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Name Product: Ross Jeffries – Mindframe Persuasion
COST: $497
Author: Ross Jeffries
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Website: http://www.mindframepersuasion.com/

Now Is Your Chance To Learn From World-Renowned Persuasion, Influence And Speed Seduction® Master Ross Jeffries In The Comfort Of Your Own Home…
Now…Blast Through The “Persuasion Killers” That Are Blocking Your Prospect, Reader Or Audience From Doing What You Want, And Enjoy A Fantastic Power To Irresistibly Influence Others!
Take Advantage Of The Best, Most Cutting Edge Persusion Technology
In The World…And Get 3 Absolutely Crazy Sick Bonuses, Free!

Dear Friend,

If you are ready to blow your competition out of the water and command near “Jedi like” powers of persuasion in every walk of life, from corporate presentations, to courtroom arguments, to public speaking, face to face selling, and writing money-sucking, hypnotic copy, then your decision to order the MindFrame Persuasion® Home Study Course…

…Will Be The Smartest Thing You’ve Ever Done, Today!

Recorded live in Los Angeles, last year, this home study course contains the concentrated, “no holds barred”, renegade secrets I’ve developed and used to become the “Jedi Master” of persuasion that the other “gurus” either turn to for advice or do their best to copy!

I share it all with you in this amazing course, in a jam-packed, value-loaded exclusive members’ area where you will learn:

Secrets Of “Two Track” Persuading/Selling/Influencing:

Even the top-copywriters and marketers in the world don’t know about or understand this principle. Use it and effortlessly blast past any resistance, mistrust, or marketing overload on the part of your prospect, reader, audience or client and have them drooling to follow you through your sales funnel and right to the bank!

How To Present As An Absolute, Unquestionable and Awesome Authority In The World Of Your Client/Prospect

Learn to use artful vagueness, elicitation questions, and the “3F” technique to appear as THE prime expert in the mind of your client, prospect, boss, or reader.

How To Effortlessly Leverage The Power Of The Willing Suspension Of Disbelief Through Unconscious Process Recoginition

This is an understanding and tool that could make you millions even if you use nothing else from this Home Study Course! I’ve noticed some of the top persuaders and marketers using this, accidentally. But they don’t really understand what they are doing. You will, and you’ll be able to beat them at their game, and then some!

How To Use Presuppositions And Suggestions To Bind Your Prospect’s Mind To Build “Action Momentum”, So Every Word You Write Or Say Drives Them To Take Action … Now … Just As You’ve Suggested!

How To Re-Orient Your Client/Prospect/Listener/Reader’s Sense Of Past, Present And Future, To Go Around Any Resistance And Create The “Ownership Fantasy Factor”

How To Use Fractionation-The Machine Language And Operating System Of Persuasion-To Enjoy Influential Mastery In Every Walk Of Life

How To Energetically “Pre-Seed” A Stage, Theater, Room Or Any Other Venue To Create A “Glamour” Of Unquestionable Power, Leadership, And Authority

Sound good? I sure hope so. Because not only do I do lots of instructing in this course. I also am including the video footage of the one-on-one “hotseats” I did with some of the VIP members who paid nearly $2000 each to attend! The principles and practices I teach them as I walk them through their marketing and persuasion challenges will prove of incredible value to you too.

But Of Course, That’s Not All. You’ll Also Learn:

How To Covertly Elicit, Detect, And Hijack The Personal Metaphors Of Your Prospect To Speak To The “Heart” Of Their Minds…And Win Their Instant, Unswerving Loyalty!

Secrets Of “Non Touch’ Real World Anchoring – Stealing Other People’s “Self-Anchors” To Powerfully Trigger Their Own Most Compelling Internal Flows Of Emotion And Thought

How To Use Tonal Shifts To Slide Your Prospects/Audience In And Out Of Trance, And Verbally Anchor Them To Absolute Belief In Your Message

How To “Spatially Anchor” A Room, Stage, Or Other Space To Exert Unconscious Control Of How Your Audience Responds To Your Rival, Opponent, Or Competitor

This is absolutely deadly for board-meetings, courtroom presentations, auditions or interview situations of any kind!

All This … Plus 3, Crazy, Sick Bonuses For
The First 25 People Who Order:

My Unpublished MindFrame Persuasion® Book

Instantly available to you as a PDF download, this is the text of my almost finished book that I decided never to release! How about that for a “secret file” from my hidden stash of persuasion power secrets? This is your only chance to get it, along with the audio files that go along with it! I’m never going to sell it. (Value: $295)

My Exclusive Maui Marketing Course CDs

This was a marketing course I did in Maui way back in 2004, I believe. It includes a major module on writing fantastic headlines and sales copy. This will be available to you online, along with your MindFrame Persuasion® course as soon as you ORDER NOW. (Value: $495)

“Fly On The Wall” MP3s Of TOP SECRET
Conversations About MindFrame Persuasion

A power-pack of 5 MP3s, containing exclusive material on Persuasion that no one has ever heard before, and no one except purchasers of my MindFrame Persuasion course ever will! An immediate download as soon as you get your course! (Value: $295)

ALL of these bonuses will be available online inside an exclusive members-only website (so you can start RIGHT NOW without having to wait even one additional minute) along with your Home Study Course.

When you invest in the MindFrame Persuasion® Complete Home Study Course today, all of these bonuses (total bonus value: $1,085) are yours.


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