Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher – Traffic and Conversion Summit 2 (2010)

Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher – Traffic and Conversion Summit 2 (2010) | 10.1 GB

Just One Short Weekend You’ll Discover How You Can Now MASTER Online Traffic and Conversion – Using Our Hottest New Strategies, Tatics and Tricks – So Powerful & Cutting Edge We Will ONLY Share Them Face-to-Face

Finally,You’ll Get Unprecedented FACE-TO-FACE Access to Me, Ryan Deiss and My Trusted Team for 3 Full Days – Plus You’ll Get a “License to Legally* Steal” Our Little-Known & Most Jealously Guarded Traffic and Conversion Secrets in – This Private “Closed-Door” 100% Content” Brain Dump

100% Plug and Play Money Pumping,
Models, Tactics and Tricks

The vast majority of what you’ll learn during the 3-day event are what I call “Plug and Plays”. Quick fixes and tweaks that take minutes each to implement in your business, but when used in concert have a compound effect.

You can easily double your business or multiply it 3X, 5X, 10X even 20X by the end of the weekend. And if you haven’t started yet that’s even better!


Because I can’t even begin to tell you how much money I’ve LOST by not using my S.M.A.R.T. Tactics. MILLIONS! You have an advantage. You’ll start right the 1st time and insure that even your earliest projects will be positioned for success.

PLUS, you won’t have any bad habits to break or crap to un-learn.
What Will One Weekend in Austin Do For You?
Answer: A Lot!


Session One: Boomerang Traffic

“Re-Targeting is changing EVERYTHING about online advertising
once you understand it you could easily TRIPLE your sales – You’ll
learn exactly how it works and our best strategies like…”

“Buyer Tipping” How to bring back buyers to your site that almost
ordered and just needed a tiny push.

“Big Deal Status” How to appear the “obvious expert” in your niche
and rub out your competitors at the same time with FREE re-targeting.

“No Opt-In Lists” How to create a brand new list without EVER
a single new opt-in.

“The Webinar Wheel” Re-targeting in this manner can generate
big ticket sales of $1000 each or more 100% on autopilot.

“The Big 5” The 5 Biggest bribes to bring back your buyers and how
to impliment all 5 in about 30 minutes.

Session Two: Dirt Cheap Traffic

“MAJOR Changes in Google and the merger of Yahoo & Bing have
opened up new opportunities for dirt cheap paid traffic as low as
2-3 cents a click – here’s how we are taking advantage of it…”

“Make Google Your Affiliate” ONLY pay for ads when you make a
sale using these little known “commission only ads”

“Green ROI Keywords” How to divine overlooked “MONEY” keywords
that make 5 to 1 ROI sales common place.

“Red Pinning” Find EXACTLY where your customers live and how to target
them on a LOCAL level for 10% of the cost of National Ads.

“Tweet 2 Bing” How to leverage the new Twitter/Bing partnership
using your own Twitter account even if you have 3 followers.

“Magnetic Ads” How to create ads that ONLY draw customers to
to click and keep the tire kickers from costing you a bundle.

Session Three: Fusion Marketing 2.0

“Mail2Web is maybe the most overlooked area of traffic generation
today. One of my associates built just built a list of 50,000+ buyers
in a VERY competitive market using just postcards – I’ll share…”

“Old Yeller” The 2 cent UGLY postcard formula that simply CAN’T be
beat for lead generation from direct mail – you get the template.

“Classified Ad Traffic” Turn dirt-cheap national classified ads that run
for pennies a paper per week into “solid gold” green buyer leads for almost any niche.

“My, Drop Me a Line” Trick that increase offline opt-ins by 1000% instantly.
(I absolutely guarantee you’ve never heard about this sneaky little trick until now.)

“Mail to VM” How to use a simple voice mail system as your 24 hr
a day pitch man and how the “Press One” feature closes 20% of the calls.

“Rip-Out the page” On simple little trick that triples the response
rate for every single person that uses it. This one is shocking – Again, you
get the template.

Session Four: Mass Media Blueprint

“One of the biggest mistakes marketers make is NOT maximizing winning campaigns. Did you knowthere is as much a 500X more traffic available from buying media than there is in PPC, It’s TRUE But you have to know how to play the game. In this module you’ll…”

“The Big Boy Method” How to get the media rates of $1,000,000 company
by uttering 3 little words to any sales rep. Guess what they are?

“CPV Domination” How to swipe customers from right under your competitor’s nose.
Imagine walking into a store, lining up all the customers and walking them across the street to your place… with their credit cards in their hands… We’ll lead the way.

“Starve the Ponies and Feed the Stallions” 18,000 sales a month! Imagine. That’s what happens when you hit a winner in the CPA networks. It’s kind of like an Internet marketer winning “American Idol” only it ain’t that hard. This is where the whales swim.

