Steve Wells – Using EFT for Peak Performance

Steve Wells – Using EFT for Peak Performance | 1.7 GB

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Achieving the Vision: The Psychology of Peak Performance By Steve Wells.

Step 1 to Peak Performance: Decide!
Decide to be a peak performer. Realise that you do have the power.

Commit yourself to the achievement of some high goal or ideal. Only high goals will inspire you to reach for your true potential. Barry Cable (one of my early heroes on the football field) said at age 15 he “decided to be a football champion”. He didn’t decide to do as well as he could, he decided to be a champion.”

What would you decide to do, be, and become if you knew it was possible for you? What’s holding you back?

Step 2 to Peak Performance: Break through the Barriers.
Overcome your limiting ways of thinking about what is possible for you or your business.

Take control of your mental focus, self-talk and internal imagery. Focus on what you want and concentrate your power in that direction. Design positive self-talk and statements which keep you focused on your ultimate outcome, and repeat these statements to yourself on a regular basis. Visualise yourself having actually achieved your goals, and feel the feelings of success.

Learn EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques – and use it to eliminate the emotional barriers to your success ( These powerful new psychological acupressure techniques can propel you towards success by eliminating tensions and stress related to high performance, and getting you over barriers such as nervousness, lack of confidence, and much more.

Overcome fear of failure and fear of success. Can you envisage yourself successful and feel totally comfortable with those success images? If not, you need to check your values for conflicts, and your beliefs for barriers and work on eliminating them.

Identity is the Key
“You will never perform consistently in a manner which is inconsistent with how you see yourself”
— (Zig Ziglar)

Step 3 to Peak Performance: Goal Setting.
High achievers are goal setters. Set goals that will inspire you to reach for the best.

Focus on your ultimate goals. Where do you ultimately want to go?

Set BIG goals – Make no small plans.

SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-based) are dumb! Only really big goals will inspire you to move beyond your limits.

Step 4 to Peak Performance: Values Clarification
Ensure that your goals will help you to achieve your most important values. Many people set goals that they think will bring what they want and spend their whole life climbing the ladder of success only to find its been leaning against the wrong wall!

As Mark Victor Hansen writes, failure to achieve your values is real failure. Don’t let it happen to you. Work out what is most important to you and spend most of your time, money, and energy on those things.

Step 5 to Peak Performance: Organised Planning.
Be prepared to prepare. Training and preparation is what separates those who are committed from those who are only interested.

Develop an initial plan or blueprint. Map out the way ahead even if it’s a little unclear at first. As you go you can modify your plans.

Identify Role Models and Mentors and model their success. By modelling their success strategies you can accelerate your own success.

Surround yourself with successful people. They have an energy that “rubs off”.

Step 6 to Peak Performance: Commitment.
Your goals must progress through several levels of commitment:
I wish.
I want to.
I plan to.
I will.

All achievement starts with a dream, a wish. You must decide that you want this enough to take the next step and plan for it to happen. Real commitment though comes from the decision that you will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Step 7 to Peak Performance: Consistent Action!
Get started – Do the first thing first. Take action towards your goals – don’t let another minute go by before you take a step, no matter how small. Then persist – This is the quality of true champions.

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