable to explain reality. But there’s a small percentage of the population like you, about 25%, that want to see something beyond ‘reliable’. You want to know what could be, what’s going to be, and you love discovering just how far down the rabbit’s hole goes.

Most people are happy to know what’s happening in front of the curtain, but you can’t stop thinking about what’s happening behind the curtain. “What could be” is your first love.

Intuitives learn to trust pattern recognition to help them understand information quickly and see things that aren’t ‘there’.

Basically, you extrapolate large amounts of information from only a few data points.

Everyone has this ability to some extent. But since they don’t trust it, they don’t exercise and develop it. Instead, they trust reliable information – things that can be verified in the Real World. Therefore, they become masters of historical information – their own history as well as other people’s. They also become fantastic at manipulating objects in real time. There is no need to question reality when it’s right there in front of them.

You and other Intuitives have a unique relationship with time. The future is more interesting than the past.

Most people can’t rely on what hasn’t happened yet, so the future becomes far less interesting. If real, reliable, solid information is what they choose to focus upon, then the here-and-now context becomes far more important, as well as past information (which used to be the here-and-now).

On the other hand, Intuitives are already comfortable seeing what ‘isn’t there’ – that is, you’re comfortable theorizing and speculating on what could be in both the here-and-now as well as into the future. The past doesn’t really hold your interest any more than a reference point for future predictions.

Intuitives place high value on possibilities, memes, paradigms, perspectives and concepts.

Non-Intuitives place exclusive value on things like family, tradition, getting into action, old friends, etc. These are all rooted in the known and knowable, and therefore can be trusted. Conversation for them will generally revolve around these things, and they have more comfort engaging in small talk.

Both Non-Intuitives (called “Sensors” by Carl Jung) and Intuitives have an important role. Sensors often “hold down the fort” and uphold infrastructures that keep us going as a society.

Intuitives are generally the “trailblazers” – coming up with new ways of looking at and doing things which fashion new technologies and paradigms.

It makes sense that fewer Intuitives would be needed – too much innovation and everything collapses. But without innovation, the world stagnates.



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