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Are you totally confused with the information you get on Internet Marketing?

Let’s face it. If Internet Marketing isn’t driving you loco — it will. Sooner or later, you’ll get more confused than ever. And when the human brain gets confused, it shuts down. It puts a wall up and refuses to listen.

The problem is that by not listening, you’re losing out
It’s a Catch-22 situation. Research all over the world is starting to show some very definite trends. People are watching less TV, going for less drives and spending more time on the Internet.

And more money too.

So you’re in a quandary. You can’t NOT have a website. And if you do have a website, who are you going to believe? How do you get your website to work for you instead of just sitting lazily on your server?

How do you trust what you’re reading or listening to? And how much do you have to read and listen to, before some one makes it easy for you?

What you need is some sanity in the chaos

A systematic, simple approach that you can follow to create a website that works. A website that does all three of the following.

1) Attracts a steady stream of customers.
2) Getting these customers to buy into your product and service.
3) Then creating loyal, raving fans out of these customers and keep them coming back to buy more.

Introducing the Psychology of Successful Websites: A Trilogy
The art of Creating a Website That Makes Money. It’s an audio series where you will be exposed to a comprehensive, no-holds barred information of the following.

1) The Psychology of a Powerful Website
2) The Psychology of Selling Products & Services Successfully
3) The Psychology of Creating Loyal, Raving Fans

Here is what you get: 1)The Psychology of a Powerful Website

1) The myth of Instant Riches on the Internet.
2) Why do most websites look like wallflowers? How can you create one that people can’t help but revisit?
3) How to drive the customer from the landing page to the sales page? Why most websites confuse clients.
4) What are the design considerations at play? How do you psychologically get them to follow a pre-defined path?
5) Which factors create credibility online? What turns people off? What do you absolutely need to have and what can you drop?
6) How do you build trust with customers?
7) What’s the one factor that will save you thousands of dollars, yet almost every website without exception, totally ignores it?
8) How do you start up a website? What do you do first? What are the biggest issues to consider? Even if you do have a website, you may be ignoring these vital issues.
9) How do you get a steady stream of subscribers to your website without paying a cent in advertising or publicity?

2) The Psychology of Selling Products & Services Successfully

1) Why bother with e-commerce? Why it’s important.
2) The Three Pronged System. How it will change the way you look at your business forever.
3) Which types of products can you sell online? Which can’t you sell but still drive through your website? Is there anything you can’t sell online? Our case studies will amaze you.
4) Are you fumbling with Credit cards? If you’re just starting up, how can you avoid paying huge sums of money upfront? Which credit card systems are reliable and why?
5) How to psychologically motivate customers to buy from you all the time. The Power of sequential selling and why your customers will thank you for it.
6) Why packaging is such a vital issue and why you’re possibly losing out big time by not using some time-tested income generation systems.
7) How to create a perpetual flow of income from your website.
8) Why partners are so vital to your business and how you simply cannot do without them.

3) The Psychology of Creating Loyal, Raving Fans

1) Why your existing clients are your biggest asset. And how you can make them your raving fans.
2) Why Education plays a huge role in this process. How much should you give away? How much should you keep?
3) The Psychology of Consumption and how it plays a vital role in you keeping your customers loyal.
4) How can you create a community? What are the benefits? And what effort is required?
5) How can you get a regular stream of referrals? How do you make sure this isn’t random, and extremely focused?
6) Do you have a system that measures how you go about things? Learn the ‘How Many Times out of Ten’ System that will absolutely ensure your success, if you follow it.
7) Why constant contact with customers will make you extremely rich over time. And how you can use all of these online concepts in your offline business.
Buy the Website Secrets

So what makes PsychoTactics qualified to conduct an MP3 audio series on a subject so vast?

Proof. It’s impossible to speak on these subjects unless you’ve been in the thick of it. In little over a year, PsychoTactics went from a website that generated little or no income, to a site that now does over $150,000 a year. And that’s not counting workshops and ancillary services that are marketed to the website. All of these systems have been tested rigorously and proven. Mostly, against all odds. This MP3 audio series, (recorded from the actual live teleclasses), will give you the same information. Strategy and tactics that really work in the real world.

What you get:

360 Minutes of scripted Information

1) The Psychology of a Powerful Website
2) The Psychology of Selling Products & Services Successfully
3) The Psychology of Creating Loyal, Raving Fans

(Note: This digital download mp3 series, is not a random blah-blah session. It’s a carefully scripted session and questions are only taken after each section. So there is a constant stream of pre-mediated ideas that you’ll quickly jump onto!)

Ebooklets and Handouts

Ebooklets: Three Ebooklets that explain very vital concepts. They not only cover very important issues to do with Websites but some very precise concepts on how to run your business. And there’s three of them that accompany, elaborate and expand on the audio files. Handouts: You also get handouts for the session itself. These handouts help you plan and follow the sessions without wondering what was covered in each audio.

Plus you get this superb additional bonus:

Bonus:The Power of Measurement by Steve Jackson(Valued at $75)
In this 60-90 big bonus session Steve Jackson, Conversion Chronicles shows you how to use the Power of Measurement In an action packed 60-90 minute interview, we’ll cover three main facets of online measurement

1) Setting Measurable Goals
2) Conversion and Experimentation
3) Measurement tools for maximum efficiency.

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