Tariq (Elite) Nasheed – The Mack Within & Podcasts

Name Product: Tariq (Elite) Nasheed – The Mack Within & Podcasts
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Best selling author,lecturer,fashion designer,tv personality,and Game Advisor,Tariq Elite brings you the first instructional DVD that breaks down the rules of the modern dating and mackin’ scene. In this humorous and informative DVD,aspiring players will learn tips on: *how to dress *the best places to meet women *the type of women you should avoid *the different types of women *how to step to women at the club And much more!!

About the Actor
Tariq has written several books based on his dating techniques including The Art Of Mackin,Play Or Be Played (Simon & Schuster), The Mack Within (Penguin),The Art Of Gold Digging,and The Elite Way: 10 Rules Men Must Know In Order To Deal With Women .Tariq has appeared on TV shows such as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, MTV Made, and several show for VH1, BET, etc,and he has a popular radio show called The Mack Lessons Radio Show .


01. MackLessons134-Sexual Tension.mp3 [23MB]
02. Macklessons1-How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone.mp3 [17MB]
03. Macklessons10-Gold Diggers.mp3 [13MB]
04. Macklessons100-Interview With Alexyss Tylor.mp3 [27MB]
05. Macklessons101-Sexual Tension.mp3 [23MB]
06. Macklessons102-Nice Guys, And Dating Too Young.mp3 [22MB]
07. Macklessons103-Being Too Accommodating.mp3 [24MB]
08. Macklessons104-5 Types Of Women To Avoid.mp3 [28MB]
09. Macklessons105-5 Types Of Men To Avoid.mp3 [22MB]
10. Macklessons106-Dealing With Immature Females.mp3 [13MB]
11. Macklessons107-The Hood Rat Test.mp3 [13MB]
12. Macklessons108-Open Secrets In The Black Community.mp3 [11MB]
13. Macklessons109-New Alexyss Tylor Clips, Call in Show.mp3 [24MB]
14. Macklessons11-The Flavor Of Love.mp3 [25MB]
15. Macklessons110-Power 99 In Philly Vs Tariq nasheed.mp3 [26MB]
16. Macklessons111-Getting Into Serious Relationships At A Young Age.mp3 [28MB]
17. Macklessons112-Getting Control Over Women.mp3 [25MB]
18. Macklessons113-Dealing With A Females EX.mp3 [23MB]
19. Macklessons114-5 Ways To Tell If A Man Is Potentially Gay.mp3 [26MB]
20. Macklessons115-How Women Test Men On First Dates.mp3 [19MB]
21. Macklessons116-The Simp Test.mp3 [27MB]
22. Macklessons117-Where To Find Dimes In Your City.mp3 [24MB]
23. Macklessons118-Getting Women To Leave After Sex.mp3 [27MB]
24. Macklessons119-Dealing With Rebellious Females.mp3 [15MB]
25. Macklessons12-Mackin To Mixed Women.mp3 [27MB]
26. Macklessons120-Nigga Instincts.mp3 [13MB]
27. Macklessons121-Long Distance Relationships.mp3 [25MB]
28. Macklessons122-5 Things That Make Men Look Weak.mp3 [27MB]
29. Macklessons123-Why Fat Women Are So Sassy.mp3 [25MB]
30. Macklessons124-Males Going Through The Player Stage.mp3 [22MB]
31. Macklessons125-Republicans On The Down Low, Call In Show.mp3 [51MB]
32. Macklessons126-Interracial Dating Site For Sistas.mp3 [24MB]
33. Macklessons127-O.J, Patti LaBelle, Call In Show.mp3 [36MB]
34. Macklessons128-SuperHead.mp3 [38MB]
35. Macklessons129-Immature Dating Habits.mp3 [37MB]
36. Macklessons13-Listener Advice Thick Chics And Teen Pregnancies.mp3 [27MB]
37. Macklessons130-Trust.mp3 [32MB]
