Unlimited Selling Power: How to Master Hypnotic Selling Skills

Name Product: Unlimited Selling Power: How to Master Hypnotic Selling Skills
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Author: Donald Moine, Kenneth Lloyd
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The authors of this work believe top salespeople can be developed by applying the principles of hypnosis to sales presentations. They give a brief history of hypnosis and describe how it has been used in the counseling professions. They then show how the same techniques of trust building, wording, voice tone, and delivery can be applied to sales situations. Although this may sound like some shady sales gimmick, it is actually very good advice on the art of persuasion. Less general in approach and more technique-oriented than Kathy Aaronson’s Selling on the Fast Track ( LJ 5/15/89), this is recommended for larger libraries or those with large sales collections.

Unveiling The Best-Kept Secret Of Sales Superstars
It is an indisputable fact that top salespeople use forms of indirect or conversational hypnosis to command attention, build trust, garner respect and confidence, to create unforgettable impressions and to close sales. No one can argue with this fact.

University researchers have studied forms of conversational hypnosis for years. Studies of sales superstars have conclusively shown that they extensively use this powerful form of human communication.

Linguists are professionals who specialize in the study of how human beings use language. If anyone understands how the spoken word affects perception and thinking, it is linguists. Their research has shown that top salespeople and top negotiators and skilled attorneys all use similar forms of indirect hypnosis.

With all of the years of research that has been done, with all of the technical reports that have been published, with all of the indisputable proof we have that highly persuasive people do use conversational hypnosis, why is this finding so little understood and so shocking to the average person? Why have these techniques been kept secret?

The notion of using hypnosis as part of the sales process brings to mind images of unwary customers being tricked into buying products that they don’t need and can’t afford. It brings to mind the image of a salesman slowly waving a gold Cross pen in front of the prospect, back and forth, back and forth, until the prospect’s eyes glass over, and his hand slowly reaches out for the pen and signs the order.

The above scenario is exactly what this book is not about. And, it is exactly what sales hypnosis is not about.

Keys that Unlock the Secret of Hypnotic Selling

Scientific studies of sales superstars have been conducted on elite salespeople who earn in excess of $100,000 per year in personal income. In our own studies, which were inaugurated in 1978, we have interviewed, traveled with, worked with and tape-recorded a wide variety of salespeople—ranging from those who are flat broke to those who earn over $800,000 a year in personal income. Many of these sales champions cannot explain how they do what they do.

THUS, ONE OF THE REASONS THAT SALES HYPNOSIS HAS NOT BEEN TAUGHT PREVIOUSLY IS THAT THE PEOPLE WHO PRACTICED IT COULD NOT THEMSELVES EXPLAIN HOW IT OPERATED. They could do sales hypnosis, but they didn’t have the tools to break it down and teach it to others. Apparently, asking masters in the art of sales hypnosis to also be great teachers was akin to asking great athletes to also be great coaches. A great idea, but it is seldom realized.

The job was left to scientific researchers to discover the structure of sales hypnosis. The researchers found that highly successful salespeople use communication techniques which are nearly identical in structure to the communication techniques used by hypnotists.

The purpose of this book is to explain, for the first time, how sales superstars achieve results that are unattainable by average salespeople. In learning about sales hypnosis, you will discover that this powerful form of communication is ethical and, in fact, humanistic. You will learn many hypnotic sales techniques which will allow you to help an even greater number of people by being an even more effective sales professional.

Let’s now remove the veil of secrecy that has previously surrounded conversational hypnosis. Let’s learn how almost everyone can benefit from using these unique forms of human communication.

Getting Beyond Popular Conceptions and Misconceptions about Hypnosis

The proper place to start is to explain exactly what hypnosis is and what it isn’t. As one of the most misunderstood of all human communication processes, hypnosis has been an easy target for sensationalism in movies and on television. Hypnosis has the power to both fascinate and frighten. There are still many well-educated people who erroneously believe that hypnosis is some form of “sleep.” While some people use hypnosis as an entertainment medium, the most widespread use of hypnosis today is in psychotherapy and counseling. Look under the “H” listings in your local telephone advertising directory to verify that almost every city and town in America now has hypnotists working in private practice. They use hypnosis in everything from helping people lose weight, helping them stop smoking, for stress reduction, and in marriage counseling and psychotherapy. Hypnosis is also used by many dentists for pain control. Someone who is allergic to anesthesia can be hypnotized prior to dental work to block all perceptions of pain.

The most recently discovered area for the application of hypnosis is business, management and sales. Of these, the specialization experiencing the greatest growth is sales hypnosis. This is the first book about the exciting and rapidly growing field of sales hypnosis.

The experts still disagree about the one “perfect” definition of hypnosis. However, there is little disagreement about its key components. Many of the key components of hypnotic language, you might be surprised to learn, occur naturally in everyday life.

The best way to understand hypnosis is to look at it as a state of greatly increased suggestibility. That is, the hypnotized person is far more susceptible to influence by messages and images. Have you been looking for methods to increase your ability to influence others? If so, you will find that hypnosis has many of the techniques you’ve been seeking.



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