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[Special Offer] Les Brown – Digital Immersion Speakers Program

Name Product: Les Brown – Digital Immersion Speakers Program
COST: $497
Size: 2 GB
Sale page: _

Les Brown is searching for hungry speakers, motivators, entrepreneurs and coaches to develop their “Power Voice” and help others with a message of hope and inspiration…

Read More detail here:

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Sedona Method – New Ultimate Freedom Program

Name Product: Sedona Method – New Ultimate Freedom Program
COST: $497
Author: Hale Dwoskin
Size: 12.95 GB

For years our most advanced seminar was our 9-Day Ultimate Freedom Retreats and now you can experience both the video and the audio from the last one. This magnificent event transformed the lives of over 150 people and now it can do the same for you.

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[Special Offer] Darla LeDoux – Retreat and Grow Rich Program

Name Product: Darla LeDoux – Retreat and Grow Rich Program
COST: $997
Size: 3.95 GB
Sale page:_

What If You Could Add 6 Figures+ In Revenue To Your Business Each Year By Hosting Small Retreats/Intensives That Have Big Impact, Attract Your Ideal Clients, & Sell Your High End Programs,
All While Being 100% You

Because this is what I believe:
–    We as a culture are in a tremendous time of personal growth.
–    Connection and awareness are two key forces that will make the change we need.
–    We don’t need more information, we need transformation.
–    Experiences make an impact in a way that no amount of knowledge ever will.
–    Small, intimate retreats are not only a powerful business strategy, but also the most effective way to have a lasting impact.

In this 8-week program you will learn:
–    How to develop a custom retreat strategy that will speak to your ideal clients and make you excited to go to work.
–    What you need to know BEFORE you host your first retreat… most people start in the wrong place.
–    How to fill your retreats, even if you’re just getting started or have a small list.
–    How to know that your retreat idea meets an actual need your clients have vs. one you’ve imagined.
–    The flow and content structure for a retreat that gives your participants a concrete result, AND leaves them wanting more.
–    How to turn your knowledge and expertise into an impactful EXPERIENCE for your participants rather than an information exchange.
–    How to price your retreat, and understanding the cash flow involved in your big picture retreat strategy.
–    How to use the power of your retreat to attract new clients – even ones who weren’t there!

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[Special Offer] Lisa Cherney & Lisa Sasevich – Cash Through Clarity Program

Name Product: Lisa Cherney & Lisa Sasevich – Cash Through Clarity Program
COST: $1497 ===> You Just Pay $69.95
Size: 1.66 GB
Sales Page: _

Imagine: Marketing yourself so effectively that you attract all the clients you can handle!
(And not just any clients—your IDEAL clients!)

— Introducing —
Cash Through Clarity™ Training and Coaching Program
Claim Your Ideal Clients and Attract ‘Em With the Perfect Words

Now here is just a taste of what you WILL get with the Cash Through Clarity Training and Coaching Program.

You will learn how to:

–    Finally discover and claim your Ideal Client—get this foundation right and all your marketing becomes easy. (Not knowing your Ideal Client IS a recipe for disaster… so avert it now!)
–    Tune in to your Ideal Client’s frequency, join their wavelength, and choose the words that inspire them to say “I need that!”
–    Laser focus your marketing so you attract more of the people you love to work with. (This involves learning how to say “no” to the ones you don’t, too!)
–    Walk away with THE juicy words for ALL these marketing pieces:
Juicy websites, Effective Juicy 30-Second Introduction; Cool Opt-In Quiz/Assessment; Powerful Headlines; Catchy Talk Titles & Program Names; Business Card (Make it a keeper!); Juicy Benefits
Juicy Brochure/flyer words; Bullets for sales page; Posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc; Words for all sales conversations
–    Find your own authentic marketing voice instead of latching onto what someone else thinks ‘your market’ will like, or what will sell.
–    Discover your own “juicy” words, which you’ll immediately be able to incorporate into ALL your online and offline marketing materials (websites, brochures, sales letters, etc.) plus use them in your conversations with prospects and on the stage… AND in all your networking situations, too! Best part? It will feel SO natural and authentic! (Formulas and templates provided!)
–    Differentiate yourself from everyone else out there in your field.
–    Build your confidence and conviction in the value of what you’re offering, and raise your fees! Earn what you are worth, and what your Ideal Clients will be more than happy to pay you.
–    Develop your own unique Marketing Plan tailored specifically to you, your strengths and your Ideal Clients. (Stop listening to the “gurus” and searching for the “right” way! With this in place, you save time, energy and money. You get focused, maximizing results with less effort!)
–    Get the courage to charge what you are worth (and more). When you have the words to describe what you do for people, and you do it with confidence and conviction, something changes inside and you find yourself able raise your fees…a lot! (And when you don’t know how to describe what you do, you feel smaller, tend to discount or even give it away.)
–    Eliminate the guilt you have around other investments. Clients tell me over and over, “Working with you has made all my other investments pay off.” They are collecting dust because you are not clear. Get clear and you will now use all the programs you invested in. (Because it’s not YOU that’s the problem — it’s because you didn’t have clarity.)
–    Fine tune your product or service so it’s an exact match to your Ideal Client’s needs. (Accomplish this and you’ll have them crawling over broken glass to work with you!)
–    Simplify your marketing so you can focus precisely on where your Ideal Clients hang out—this will save you hours and hours, not to mention hundreds of dollars.
–    And, if you still have any concerns after the training, you have the opportunity to ask any remaining questions you might have in the final Group Coaching and Q&A call with me and my Head Juicy Marketing Coach.

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Howard Berg – Mega & Maximum Speed Reading Program

Name Product: Howard Berg – Mega & Maximum Speed Reading Program
COST: $200
Author: Howard Stephen Berg
Size: 228 MB

Howard Stephen Berg’s Maximum Speed Reading

Howard Stephen Berg – Mega Speed Reading

Breakthrough Rapid Reading

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Jonathan Cole – SoundMind Meditation 2.0 Complete program (Ocean Surf)

Name Product: Jonathan Cole – SoundMind Meditation 2.0 Complete program (Ocean Surf)
COST: $24.95
Author: Jonathan Cole
Size: 4.49 GB

Mastering your mind through meditation can make all the difference in your life. If you’ve wanted the guidance to begin meditation but are too busy for meditation retreats and have found it too hard to focus and learn on your own, you’ve come to the right place.

SoundMind Meditation offers, in one unique audio program, the two most valuable assets for effective meditation:

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Silva Mind Body Healing Program

Name Product: Silva Mind Body Healing Program
COST: $187
Author: Jose Silva
Size: 1.6GB
Free Download

Unleashing The Power Of Your Mind For A Healthy MindBody & Soul
With Silva Mind Body Healing You Too Can Learn How To Activate Your Minds Natural Healing Mechanismsand Start Improving Your Overall Health and Wellbeing.

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Dan Kennedy – Big Ticket Area Exclusive Program

Dan Kennedy – Big Ticket Area Exclusive Program | 462 MB
English | FLV | H264 241 kbps 29.970 fps | 640×360 | AAC 128 kbps 44 KHz

So if all the GKIC and Dan Kennedy content you have been absorbing is the ammo, this is the gun that is going help you blast the prospects and sell them the high-priced programs they are demanding. Another great find from biztguy. If you are the slightest bit hesitant about this then take a look at the pitch video from web page (I have included it in this torrent!). Easy on the ratio, huge value. This is a $2997 product.

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