The Secrets of the superstar NLPers, Trainers and Consultants DVD Programme

Name Product: The Secrets of the superstar NLPers, Trainers and Consultants DVD Programme
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Author: Jamie Smart
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I’m about to CONFIRM something you may have always suspected…

I recently spoke at a large business-building event for NLPers, coaches, trainers & consultants. As each speaker hit the stage, the people in the audience furiously scribbled the nuggets of wisdom they hoped would SKYROCKET them to success. They heard how…

You need to use Twitter, Facebook & Linked-in to build a devoted following
You have to write books to get your name out there & establish credibility
You’ve gotta become a mini-celebrity, & use PR to get into the spotlight
You need to make videos to use the power of Youtube
Plus you’d better go through a step-by-step business building plan or you will surely fail
And so on, & so on, & so on…

But as each speaker LEFT the stage, the sense of desperation in the audience went up a notch.


Because they were unintentionally being led into three subtle but powerful traps:

TRAP NUMBER 1 – The Pit of Passivity
When someone is feeling like they “can’t” do something, they experience themselves as passive, at effect, powerless. They think something like “I can’t do it, & even if I knew what to do, I still wouldn’t be able to do it.” It’s a classic limitation pattern, & when people have it, they tend to look OUTSIDE themselves for help (Eg. to experts).

The expert shares their knowledge to the best of their ability, & the person scribbles pages of notes. HOWEVER… they tend NOT to put what they’re learning into action, because they think the power is outside them (in the “expert”). Secretly, they think “That works for the Expert, but there’s something different about them – I can’t do it”. The actions stay in their notebook, & rarely see the light of day.

Q: Be honest… How often have you read a book, listened to an audio programme, or been to an event, heard tons of good ideas, then failed to take action?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve fallen into “the pit of passivity” more than once. And it’s not your fault! It was inevitable when you experienced yourself as being in the “I can’t” space. Fortunately, there’s an (admittedly counterintuitive) way to get free from this trap. But first…

TRAP NUMBER 2 – The Illusion of the Expert
“The expert” is typically someone who’s found a way to accomplish something that works for them. They share what they’ve done in good conscience, because they “know” that if you do what they did, you’ll get the results they got. But they’re missing a crucial piece…

The expert came up with an approach that fits with THEIR unique abilities, THEIR personality style, THEIR beliefs & THEIR life. But there’s one problem…

You’re not THEM! Their approach ISN’T necessarily a good fit for your unique abilities, your personality style & your life.

Q: How often have you heard someone share a “guaranteed, step-by-step process”, then failed to take the steps?

Once again, if you’re anything like me, you’ve done it more than once. And again, it’s not your fault. You were seduced by the illusion of the expert. Someone else’s process will ONLY work for you if you can integrate it using your OWN power & process. Fortunately, there’s an unexpected way out of this subtle trap too, but first…

TRAP NUMBER 3 – The Folly of Form Over Substance
All of the experts at the event were sharing the different FORMS people could use to “get out there” & make a great living (Twitter, Facebook, Publishing, Email Lists, PR etc). But none of them were talking about the most important thing…

You see, I know lots of the world’s “Superstar” NLPers, coaches, trainers & consultants. Many of them are close personal friends, mates who I hang around with, & they all share one thing in common:

They’re all PHENOMENAL at what they do. They don’t just do NLP techniques, coach, train or consult. They AWAKEN people to who they really are, & connect them to their sense of purpose in life…

Not only that, but they have a sense of grounding and wellbeing that is infectious.

When I hit the stage that day, I asked the audience a question…

“Would you like to know how to make A LOT more money as an NLPer, coach, trainer or consultant?”

“YES” they all shouted. “OK” I replied. Here’s the SUBSTANCE of what you need to do…

“You need to become a PHENOMENAL NLPer, coach, trainer or consultant!”

You see, as I think about the “Superstars”, they actually have several things in common:

a) As I said, they’re phenomenal at what they do. They AWAKEN people.

b) They have a deep sense of grounding & wellbeing

c) They have a certain fearlessness

d) They are 100% authentic, & show who they really are to the world

e) They all know a secret: they know one thing with absolute certainty…

So what’s the ONE secret all the SUPERSTARS know that’s a MYSTERY to all the other NLPers, coaches, trainers & consultants?

It’s this. You see, before someone is willing to pay you a handsome price for your NLP, coaching, training or consulting skills, they have to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’re going to get them the results they want.

When I tell this to people, they ask me “So how can I let clients know that I can get them the results they want?”

Here’s the ONE SECRET all the Superstar NLPers, coaches, trainers & consultants know…

Your clients will know you can deliver the results once YOU know you can deliver the results…

When you develop absolute faith in your ability to get people the results they want, & to AWAKEN them to who they are, you TELEGRAPH that to others.
When you find a deep sense of grounding, security & wellbeing within yourself, other people feel secure & grounded when they’re with you.
When you develop true fearlessness, you let others know that there’s nothing to be afraid of.
When you become 100% authentic, you let your clients know that it’s OK to be themselves.

Secrets of the Superstar NLPers, Coaches, Trainers & Consultants DVD Programme…
In this spectacular 5 disc DVD Programme, for the first time ever, I’m going to be sharing the secrets of the Superstar NLPers, coaches, trainers & consultants, & helping you break out of the 3 Subtle Traps FOR GOOD & really give your gifts to the world…

Imagine being able to…

Make a 6 or 7 figure income, doing work that you’re passionate about, with absolute faith in your ability to make a profound difference in the lives of others. How good would you feel, looking at your bank account each month & seeing a handful of 4 or 5-figure sums paid in by people who’ve hired you because they KNOW you’re going to make a profound difference in their lives?
Live a lifestyle that you love, with the time freedom to do what you want to do, awakening others wherever you go. Whether that means waking up in a tropical climate during the winter months, spending real quality time with the people who are most precious to you, or spending your mornings in a coffee shop, catching up on the stack of books you’ve been wanting to read for years – it’s for YOU to discover the kind of lifestyle that suits who you are.
Evolve from doing NLP, coaching, training or consulting to AWAKENING people. It’s truly humbling when your clients look into your eyes & say things like “I just didn’t realise that you could feel THIS good, and could have so much clarity!”
Live from a deep sense of inner security, wellbeing & peace of mind that you share with clients, friends & family alike. The things which used to freak you out suddenly lose their power to bother you.
Be a master communicator, playing at the top of your game, inspiring & helping others in profound & meaningful ways. It’s a great feeling to see your listeners utterly spellbound as you capture their attention with powerful stories & metaphors.
Have that sense of true fearlessness that allows you to be true to yourself (men & women alike find this quality INCREDIBLY attractive). I can’t describe how amazing it feels to know that you’re being 100% true to yourself, & walking your own path.
Wake up each day with a sense of excitement and anticipation, knowing that you’re making a real difference in the world & truly helping others.

Now I’d like you to open to the possibility that you can do this faster & more enjoyably than you every thought possible (later on, I’ll be telling you about some people who have done it INCREDIBLY fast)…


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