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If you want to be part of my Mastermind Group but still need to improve your seduction skills to the master level because you have holes in your game OR you want to add a new powerful seduction style, then this is your chance to claim one of the few existing systems that will help you improve fast and easy.

It’s the rare opportunity that I’m giving to you so that you can help building a movement of confident men who help each other to become their best self. It’s a rare opportunity to learn everything about my latest ROUTINE STACK that allows you to get inside a woman’s mind and control her feelings to the point of addiction (even if you’re not good looking, not tall or athletic, not rich or successful and not “naturally good” with women – even if you’re suffering from a hard case of shyness).

And especially . if you have tried something else before and failed! (Here’s a hint: you didn’t flip any of her attraction switches and I’ll give you details about all 5 in just a minute).

To prepare you for we’ll do together in my Mastermind Group, you need to know about the method and system first.

Inside my simple my simple Attraction and Seduction System you’ll learn how to approach women, build instant attraction and irresistible rapport, and finally give a girl the night of her dreams. And you don’t have to change or pretend to be someone you are not!

It gives you step-by-step instructions, word-for-word examples, real world exercises and ready-to-use videos, audio and “field-tested” materials. You learn exactly what to say and how to say it. It’s the first of its kind, because it breaks the science of attraction down into simple, easy-to-follow steps to help you and the woman to feel that “Spark”.

Style’s “Attraction & Seduction” System works for .

Guys who want to approach and attract new women without the fear of rejection.
Guys looking to date multiple women and need a system to manage expectations.
Guys who want to attract a specific girl and make her fall in love with them.
Guys looking to get their ex-girlfriend back and avoid ever losing her again.
It will show you how to trigger any woman’s attraction switches to quickly engage, connect with her anywhere and “turn her on”.

How powerful is this system really? How quickly and easily can you learn it?

You see, I’ve taken some of the most skeptical, shy, lonely, clueless and scared students you’ve ever seen and transformed them through the simple, step-by-step Style’s Attraction and Seduction System into clued-in masters of attraction and seduction who suddenly romantically connect with many of the women they meet.

How the Discovery of Female Attraction Switches
Changed My Own Success with Women
Over the last few years my coaches and I perfected the art of attraction and seduction by trial and error, until the error was gone. We invented, modeled, and tested the most effective elements of the game to guarantee maximum success with minimum rejection. But, like tax loopholes closing every year when the government catches on to the tricks, the game needs to be constantly refreshed, innovated, and updated.

That’s why we’ve been working on a flexible, continuous, customized method that can do this.

The very first thing I realized in my own transformation from being frustrated to being able to get inside any woman’s mind and know EXACTLY what to say to her is that women have attraction switches. And making the right move to flip those switches is the key to triggering uncontrollable feelings of attraction.

So, if you are talking to women and making your move without knowing how to trigger her attraction switches .


Because, you are cheating yourself out of the life you could be living.

You will be absolutely floored when you realize how little you have to do, once you know how to trigger her attraction switches. And just how easy it is getting the women you want, how fast you can turn her on, when you understand her mind.

Fact: Within the first 10 minutes of meeting a woman, you can be your own best ally or your own worst enemy. Say the wrong thing and you’ll KILL the attraction. Say the right thing and she starts craving your attention hanging on your every word. So let me reveal a few simple dating secrets:

Simple Dating Secret #1: Never admit: “My last girlfriend was forever ago.”
Because if you do, she thinks: “No other women will touch this guy and neither should I.” Instead you demonstrate that you are pre-selected by showing her that other women want you. (I’ll show you exactly how to do this on DVD #2).

Simple Dating Secret #2: Never complain: “My job sucks but it pays the bills, I guess.”
She will think: “OK, this guy has no ambition, that’s gross.” If you do have a boring job, you don’t need to tell her all about it. Instead tell her about your exciting goals for the future. She doesn’t care if you’re rich but she does want you to be ambitious. We have developed a great way for you to define your life goals and communicate your outlook on life.

Simple Dating Secret #3: Never confess: “I don’t really talk to my family.”
She thinks: “This guy has intimacy issues because he doesn’t love his family!” Don’t reveal negative personal baggage about yourself in the early stages of meeting a woman. Instead show her you love, protect and take care of all of those close to you: family, friends, girlfriends, and even pets. Being a protector of your loved ones is very sexy to a lot of women.

Simple Dating Secret #4: Turn a woman on by triggering all 5 attraction switches at once. With just your words you can either turn a woman ON or turn her completely OFF. Women want a man with an exciting life (The E1 switch), a strong social network and emotional connection (the E2 switch), ambitious life goals (the S1 switch), a man who takes care of his loved ones (the A switch) and a man who turns them on (the S2 switch). Otherwise they run and hide.

Making your move when you have NOT YET triggered all 5 attraction switches can make a woman go ice cold. Even if she was interested before. She liked you before but then realized she didn’t feel “the right chemistry”. Then she’ll stop wanting to hang out with you and start seeing you as “just a friend”.

I’m going to show you what she is thinking, I’ll show you what to say to her and when and how to make your move. All based on triggering her 5 female attraction switches, which I’ll discuss in detail in a little bit.

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