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This training will make a difference in your life as a presenter, as a person and as a human being. It will give you the skills you need to become a success. Our intention is to certify you as an NLP trainer at the highest standard of knowledge in the field. Our graduates are the most successful trainers and presenters in the world, whether they use the skills to teach NLP, or simply in any type of business setting.

This is a training in becoming an authority figure. At the end of this training you won’t have to do anything to know you are an authority figure. By the nature of the skills you receive, you will know you ARE an authority figure every time you present on any subject.
One more thing: there are other Trainer’s Trainings that will not certify you as an NLP Trainer — we do! This is important to you, because it means that you have the best chance of being certified as a trainer, and the best chance of being a success when you study with us.

If you really want to be a successful presenter or trainer, regardless of what career path you follow, then you seriously must consider this training. At the end of Trainers Training you will have all the expertise you need, and if you utilize it, you will become the most magnificent presenter possible.

NLP Trainer’s Training Content

* Teaching to the conscious/unconscious mind simultaneously
* Creating moment to moment state control in your audience
* Controlling energy in the room
* Using nested loops and multiple embedded metaphors
* Creating effective stage anchors
* Expanding vocal flexibility
* Demonstrations and demo subjects
* Understanding learning styles and training styles
* Training design and sequencing
* Handling and utilizing objections and hecklers
* Demonstrating content as you teach it
* Making future subjects easy to teach using pre-teaching
* Behaviorally demonstrating content as you teach it
* Giving effective feedback
* Get rid of your worst fears before they happen
* Training room design
* The business of training — sales, marketing, financial statements, etc.
* Trade secrets and tricks of the trade

Covered in this collection:

Mastering the Art & Science of Training Excellence:
The masters at teaching NLP were created, not born. Here you’ll learn exactly what creates a powerful presenter and how to internalize these strategies for success.
> Mastering the Training State, Removing Fear and Stage Fright
(Time Line Induction)
> Reading the Room
> Rapport on Stage
> Advanced Physiology Techniques
> Energy Extension
> Staying in Uptime

Training Design & Structure:
One of the keys to accelerating the learning and retention of your presentation is proper design and structure. Learn the specific steps to make all of your trainings unique and unforgettable.
> Utilizing Trance in Learning
> Advanced Training Design
> The Modeling Process for Duplicating Excellence
> Training Styles
> The 4 Mat System
> Learning Styles
> Nested Loops
> Learning Strategies in Training
> Setting Up a Room for Maximum Results

The Language of Training:
Most of the time it is not what you say but how you say it. By structuring your language and understanding how people change and learn, you’ll be able to transform your audiences’ thoughts and behaviors.
> Multiple Level Communication
> Hypnotic Patterns for Trainers
> Multiple Embedded Metaphors
> Voice Anchoring
> Using Questions to Transform Students
> Quantum Linguistics

Platform Skills:
Discover the art of speaking to a group. Learn how to use NLP in advanced ways to control your audience and enhance student competence. Entertain and move your audience for powerful results.
> State Elicitation and Anchoring
> Steps for Answering Questions
> Group Calibration and Rapport
> Anchoring the Group

Accelerated NLP Training Series™
> The Satir Categories
> Platform Anchoring
> Chaining States and Universals
> Unpacking Stage Anchors
> Postures and Gestures
> Utilizing the Stage
> Group Dynamics

Coaching & Testing:
Create winning relationships with individual students. Learn how to give feedback and bring lagging students up to speed. Be completely in control during distractions and dealing with the occasional problems trainers face.
> The Art of Coaching
> Feedback and Tasking
> Life Cycles of Groups
> Strategies for Handling Group Behavior
> Handling Distractions
> Testing

Audience & Student Dynamics:
Understanding the psychological make-up of your audience can help dictate the training style and design of your course. Transform your group communication and motivation skills.
> Training Principles
> Principles of Learning and Memory
> Accelerated Learning
> Type Indicator
> Kiersey Bates
> Meta Programs in Training
> Values in Training
> Claire Graves “Survival System”

The Bonding Process:
Establishing rapport is a key factor in all human communication. Bonding goes much deeper than rapport and normally occurs randomly. Now learn how to create deep bonding.
> Going Beyond Rapport
> Processes Which Cause Bonding
> Bonding Ecology and Ethics
Creating a Successful Business:
Discover exactly how to start, build and run a successful training business from those who have done it.
> The Business of Training
> Proven Marketing Techniques
> Advertising Insights
> Vertical Product Integration
> Positioning Yourself
> Choosing a Business Structure
> Building Relationships
> Logistics and Planning
> Curriculum for Practitioner and Master Practitioner Trainings
> NLP Introductory Sessions


1. Previous training in Practitioner Level NLP is required for attendance.

2. Certification as a Practitioner and Master Practitioner is recommended.

3. See Trainer’s Evaluation for further Prerequisites if interested in possible certification.

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