The Blueprint Project Black Edition – Build a $1m Business In 8 Months

The Blueprint Project Black Edition – Build a $1m Business In 8 Months | 1.3 GB
What is the the Blueprint Project-Black Edition?

The Blueprint Project-Black Edition is the follow up program to Niche Blueprint and Niche Blueprint 2.0 created by Steven Godfrey and Tim Clayton. Blueprint Project-Black Edition takes building an online eCommerce store to the next level providing you with absolutely everything you need to be successful. With their previous products, both Steven and Tim have literally helped 100′s of people learn about online marketing.

The skills taught in all of their courses have allowed people to develop an online presence and develop a store that makes them money on a consistent basis.

What do you get with The Blueprint Project-Black Edition?

The Blueprint Project-Black Edition is the most advanced course available for starting a successful online business from absolute scratch. Steven, Tim and their team have developed a course that over delivers in all areas.

The instruction makes use of a combination of PDF and videos.

The 18 PDF manuals explain everything in a simple step by step manner, while the 60 videos show you in real time how to do things. Best of all you can follow and copy Steven at the very same time.

How can the Blueprint Project-Black Edition Help you?

The main aim of the Blueprint Project-Black Edition is to teach people how to pick an online niche, develop a store around the products related to that niche and then start getting traffic and watch the money come in. Once your store is making money, Tim and Steven even show you how to “flip” or sell the store to make a lump of cash.

Both Tim and Steve currently average $2000 a day from their stores. That’s a very healthy i can help you setup and grow a successful online marketing business. Note that I am not calling it a method or a trick or something of the sort.

That’s because this is not the same as any other fly by night product. This is a real collection of tools and methods that have been developed after many years of real experience.

Steve and Tim have a history of genuinely helping people make their first dollars online. They also have a history of helping people earn consistent, full time income online using their knowledge of best practices in the internet marketing arena.

Brief Overview Of The Blueprint Project:

Module 1 Introduction

* Video 1- Intro And Welcome!
* Video 2- Overview Of Course And How To Proceed In Order To get Maximum Benefits
* Video 3- “The Project Plan” and Using It Effectively

Module 2 How To Find Your Niche And Keywords

* Video 1- Introduction
* Video 2- How To Use Discover Niches Effectively
* Video 3- Niches From Everyday Life
* Video 4- Keyword Research
* Video 5- Keyword Volume Checking
* Video 6- Finalizing Your Niche Selection

Module 3 Setting Up Your Business

* Video 1- Introduction
* PDF 1- Business Entities
* PDF 2- USA Citizens
* PDF 3- Outside USA Selling to USA
* PDF 4- Outside USA Selling to Outside USA

Module 4 How To Find Products and Suppliers

* Video 1- Introduction
* PDF 1- How To Find Suppliers
* PDF 2- Communication With Suppliers
* PDF 3- Product Pricings & Margins
* PDF 4- How To Gather Product Information

Module 5 How To Build Your Website

* Video 1- Introduction
* PDF 1- Getting A Domain Name
* PDF 2- Web Hosting Set Up
* PDF 3- Installation Of Your Store
* PDF 4- Store Build Out Advice

Module 6 How To Get Free Traffic from Google

* Video 1- Introduction
* Video 2- Introduction To Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
* Video 3- Examples Of Link Building
* Video 4- Link Building Databases
* Video 5- How To Use The Link Building Tools Effectively
* Video 6- How To Build Link Juice Machines
* Video 7- How To Use Your Link Juice Machines Effectively
* Video 8- The Ultimate Link Building Plan
* Video 9- Efficient Outsourcing
* Video 10- How To Track and Manage Link Building

Module 7 Getting Free Traffic from Other Resources

* Video 1- Introduction
* Video 2- Ways To Leverage Forums
* Video 3- Ezine Articles – Best Practises
* Video 4- Shopping Portals
* PDF 1- How To Get Traffic From Free Shopping Portals

Module 8 Paid Traffic

* Video 1- Introduction
* Video 2- Adwords: Additional Keyword Research
* Video 3- Adwords: Effective Ad Writing
* Video 4- Adwords: Setting Up Campaign for Search
* Video 5- Adwords: Ad Extensions and/or Product Listings
* Video 6- Adwords: Google Checkout Badge
* Video 7- Display network: Placement Targeting
* Video 8- Display network: Blueprint Browser
* Video 9- Display network: Image Ads/Ad Builder
* Video 10- Display network: Re-marketing
* Video 11- How To Track Conversions and Ad Spend
* Video 12- Microsoft Ad Center
* Video 13- Facebook
* Video 14- Partnerships With Amazon
* Video 15- Sponsorships

Module 9 Daily Operations of Your Store

* Video 1- Introduction
* PDF 1- How To Manage Your Time
* PDF 2- Customer Service Advice and Best Practices
* PDF 3- How To Keep Your Store Updated
* PDF 4- Backing Up Your Store

Module 10 The Monthly Review

* Video 1- Introduction
* Video 2- Metrics to Track, Goals, and Action Items

Module 11 Selling Your Store – Best Practices

* Video 1- Introduction
* PDF 1- Advice For Selling Your Store

Module 12 Putting It All Together

* Video 1- Introduction
* Video 2- How To Set Goals and How To Develop A Forecast
* Video 3- How To Personalize The Project Plan and Your Milestones
* Video 4- “Go”/“No Go” Steps And Review Help
* Video 5- How To Track Your Progress

Bonus Module 1

* Conversion Secrets And ADVANCED Link Building Strategies

Sales page & Intro:

Blueprint forum:

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