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“22 Year Old Highschool Dropout Banks $94,424 In 30 Days With “Stupid” Banner Ads”

Forget expensive pay per click, tricky PPV and time consuming SEO and re-discover The Amazing traffic secrets Super Affiliates and Fortune 500 companies use to flood their websites with ultra cheap high converting clicks…

If you’ve ever wanted to see your sites and affiliate offers flooded with hyper targeted server crushing traffic that 99% of other marketers don’t even know about, then this is the most important letter you will ever read.

Here’s why:

About 2 years ago, and totally on a whim, I decided to give banner advertising a try through Google’s content network.

To be honest it was a half-hearted test… but the results truly blew me away.

So much so that I instantly closed down all my PPC campaigns (even those making me $1500 a day), and threw my time into something that was insanely more profitable…


I know right now that might sound practically ludicrous, but banners drive around 85% of ALL paid traffic, crushing Google, Yahoo and MSN combined… and the traffic is dirt cheap, massively abundant and high converting.

By the time you are done reading this letter, you will understand beyond the shadow of a doubt why 99% of internet marketers neglect to use them, and how the 1% that do can get incredibly rich incredibly fast…

Case in point, the last 30 days have seen me get $94,424. richer


Banner Ad Blueprint – Your key to making serious money as soon as possible by doing the simplest things you can imagine

Check out just a hint of what you’ll discover in this 12 hour video course:

How to get started making the easiest money of your life as soon as possible, with almost no cost and hardly any actual effort… you can be up and running within the hour, and the profits can last for YEARS

How to get paid over and over again by using banner ads to promote other people’s products… and I’m not talking about the same old affiliate nonsense you always see…

Where to get torrents of traffic that’s eager to check out WHATEVER you’re offering…

I’ll show you how to focus so tightly that site visitors will almost have to take whatever action you want them to…

How to use direct linking to make cash whenever you want it, on demand… sometimes it’s NOT about throwing up a landing page and preselling or building a list, sometimes it really is about quick and dirty profits

How to make money from all different sources… sure, Clickbank is cool, but there’s a big wide world out there so I’ll show you all kinds of places that will help you get rich… you can write your own paycheck, whenever you want to

The right way to make a killing if you do decide to use a landing page… you’ll know exactly how to force your visitor to buy, opt in, or whatever, and you’ll be able to squeeze your traffic for every last red cent…

Where to find famous brands to promote for big affiliate commissions… and with names this big, they convert like crazy… almost nobody knows how to get into these affiliate programs… but I’ll show you exactly how

Exactly what banner sizes to use… and how you can get super-effective, custom designed banners for FREE… banner advertising doesn’t have to be about spending hours with photoshop anymore…

The one, painfully simple tweak you can make to your campaigns that will boost your bottom line by up to 75% – you’ll kick yourself if you haven’t been doing this, and you really could be just seconds from getting that big boost.

This is not one of those lame marketing ebooks that just tells you to grab a Clickbank account, spray some links around and pray that somehow you get traffic and commissions.

No way – in fact, it couldn’t be further from that.

First of all, it’s all video. There are 38 videos in total, and you’ll see me demonstrating live on my screen, exactly what you need to do. You could even open up another window and work alongside me… that’s how simple it is.

Also, you’re getting a lot more than just Clickbank here.

Don’t get me wrong, you can make millions through Clickbank… but the truth is, the smart affiliates in the world know there’s plenty of other places to make a quick killing…

So you’ll see:

How to use CPA and banner ads to generate ASTOUNDING amounts of money… (one of my students is pulling in $20k a DAY through these techniques alone… no exaggeration)

How to find the most lucrative independent affiliate programs you can imagine… there’s little competition with these things, but the world is packed full of hungry buyers actively searching for YOUR link…

How to make easy cash with Clickbank Info Products using Banners…  most people struggle with Clickbank because they’re doing it wrong (probably with PPC or SEO)… if you’re tired of outdated hit and miss techniques, you simply owe it to yourself to try my methods out…