38. Macklessons131-Older Women, Younger Men.mp3 [33MB]
39. Macklessons132-Getting Your Mind Right.mp3 [36MB]
40. Macklessons133-Why Players Should Have Rules.mp3 [36MB]
41. Macklessons135-New Year, New Game.mp3 [25MB]
42. Macklessons136-Short Macks Vs Tall Macks.mp3 [13MB]
43. Macklessons137-Hilary And Obama.mp3 [28MB]
44. Macklessons138-Choosey Lovers.mp3 [16MB]
45. Macklessons139-Valentines Day.mp3 [16MB]
46. Macklessons14-The So Called Down Low Phenomenon.mp3 [26MB]
47. Macklessons140-15 Things That Black People Like.mp3 [9MB]
48. Macklessons141-5 New Player Rules.mp3 [29MB]
49. Macklessons142-Is It Tricking If You Got It.mp3 [36MB]
50. Macklessons143-Simp Peer Pressure.mp3 [37MB]
51. Macklessons144-Basic Hustle Rules For Women.mp3 [36MB]
52. Macklessons145-Ace Monkey Dis.mp3 [29MB]
53. Macklessons146-Rev Wright And Obama.mp3 [30MB]
54. Macklessons147-Top 10 Finest Annoying Females.mp3 [33MB]
55. Macklessons148-Dangerous Black Women.mp3 [26MB]
56. Macklessons149-Message To Black Men.mp3 [29MB]
57. Macklessons15-Value Yourself As A Man.mp3 [28MB]
58. Macklessons151-3 Strike Programs For Females.mp3 [29MB]
59. Macklessons153-Can You Turn A Ho Into A Housewife.mp3 [24MB]
60. Macklessons154-Response To The Black In America Special On CNN.mp3 [50MB]
61. Macklessons155-10 Most Underrated Females in Hollywood.mp3 [19MB]
62. Macklessons156-5 Reasons You Are Not Successful With Women.mp3 [36MB]
63. Macklessons157-Fake Thug Culture.mp3 [27MB]
64. Macklessons158-Cute Hoodrats.mp3 [30MB]
65. Macklessons159-Dealing With Bitch Ass Dudes.mp3 [28MB]
66. Macklessons16-Phone Numbers and Dealing With Older Women.mp3 [25MB]
67. Macklessons160-Women You Do Not Have Male Friends.mp3 [29MB]
68. Macklessons161-5 Safety Precautions For Dating.mp3 [27MB]
69. Macklessons162-The Art Of Shutting Up.mp3 [21MB]
70. Macklessons163-Lying To Yourself About Relationships.mp3 [24MB]
71. Macklessons164-Men With A False Sense Of Entitlement.mp3 [26MB]
72. Macklessons165-The Emancipation Of Monkey.mp3 [18MB]
73. Macklessons166-The Economy In Street Terms.mp3 [25MB]
74. Macklessons167-Lions Vs Hyenas.mp3 [12MB]
75. Macklessons168-7 Levels Of Disrespect From Females.mp3 [30MB]
76. Macklessons169-Running Out Of Things To Say In Relationships.mp3 [36MB]
77. Macklessons17-High School Mackin.mp3 [25MB]
78. Macklessons170-Fake Bohemian Chicks.mp3 [26MB]
79. Macklessons171-5 New Player Rules Live From Atlanta.mp3 [24MB]
80. Macklessons172-Avoiding Getting Put Into The Trick Bag.mp3 [28MB]
81. Macklessons173-Closing The Deal With Females.mp3 [14MB]
82. Macklessons174-Whats The Most Simpish Thing You Have Done.mp3 [16MB]
83. Macklessons175-The Low Budget Comfort Zone.mp3 [14MB]
84. Macklessons176-Broke On Broke Dating.mp3 [35MB]
85. Macklessons177-Delusions Of Grandeur.mp3 [13MB]
86. Macklessons178-Intelligence In Your Game.mp3 [27MB]
87. Macklessons179-Strategic Humility.mp3 [31MB]
88. Macklessons18-The Dumbing Down Of Men.mp3 [28MB]
89. Macklessons180-5 New Player Rules For Spring 09.mp3 [22MB]
90. Macklessons181-Anti-Social Energy.mp3 [36MB]
91. Macklessons182-Magic Negroes.mp3 [20MB]
92. Macklessons183-Regional Mackin.mp3 [38MB]
93. Macklessons184-Recession Hustling.mp3 [30MB]
94. Macklessons185-3rd Eye Of Game.mp3 [13MB]
