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Get Your Book Into Stores…
All Types of Stores With Real Fast Book Distribution

“I’ve come up with an EASY way for authors to get their books into stores, and I’m going to share my secrets with you.”

When the media, or your friends and co-workers ask what stores carry your book are you embarrassed to have to admit that none do, and that it’s only on the Internet? Do you feel that you and your book are less credible because it’s not in any stores?
Let’s change that now!

It doesn’t matter whether your book is soon to be released or is already released; you don’t want your books sitting in a distributor’s warehouse or in a garage. (When have you heard of someone going to a warehouse or garage to buy books? 🙂 ) Or even worse, you don’t want to have to pay monthly fees to store them.

Experts estimate that writing your book is only10% of the work while marketing is 90%, so there’s a lot you need to know and do. even if you’re a professional marketer.

The important thing is you can reach more readers when your books are in the stores and you’ll learn a step-by-step process on how to do it. I’ve spoken with hundreds of booksellers, authors, and marketing experts to bring you all the information that’s in this one-of-a-kind course.

The Course includes FOUR PARTS:
1. An E-BOOK chock-full of information that reveals:

What to do after “no” to get a “YES”
How to get in the major stores like Barnes and Noble.
How to get in the store’s computer system
Bookstores insider secrets
Secrets from published and self-published authors who have mastered getting into stores.
How’d they do it?
How to maximize your publicity efforts
How to get free $$$ advertising
Insider tips from store owners, buyers, and managers
How to think outside the box to get great results
Why you may not want your book to come out ASAP-what to have in place BEFORE your book comes out.
Particulars on how to get your book into stores
It’s filled with useful, valuable resources and references!

2. E-mail lists and phone numbers all in one place:

A comprehensive list of phone numbers, e-mails, and important names that you’ll find to be both extremely valuable and time saving. No need to be frustrated wasting your precious and valuable time searching the Internet for phone numbers and e-mails. We spent countless hours to compile all this information.
Color-coded lists of stores that show you buyers who will be open to you, and which ones that will waste your time.
Saves you time. Internet searches take so long and can come up with nothing.
Receive phone numbers and many e-mails from stores like:
All Barnes and Noble stores-over 600 e-mails
All Barnes and Noble-over 600 phone numbers and addresses
Borders-all phone numbers and addresses, plus 25 e-mails
Books-A-Million-all phone numbers and addresses
Independent bookstores-over 600 listings including phone numbers, contact names, and over 400 e-mails.
Airport stores-over 150 phone numbers, contact names, and e-mails
Chain stores-phone numbers and e-mails
Hastings chain-all phone numbers
New Age stores-over 80 phone numbers and over 50 e-mails
Metaphysical stores-over 100 phone numbers and over 80 e-mails
Phone numbers and address for national parks
Stores that sell books about nature-over 100 phone numbers and over 40 e-mails

Exclusive lists organized by cities and states. Make the most of your publicity by knowing the stores to contact in the specific area that you’ll have media exposure.
Personalize your e-mails since lists are separted by category
You keep all the e-mail lists!Most companies charge you to use their lists, but won’t give you the lists. They also don’t have them broken down into categories, so you get a ton of stores that have nothing to do with your book.

3. Recordings of Insider Interviews:

Surprising secrets many published and self-published authors have revealed. Get on the fast track.
Exclusive audio interviews with publishers, media and public relations experts. Learn their secrets!
The audio portion of this extensive course is loaded with tips, ideas, and suggestions
Creative ideas that other authors have used to get into stores
How one self-published author got a large order from Barnes and Noble after he was told no. Learn his secret.
How to think outside the box to get great results

4. Recordings of Pitch Sessions with Store Managers.

You’ll know what to say and not to say!
You’ll hear actual recordings of book buyers saying “yes” and why.
By listening to calls, you’ll gain confidence when speaking with buyers-and have fun doing it!
Find out what got them to say yes. (Listen to the yes’s above at the top of this page.)

This one-of-a-kind course will teach you my proven method on how to get your book into stores.

As an added benefit you’ll discover that these great marketing and sales ideas in my master’s course can also be used successfully in all areas of your life.

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