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Name Product: Steven Clayton – Info Prodigy
COST: $197
Author: Steven Clayton
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The Info Prodigy course has 7 parts.

Part 1 – Finding A Niche

In this part you are going to discover how to chose the right niche market to get into. This is absolutely crucial. I can’t stress enough how important this is. So many people make the mistake by selling products in niche markets where there is not enough money flowing. You want to enter a niche market that I call a money river. You just enter it and put your hands out and grab all the money you need. Steven does an awesome job showing you exactly how to nail it down. He is providing you a clear roadmap that you need to follow. Make sure to pay close attention to this part.

Part 2 – Developing Your Product

This is a huge part of the product. In this part of the Info Prodigy blueprint you will discover some of the most guarded secrets gurus rarely reveal to public. This is some awesome stuff guys! You will find out how to properly structure your info product and how to create it the right way. You see, there is something called perceived value and you need to learn it if you want to be successful. Steven will show you exactly how to create a successful info product that sells, period. From compiling and packaging to outsourcing, and backend profits. You will discover the power of continuity programs for passive long lasting incomes and how to successfuly launch it for maximum profits.

Part 3 – Sales & marketing strategies

This part is simply the key to success! You can have the best product on the market but if you lack the marketing part it will fail miserably. It’s important that you know how to launch it, brand it, market it, and how to sell it. Steven will reveal all his secrets to his success. This part of the product is worth the price alone. If they just released this part as the Info Prodigy I would gladly pay twice what they are charging for this entire product. This is some serious stuff.

Have you ever wondered why some products that are not really that good sell extremely well and attract armies of affiliates and just make buko dollars? Well, in this part of the Info Prodigy you will find out why this happens. You NEED THIS!

Part 4 – Taking Payments

In this part of the Info Prodigy course you will discover which payment processors to use for what products. There are a lot of different strategies to this so make sure you go through this part carefully. You are going to discover how to set up the entire process flow, autoresponders, and tons of other secrets I can’t even reveal here on this page.

Part 5 – Attracting Affiliates & JV Partners

Let’s just put it this way…If you can’t attract affiliates to push your product it’s destined to fail and die a miserable death.

In this part of the course Steven Clayton will show you exactly how to roll out a product launch from the beginning to the end. Some of the secrets revealed in this part are so powerful I am actually surprised he is revealing it. Yes, it’s that powerful.

Part 6 – Launching Your Product

You see, it’s important that you gain momentum when launching your product and this can only be acheived by getting heavy hitting JVs on board. In this part you will learn exactly how it’s done and what are the necessary steps to acheive this. In this part of Info Prodigy you will learn everything from generating buzz, prelaunch phase to launch day and orchestrating the entire event.

Part 7 – Exit Strategies

This is my favorite part of the Info Prodigy. Do you like making big chunks of money? I mean like hundreds of thousands of dollars? Well, this is it! I am not going to reveal all the details here but this is some killer stuff. Steven will show you exactly how to create a product that sells and makes money, then turn around and flip the thing for insane amounts of cash. Can you smell the money?

So, as you can see the Info Prodigy blueprint is a must have marketing course of 2010. Please don’t miss out on this. I truly hope you make the right decission here because this product could potentially change your lifestyle for good.

This is as real as it gets. You need to start building your own info product empire and trade products for money instead of time for money.

You know what LEVERAGE means? That word has created more millionaires than anything else EVER! With the strategies revealed in the Info Prodigy you will finally start using leverage to generate income. You won’t depend on Google, or any other traffic source. You will never have to do SEO or buy advertising. No more sleepless nights and stressful days thinking about your advertising campaigns or hoping your site stays on top of Google results. You will build a true business and more importantly a mailing list that you can leverage to generate more money than you could possibly imagine.

The Info Prodigy course is what I call the ultimate blueprint for success. It’s a must have course in your marketing arsenal and you need to get it right now today….simple as that.

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