95. Macklessons186-Limiting Your Game.mp3 [13MB]
96. Macklessons187-The Attention Whore Stage.mp3 [12MB]
97. Macklessons188-Patience And Boldness.mp3 [37MB]
98. Macklessons189-3 Types Of Dudes.mp3 [29MB]
99. Macklessons19-Aids In The Black Community.mp3 [26MB]
100. Macklessons190-Thirsty Niggas.mp3 [24MB]
101. Macklessons191-Putting Too Much Value On Women.mp3 [27MB]
102. Macklessons192-The AntiMoist Movement.mp3 [18MB]
103. Macklessons193-Why Are Women So Confused.mp3 [21MB]
104. Macklessons194-B.B.E.=Broke Bitch Epidemic.mp3 [27MB]
105. Macklessons195-Shout Out To Michael Jackson.mp3 [25MB]
106. Macklessons196-BET.mp3 [22MB]
107. Macklessons197-5 Mistakes Steve McNair Made.mp3 [31MB]
108. Macklessons198-The Gigolo Game.mp3 [31MB]
109. Macklessons199-The Uppity Negro Concept.mp3 [27MB]
110. Macklessons2-A Mack Must Be Respected.mp3 [20MB]
111. Macklessons20-Strippers.mp3 [29MB]
112. Macklessons200-Mentality Of A Hustler.mp3 [25MB]
113. Macklessons201-NonProfit Hoes.mp3 [24MB]
114. Macklessons202-Staying Focused.mp3 [33MB]
115. Macklessons203-Underestimating Your Game.mp3 [28MB]
116. Macklessons204-The Truth Behind The Town Hall Meetings.mp3 [28MB]
117. Macklessons205-A Bottle Of Sit Yo Ass Down.mp3 [34MB]
118. Macklessons206-Being Authentic.mp3 [39MB]
119. Macklessons207-5 Myths Men Have About Women.mp3 [35MB]
120. Macklessons208-5 New Player Rules Of Fall 09.mp3 [28MB]
121. Macklessons209-Chubby Chasin Dudes.mp3 [24MB]
122. Macklessons21-Turning Hoes Into Housewives.mp3 [26MB]
123. Macklessons210-Stop Waiting On Money.mp3 [37MB]
124. Macklessons22-Listener Emails.mp3 [27MB]
125. Macklessons23-Taking Women On Dates.mp3 [28MB]
126. Macklessons24-Beyonce Haters, LSA dis part 2.mp3 [16MB]
127. Macklessons25-Married Macks.mp3 [27MB]
128. Macklessons26-Cooning.mp3 [25MB]
129. Macklessons27-College Mackin.mp3 [28MB]
130. Macklessons28-Lesbian And Bi-Sexual Women.mp3 [26MB]
131. Macklessons29-Black Women And Snitching.mp3 [27MB]
132. Macklessons3-Are You A Trick.mp3 [34MB]
133. Macklessons30-Mack History Lesson.mp3 [27MB]
134. Macklessons31-Cheaters.mp3 [24MB]
135. Macklessons32-Tips On Gold Digging.mp3 [26MB]
136. Macklessons33-Black Women and Hair.mp3 [25MB]
137. Macklessons34-Prenups.mp3 [26MB]
138. Macklessons35-Doug Christie, Cuddle parties.mp3 [26MB]
139. Macklessons36-Call in show, Dealing With Attention Whores.mp3 [26MB]
140. Macklessons37-Using Common Sense.mp3 [27MB]
141. Macklessons38-Fear Of Rejection.mp3 [24MB]
142. Macklessons39-The Colgate University Controversy.mp3 [26MB]
143. Macklessons4-The Player Stage.mp3 [21MB]
144. Macklessons40-Colgate Part 2.mp3 [25MB]
145. Macklessons41-LSA caller Vs Tariq.mp3 [22MB]
146. Macklessons42-VH1 Hip Hop Honors Review.mp3 [27MB]
147. Macklessons43-BoycottblackmenDOTcom.mp3 [27MB]
148. Macklessons44-Practical Dating.mp3 [27MB]
149. Macklessons45-Player Rules.mp3 [24MB]
150. Macklessons46-Why Black Women Arent Getting Married.mp3 [27MB]
151. Macklessons47-Follow Up To The Black Women And Marriage Show.mp3 [26MB]
152. Macklessons48-Player Rules Part 2.mp3 [24MB]
153. Macklessons49-Age Gaps And Long Distance Dating.mp3 [24MB]
154. Macklessons5-Mackin To White Women.mp3 [21MB]
155. Macklessons50-Why So many Black Women Are Fat.mp3 [25MB]
156. Macklessons51-The Players Blue Book.mp3 [27MB]