“Page Leaping” Most people glaze over content advertising because they don’t understand it or have screwed it up in the past. Here is a FACT: Content accounts for a full 2/3 of our traffic on Google Bing and Yahoo. Best of all, it’s wicked-cheap and it converts better than search.

“Billy Club Ad-Buying” Got a winning offer? Don’t even screw with PPC. There is 20X – 50X more “Placement” traffic available online than PPC. Here’s how you can CRUSH IT in even hyper-competitive niches like FOREX (not for the faint of heart).

Session Five: SEO Brain Suck!

“This will be a heavily moderated multi-speaker PANEL talking about what’s working TODAY in SEO, both black hat and white hat. Yes, I said black hat, I didn’t say you have to use it, but it’s good to know what’s going on. You will leave with some information ONLY inner circle SEO’ers have, including…”

“Link Buying the RIGHT way” Yes, you can BUY your way to the top of the search engines if you are in a big hurry. It’s real easy to make unforgivable mistakes here. Pay attention!

“Automation Nation” Here which SEO Automation tools will get you on top and which ones will get you sand-boxed from real SEO experts that use these tools every single day.

“Press Release Secrets” How would you like 1000 “Instant Links” from authority news sites for just a few bucks? This is a GREAT way to get some instant authority to your site.

“The PDF Project” The best kept secret in Article SEO. This little trick can get you on
top of Google for almost any niche term, sometimes in as little as 24 hours. PDF Files have a a HUGE shelf life that can get you clicks and opt-ins for years.

“Back Link Boosting” Getting links is simply not enough, the real SEO pros know that by boosting the quality of the links coming in to you, your positions will increase 10 FOLD!


Session Six: Proven Conversion Boosters

“Ok, I’m a testing maniac and if you have ever seen my “43 Split-Tests” know that my positive results combined can boost conversions over 1000%. YES 10 TIMES. I’ll be revealing live, tons of new conversion boosters that we have proven in large volume split testing.”

“Talking Heads” This one is tricky. It can increase sales 50% or more or totally destroy them. The message is key and you will never guess the one that wins in a million years.

Invisible Buy Button Trick” This one really shocked us with a HUGE bump and it only takes 30 seconds to set-up. I’m gonna give you the code.

“Found Money” 34% of all online orders decline on the first attempt. Do this one simple thing and watch your declined orders drop by half overnight.

“Domainer NO Brainer” Reduce your advertising cost by 40% -90% while watching your sales boost by as much as 50% using this new domain strategy.

“Piggy Backing Competitors” This ‘brand” marketing strategy will increase your sales in highly competitive markets, drop you ad costs buy up to half and improve your reputation in the market.

“Sticky Mails” Discover two simple messages that you can send out to your customers after they’ve already bought that were reduced return rate by 17% and increase your testimonials by as much as 300%

Session Seven: Undercover Listbuilding 2.0

“BIG LIST = Power. That’s a fact and over the last year we have uncovered several new “covert” methods of list building that you may have seen us using but didn’t even notice. I have to admit some of these are pretty sneaky but all 100% above board. In this segment you’ll discover…”

“Ninja Conversion Models” Understanding our two ninja conversion models will help you a ton. Either one of these produces an average of 10X the result of the ordinary list building pages.

“Red Hot Lead Magnets” Want to convert 5X as many opt-ins? A hot lead magnet is the answer. This one change will easily double most businesses overnight.

“Selling The Opt-In” 5 Simple bullets that sell your prospects on becoming customers, plus our proven & tested TEMPLATE to go along with it.

“Kiss Pages” This little known tactic from the dating market crushes over free, ebooks, videos or mini-courses and only takes 5 minutes to create.

“Sniping Leads From Google” You can GAME Google for leads, even though people say Google hates salesletters and squeeze pages we have proven both are WRONG!

“Blogging for Opt-ins” I get tons of opt-ins from my blogs and you can’t hardly find the form. Less is more when it comes to blogs…but it has to be done just right.

“NLP Arrows” We have proven in several of our niche markets that subtle arrows that you may not even see with the human eye effect opt-in rats by up to 50%. We’ll show you how to use them and give you our graphics TEMPLATES to rip-off for your own.

“Free Standing Report Sites” Creating landing pages designed 100% to give away a lead magnet got me 22,373 new leads on my last launch with just two mails. [DESIGN TEMPLATE INCLUDED]

“Opt-In Action Triggers” Opt in borders, placement, form fields & action button can sway an offer by 50% easy.