Here’s a little more of what’s inside:

The simple, 2 step method for making big money in the quickest time possible… this is so effective some of my private students have made thousands in their first few weeks… and they now make so much they don’t do anything BUT this…

How to make serious recurring income using banners that you can get for literally zero cost… I don’t know about you, but I really like to make money from stuff that’s free…

The top secret website almost everybody overlooks, but will provide you with the cheapest, most targeted traffic you can imagine… and it takes just MINUTES to get it set up… this alone is a game changer

How to quickly and easily create banners that get high click throughs every single time… I’ll reveal my 2, super effective styles that you can copy to create your own insanely successful banners in almost no time at all… even if you’ve never done anything like this before

Why affiliate programs with the LOWEST possible payout are sometimes the key to suddenly having a crazy four or five figure payday… and let’s be honest, five figure paydays are what it’s all about…
How to track exactly what every single visitor is doing, what they’re looking at, what they’re clicking on and EVERYTHING else you could need to know about your page… once you’ve got this information you can turn ANY web page into a visitor magnet that sucks in clicks and money like an industrial vacuum

Copy the exact emails I use to get site owners to supply me with hot, hungry traffic for the lowest costs imaginable… seriously, once you can do this you’ll never struggle for traffic again… and all you need to do is copy and paste
Watch in real time as I create an effective banner in less than 10 minutes, from scratch… you’ll be able to to do the same – one powerful banner like that can be enough to cover your car payments, your mortgage, whatever you need for years to come…

Where to place your ads for maximum PROFITABLE clicks… we both know there’s no point getting clicks on your ads if they’re not going to turn into money… I’ll show you how to prevent this, and maximize the “money” clicks

Here are a few other things you’ll discover that make this system a PPC killer…

How to turn away from PPC and instead make some of the easiest, largest sums of money you can imagine, without relying on Google and living in fear of them and their dreaded slaps… which let’s face it, happen more and more often these days…

Where to get your ads displayed millions of times, for just PENNIES… if you’ve got even an awful banner, millions of impressions will add up to some serious traffic… and I’ll show you how to make a LOT of money from this…

The secret Google PPC tool that will allow you to go deep into any niche, with any offer, and seriously clean up using banner ads – this thing is completely underground and top secret, but best of all, it’s completely free…
How to get into media buying for the lowest dollar cost possible… other guys will tell you it costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get started… but I’ll show you how to get the whole thing on the road for less than $20… no kidding

Where to find the exact high traffic _____ that will let you kick your income through the roof, without ANY further work… sometimes it’s just all about scale, and once you start making money you can easily just pump up the volume and watch the money multiply
How to get a ton of traffic, that’s hot, targeted, and almost completely overlooked… you’ll literally be cashing in on floods of hungry visitors that other guys are just completely missing out on…

The top secret website almost everybody ignores, but will provide you with the cheapest, most targeted traffic you can imagine… and it takes just MINUTES to get it set up… and once it’s set up, you can leave it for months on end with no further input

How to use simple, easy websites to find out what kinds of banners will make money, and exactly where you should be placing them – imagine the power of knowing how effective each banner would be, and how much money it’s going to bring in before it goes live…

Why _____ __________ can give your banner ads even more power… this little tweak puts the whole thing on steroids, but it’s almost like a dark industry secret and I’ve NEVER seen anyone else reveal it, or anything even close to being this powerful…

Where to go to find out exactly what niches are hungriest, how to make quick money, whatever the niche, and how to immediately start bringing in tons of traffic from them… there are people out there dying to spend money in any niche, and you’ll find them…

How to make sure you get the whole thing started and make serious money as FAST as possible… online business really doesn’t have to be about waiting weeks or months to see profit, and I’ll show you the hard and fast ways to make cash quicker than you probably thought possible

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