The 21st Century Education for Life Homestudy Program

The 21st Century Education for Life Homestudy Program
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Discover your life’s true purpose as you plan your mission in life,Discover the short cut to success; reframe what you link to pain verse what you link to pleasure to remove internal conflict and begin naturally gravitating in the direction of your dreams,Break through fear and forever think differently,Develop a new financial conscious and awareness,Find yourself immensely more appreciative and grateful and ultimately living a more fulfilled life,Begin to learn leading edge financial strategies including how to minimise your tax and protect your assets,How you can model the mindset and psychology of extraordinary successful people to produce far greater financial results,Become emotionally intelligent and take control of your life,Learn financial and emotional intelligence and ensure you not only achieve financial success but achieve sustainable long term fulfilment as well,Learn how to legally minimise tax and protect your assets

DVD 1 Jamie McIntyre – Psychology Of Financial Success
DVD 2 Jamie McIntyre – How To Become Emotionally Intelligent To Master Your Life And Finances
DVD 3 Jamie McIntyre – How To Discover Your Primary Purpose In Life & Accelerate Your Results
DVD 4 Sasha Loutkovsky – How To Protect Your Assets With Insurance
DVD 5 Konrad Babilak – The Tricks Of Getting Finance To Invest
DVD 6 Konrad Babilak – How To Buy 10 Or More Properties In 10 Years Or Less
DVD 7 Eric Bailey – How To Overcome Adversity And Win The Game Of Life
DVD 8 Qlink – How To Raise And Protect Your Own Energy
DVD 9 Jamie McIntyre – How To Create An Extraordinary Quality Of Life
DVD 10 Jamie McIntyre – 8 Simple Steps To Getting Started Renting Shares
DVD 11 Andrew Baxter – How To Rent Shares

Put your life into TURBO CHARGE as Jamie McIntyre presents live and helps you to understand the forces that control everything you think, every emotion you experience and every action you take.
Jamie is all about getting you to ACT and eliminate procrastination from your life forever.

Evaluate Your Current Approach

Be inspired by some amazing life stories of individuals who, against all odds, have overcome extremely pressing challenges in their lives. This above anything will help you to realise just how fortunate you are and put you on track to becoming more committed and determined to stop accepting excuses and start turning your dreams into a reality.

Discover your deepest human needs and how to meet them at a higher level
Learn the key to achieving more and working less. Re-work your career to no longer be chained to a desk, freeing up your lifestyle even before you become a millionaire
See what it takes to become wealthy as you implement the 8 key steps to getting started on the path to millionaire
Learn specific cash flow strategies from the stock market – this is one of the most exciting sessions of the event as many participants will discover they can make more money conservatively from renting shares by the last day of the seminar then from a full time job!
Actually place a trade and confidently know how to pick shares to rent out, using this strategy some may find that by the last day of the seminar they are ready to start making money!
Discover the current state of the property market and how to build a portfolio rapidly by acquiring properties, ‘Virtually No Money Down’ and how to acquire land that doesn’t have to be paid for up to a decade, and has consistently grown faster in value than houses
Play a real life game where you have the chance to win up to $15,000 in cash

Accelerating Your Financial Freedom

After Day 3 you will be well on your way to becoming a serious investor. This day is all about developing financial choices as you learn specific share strategies and property strategies to massively accelerate the education delivered in Day’s 1 and 2. We make these advanced strategies available so that you require less capital to generate an income by massively accelerating your education.

Learn how to rent shares on the US stock market for even higher returns*
Learn how to accelerate share returns by using less outlay and taking advantage of tools such as CFDs in a smart protected manner*
Learn more real estate strategies so you don’t have to rely on just one method and can find the most suitable investing opportunities for your personal situation and to meet your individual investment goals
Learn Jamie’s number 1 investment strategy known as Land Banking and learn about how to invest in the US Property Market.

Taking Action

Day 4 is a bonus day designed to revisit some of the strategies learnt and add even more content to ensure you fully implement what you’ve learnt. The final session for the event is conducted by Jamie himself where he will teach his Billionaire Strategy, which is rarely, if ever, taught in public.

Over the 4 Days you will learn from over half a dozen millionaire experts, sharing with you everything they know.



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