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Sean Mize is a coaches’ coach, teaching coaches how to market online, build highly powerful email sequences that build demand for their coaching, and how to sell their coaching. He is an expert at personal productivity and works closely with clients to help them improve their productivity in addition to their marketing results.

– Sean Mize Presents:
Sean Mize: The Importance of Faith and Purpose in Building Your Internet Business

One of the things that’s become very clear to me lately about my success – and the success of so many others online and off – is that the “steps” are probably the smallest part of our success. And yet, when you look for training on “how to be successful” or “how to start a successful business” it’s mostly about “7 steps” or “the system.” And sure, you’ve gotta have the theory, you have to have guidelines for the tactics and techniques that work. But the funny thing is, if you look at 10 different internet marketers who are successful – you probably will find that NONE of them got there the same way. They probably didn’t get there exactly like their 7 step system purports.

For Beginners Only: The Truth About Internet Marketing

A note from my heart. My greatest desire in my business is to show others the way to a full time income online. You see, I’ve made it. Five years running. Don’t get me wrong, if no one buys anything, I wouldn’t. It would stop immediately. But there are predictable things that happen when someone moves through the scientifically designed funnel I have created over the course of the last 5 years. 10% of subscribers, buy from me. About 12% of those invest an average of $1000, many clients literally thousands.

– A Sean Mize Report:
Sean Mize: Why You Should Add A Coaching Program to Your Business to Double Your Revenue

In this report, I intend to share with you why I believe adding a coaching program to your product or information line up is likely the most important thing you’ll do this year. You see, only a few really know how powerful a coaching program is, because only a few have coaching programs. But those who have coaching programs know the truth about them, and they know how profitable they are.

Simple Model For Making Money Online

My Model for Making Money Online. I want to be very intentional and clear about the business of making money online. Because if my model isn’t right for you, or you are looking for something quick and easy, then you and I obviously aren’t a good fit to work together, and there’s no sense in you getting my emails and trainings….

Focus on One Goal at a Time

Here’s the thing. If you focus on 4 big goals at one time, the odds that you will achieve any one of them go way down. Because you are distracted. It is not easy to focus on multiple goals at the same time. It’s much easier to achieve one goal than to try to achieve 3 or 4 at one time. Maybe that’s the first secret of goal accomplishment…

How to Stay Ruthlessly Focused So Your Productivity is Maxed

I told you I would tell you how I deal with each of the distractions I mentioned at the top of this email….like email, text, telephones, voice mail, instant messenger, and the plain old lure of the internet. By now, you probably know the answer: I am so consumed with achieving my goal…

How to Build Relationships With Email So That People Trust and Buy From You

Trust is essential if people are to buy anything from you. You do this by building a relationship with your buyers. How can this be done, exactly? Listen to the MP3 in this post and find out how…

Example of Info Business Funnel

Are you wondering what a real info business funnel looks like? Wish you had a funnel outlined so you copy and paste it into your business? Listen in as I discuss this essential element of your business.
How to Compete in Over Saturated or Highly Competitive Markets

Are you selling in a highly competitive market? Worried about how you can go up against the “gurus”? Listen in as I discuss exactly what you can do to position yourself so that people will view you as the go to in your market.

– A Sean Mize Audio:
Sean Mize Audio: Advanced Training: How to Scale Your Info Business to Any Level You Want

Want to grow your business? It’s all about scaling and on this call I explain the best and most effective way to do just that…

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