Vince Kelvin – Natural Sexualization and Extreme Escalation

Name Product: Natural Sexualization and Extreme Escalation
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Author: Vince Kelvin

Natural Sexualization and Extreme Escalation

FINALLY, in a community where the same old stuff is being rehashed and masqueraded as being different, THE MESMERIZING, MAD-ASS, LETHAL, REAL NINJA STUFF YOU’VE BEEN LONGING FOR!
How Soon Can You fuck a Girl? What Signals Do You Pay Attention To? What If She REJECTS Your Sexual Actions? GOT NEWS FOR YOU! The problem with such questions, is that they are based on a mindset that is sooo outdated, it’d be like trying to text using a rotary phone! NONE OF THIS IS RELEVANT WHEN YOU FOLLOW THE STEPS YOU’LL LEARN IN THIS PIONEERING AND REVOLUTIONIZING NEW HOME STUDY COURSE!

Now because I am currently playing with over 21 girls (FOR REAL!)…and this system is so efficient and proven time and time again, I’ll leave it to others to bother you with long sales letter. Because girls await on your side too, the system works beyond wildest expectations, I’ll bypass any redundancy and trust that you have the basic prerequisite of being sufficiently daring and trusting of yourself and aware of how bad you want it, and how good it will feel to bed all the babes you used to masturbate to, and will get YOUR DIGITAL COPY early enough to catch the CRAZY INTRODUCTORY OFFER AND ALL THE BONUSES on time!

The sensational secret sexual acceleration strategies you’ll learn:

– Sliding Sexual Scale. Instead of being caught into debating when and how to get more sexual, you’ll be able using minimal steps to start escalating from the very beginning, so by the time you get to the bedroom, she’s ready!
– On the spot “Role-Play” to instantaneously shift girls from their logical to creative side. Real reasons to naturally touch in very intrusive manner. Loosen them up using the psychology of laughter. Get away being very graphic, in a way they will love!
– Properly tell girls that you like and want them, without giving away your value but by showing that as a man you don’t apologize for your sexual desires and that you’re self-assured enough to give them the freedom they need.
– Restricted Request and Reverse Game to diffuse any resistance and bypass objections, and be the true masculine leader that will give women the balance and sexual comfort they so deeply need and seek.

Your DELUXE Sexualization Home Study Course Includes:

1. The brand new SEXUALIZATION workshop video! After teaching this revolutionary course in over 50 cities live, you finally get it in the comfort of your home!
2. The New Sexualization Revolution audio. Finally understand women’s sexuality and allow yourself to feel and be more sexy as you learn the real way to get super good super fast.
3. Your SEXUALIZATION daily drill audio. Because it’s not enough to just hear it, this practice audio will get you to apply it right away, as Vince gives you the example and you then repeat it in the space provided.
4. Your Mindset of Master SEXUAL SUITOR evening programing audio. So you do it AUTOMATICALLY, the most potent trance to listen to on loop every night, will have you tap into your true masculinity and act sexy naturally.
5. The STATEMENT OF INTEREST AND INTENTION chart. To further drill and assimilate, this simple chart will help you combine all of the possibilities to powerfully state your interest and intention, like a real man.


Bonus #1: The Classic “Kissing Escalation Workshop” recorded at the Original PUA World Summit NO LONGER ON THE MARKET, only option to get it, and see Vintage VK going at it crazy already back then!
Bonus #2: Because women experience attraction differently than us men, you will love the mind-blowing distinctions you’ll find on THE F.A.M. video (Female Arousal Model), recorded live at Summit as well!
Bonus #3: $100 gift certificate toward any 2 day bootcamp.
Bonus #4: VK’s X-Rated, Unedited Sex Reports!

Get it before the price goes back to $399!

Includes: 3 Videos, 3 Audios, 3 PDFs Home Study Course

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