Session Eight: Amazon Marketing

“I predict that leveraging “The River” will be the #1 online marketing strategy for the next 18-24 months. Almost NOBODY really knows how to harness the power of this giant, but we do. Information products, hard products, even your own book… Amazon can change EVERYTHING for you in the instant that you “Get It””

“Free Google Ads from AMAZON” Yes, Amazon will buy ads for your products on Amazon, but you have to know the one hidden button that makes this happen. Of course we’ll share this with you.

“High Ticket Amazon” Most people use AMAZON to sell books, music and low cost products, but did you know that you can sell $1500 high end trainings on AMAZON using their traffic and borrowing their credibility. Yes you can!

“Amazon Strong Arm” This one really turns me on! Discover how AMAZON will help you to SEO your products in Google and with this 5 minute lesson you can get on page one for Google on Amazon for almost ANY term in 24 hours or less… Using Amazon’s strong arm.

“The Selection Secret” By making this ONE tweak in AMAZON you can TRIPLE your sales of any item and it only takes a few seconds.

This seems so basic, but I screwed it up and it cost me a FORTUNE to fix.

“Amazon Warehousing” The Amazon FBA program can move your product above 100’s of competitors and reduce your workload by 95% all at the same time. AMAZON without this is just plain DUMB! You’ll get the whole system.

“Amazon Domains” This one is for AFFILIATES! One simple domain trick that can turn a $12 domain into $12,000 a year in affiliate revenue with ZERO financial risk. Just 3 quick steps. You’ll get them all.

Session Nine: Triple X Method 2.0

“Upsells, downsells, cross sells, and click button upgrades can make you TEN TIMES as much money as your core sales do – Marketer’s who don’t uses these actions are amateurs. Don’t be a chuckle-head…you can do this!”

“Checkbox Ad-On Sales” Simple checkbox add on can pay ALL your overhead every month. This is a simple change to make no matter how non-technical you are.

“Single Click Upsells” The BIGGEST news in the “A” list Internet marketing world. Understanding how to put the upsells in place will be critical to your SURVIVAL in the future. Who else is going to show you this?

“Physical Copy Upsells” 40% conversions on an upsell? Yes! If you sell digital information you NEED this upsell, but if you over do it you’ll screw it up for sure…we’ll show you the right way.

“The Bucket Offer” If apples cost $1 wouldn’t a basket-full for $2 be a slam-dunk sale? That’s the bucket offer, our second best converting upsell. (HINT: It works because people can easily do the math in their heads.)

“Slack Adjusters” Big ticket upsells and downsells can totally change a slow day into a major victory. We are currently offering $1000 upsells on $27 product sites with a 4% conversion rate. Do the math on that.

“Instant JV Backend Promotions” Don’t have a high-ticket backend product? Promote someone else’s and start raking in cash on the back end of your sales. We’ll show you where to find the highest converting offers and make the JV deals to assure the highest payout.

“Webinar Trials” Webinar registrants buy BEFORE the webinar. I can show you how to make big money before your webinars even air. This is simple…but VERY easy to screw up.

“The Un-Coaching Model” High ticket coaching makes tons of money but usually is a giant time suck. We have perfected a coaching model that our students love but requires only 4 hours a month to maintain no matter how many students you have. We’ll show you how to set one up in your own business…

Session Ten: The Machine 2.0

“We automate EVERYTHING! If you think you have to do all the work you couldn’t be more WRONG! In the Machine, we’ll explain how we continue to build a set it and forget it business that works for us 24/7 and why you should too.”

“Atomic Email Followup” The 15 part follow-up system that we use that generates 66% of all our sales! Learn this and triple your income OVERNIGHT!

“Flipping The Affiliate’s Switch” Our #1 source of new affiliates are customers. This can be a delicate transition but you will never find a better affiliate than an uber-satisfied customer. I’ll show you how…

“Membership Uprising” This simple strategy can take a reasonable number of your email subscribers to paying members and paying members to VIP level members every month on auto-pilot. Really slick and man does it ever work!

“Evergreen Webinar Replay Traffic” How to get affiliates to promote webinar replays forever and keep sucking leads from their lists…

“Mock Up Signups” Use our G2W clone webinar sign-up template to generate fresh leads for old webinars.

“Rolling Launches” This is a BIGGIE! Imagine a product launch in your business going off every single week. This requires software [INCLUDED] and just a little planning (we have three every weeks). You’re gonna love this…

DVD List

DVD 1 The State of Online Traffic
DVD 2 Traffic Boomerang
DVD 3 Perry’s Picks & Proen Conversion Boosters
DVD 4 List building Loopholes
DVD 5 SEO Round Table
DVD 6 More Perrys Picks and Boosters
DVD 7 Reading Customers Minds
DVD 8 Triple X Method
DVD 9 Fusion Marketing Panel
DVD 10 Still More Perrys Picks and Mobile Advertising
DVD 11 Mobile Advertising Continued
DVD 12 The PPC Guru

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