157. Macklessons52-How To Get Rid Of Females.mp3 [29MB]
158. Macklessons53-Game For Children.mp3 [27MB]
159. Macklessons54-Interview With Former Pimp, Rosebudd.mp3 [28MB]
160. Macklessons55-Tactfulness.mp3 [25MB]
161. Macklessons56-Call in show, Internet Mackin, Cheating Women.mp3 [18MB]
162. Macklessons57-Gayroll The Simp Dis.mp3 [32MB]
163. Macklessons58-Tips On Being A Hustler.mp3 [26MB]
164. Macklessons59-Why Women Date Losers.mp3 [26MB]
165. Macklessons6-Mackin To Latina Women.mp3 [21MB]
166. Macklessons60-Xmas Macking.mp3 [25MB]
167. Macklessons61-Standards.mp3 [27MB]
168. Macklessons62-Blacks Vs Mexicans.mp3 [29MB]
169. Macklessons63-Getting A White Pass And Fighting Over Women.mp3 [23MB]
170. Macklessons64-The Pregnancy Game.mp3 [26MB]
171. Macklessons65-Men and Ego, Michael Strahan Divorce, Alimony.mp3 [26MB]
172. Macklessons66-Changing Who You Are.mp3 [33MB]
173. Macklessons67-Rebound Chics.mp3 [24MB]
174. Macklessons68-Black Celebs In The News.mp3 [20MB]
175. Macklessons69-Checking Females.mp3 [24MB]
176. Macklessons7-Mackin To Asian Women.mp3 [14MB]
177. Macklessons70-Do Black Men Out Grow Black women.mp3 [22MB]
178. Macklessons71-Light Skinned Black Females Vs Dark Skinned Black Females.mp3 [25MB]
179. Macklessons72-Flakey Females.mp3 [25MB]
180. Macklessons73-Having Affairs With Married Women.mp3 [24MB]
181. Macklessons74-The Anna Nicole Smith Saga.mp3 [25MB]
182. Macklessons75-Tips For All-Star Weekend.mp3 [23MB]
183. Macklessons77-Recap Of All Star Weekend.mp3 [28MB]
184. Macklessons78-5 Tips On Mackin At The Club.mp3 [26MB]
185. Macklessons79-Bad Luck Bitches.mp3 [25MB]
186. Macklessons8-Mackin To Black Women.mp3 [14MB]
187. Macklessons80-Grown Crack Babies.mp3 [28MB]
188. Macklessons81-Ugly Light Skinned Females.mp3 [21MB]
189. Macklessons82-When Women Turn Hoish.mp3 [22MB]
190. Macklessons83-Myspace Deception.mp3 [24MB]
191. Macklessons84-Interview With A Super Simp.mp3 [28MB]
192. Macklessons85-Exchanging Numbers With Females.mp3 [25MB]
193. Macklessons86-Women Who Claim They Are Busy.mp3 [24MB]
194. Macklessons87-How The Game Has Changed.mp3 [23MB]
195. Macklessons88-Weird Dating Experiences.mp3 [24MB]
196. Macklessons89-Listener Emails, Mack Rants.mp3 [22MB]
197. Macklessons9-Feedback From Interracial Macking Week.mp3 [13MB]
198. Macklessons90-Idle Chatter With Females.mp3 [24MB]
199. Macklessons91-Bros Before Hoes.mp3 [26MB]
200. Macklessons92-Why Brothas Think Black Women Are Difficult.mp3 [30MB]
201. Macklessons93-Getting Over Break-Ups.mp3 [26MB]
202. Macklessons94-The Don Imus Controversy.mp3 [25MB]
203. Macklessons95-White Men Vs Black Females in the media,Tariq Checks A Female Caller.mp3 [25MB]
204. Macklessons96-Hip-Hop Vs The Media.mp3 [23MB]
205. Macklessons97-The Penis Power Lady.mp3 [26MB]
206. Macklessons98-Hitting A Womans Spot.mp3 [25MB]
207. Macklessons99-Simpin And Brown Nosin.mp3 [25MB]
208. Play or Be Played.pdf [2MB]
209. The Art of Mackin.pdf [1MB]
210. The_Mack_Within.pdf [2MB]
211. macklessons complete dvd.mp4 [471MB]
212. macklessons150-Sundown Towns.mp3 [28MB]
213. macklessons152-10 Most Overrated Females In Hollywood.mp3 [22MB]
214. macklessons76-Back From Brazil.mp3 [29MB]

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