Zero Drama Dating and 60 Minute Seductions

Name Product: Zero Drama Dating and 60 Minute Seductions
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The Zero Drama Dating Limited Re-Release Edition
Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll see when you watch Zero-Drama Dating.
DVD #1: How to Get What You Want
This DVD sets the stage of deciding what it is you want out of a relationship, whether that means Getting a Girlfriend, Getting a Wife, or various other ‘lifestyle choices’.

• The ONE thing you should NEVER do with a woman, no matter how long you’ve been dating her. (WARNING: the more you care about a woman the more you’ll want to do this. and the more it will damage your relationship!)

• Why traditional relationship advice is not only wrong. but will absolutely set you up to be miserable with your woman. and it will probably drive her away into another man’s arms as well!

• The number one rule you must ALWAYS remember that will make you totally impervious to any “tests” any woman will throw at you. Plus, what to do if you ever get angry with something your woman does

• How to be in control with a woman in the way SHE wants (if you’re controlling, you’re woman will only feel smothered and want to get out of the relationship. but if you learn how to correctly control the relationship-she will absolutely crave time with you and only you)

• How to keep a girl on her toes because she feels like you could be gone at any moment. without putting pressure on the relationship, manipulating her, or making her feel bad (this will always frame you as the “prize” in the relationship that she has to work to keep happy-which surprisingly will make her feel more sexy, more feminine, and happier overall. If you want real “power” in your relationships, you absolutely need to know this secret!)

• How to identify and fix problems right away in nearly any relationship, BEFORE they cause trouble!

• An incredibly powerful way to “frame” (think about) your relationship that gives you absolute control and power in your relationship, plus, it automatically makes the woman you’re involved with happier as a result (if you’ve ever felt like there was nothing you could do in your past relationships to make them better, then you desperately NEED to know this secret!)

DVD #2: Dating Multiple Women (and have them OK with it!)
In DVD #2, we talk about how to set up the type of relationship you want, and why it is the most important thing you have to do. We also go over:

• How to get multiple girlfriends that all crave you and no one else?

• You want to have crazy, freaky, passionate and care-free one night stands with the hottest “club girls”?

• Do you want to experience multiple women at the same time?

• Or even if you want a committed, white-hot relationship. with one women. who totally turns you on-for the rest of your life.

And that’s not all, you’ll also discover.

• The number one thing from a woman’s life that will dictate her responses to EVERYTHING that is happening in the relationship (once you know this, easy to figure out how she will react to almost any situation in the future. plus, you’ll discover how you can “rewire” her to react the way you want her so you’re both happier in the future!)

• The number one secret (not one in a thousand men know) that will make your woman say things like, “Just being around him makes me a better person” (this is one of the master keys to making nearly any relationship AWESOME!)

• How to give your woman the visceral experience of taming you. without. her actually doing it! (Romance novels are still the highest selling category of novels, because EVERY woman without fail dreams of the most popular theme of these books which is taming the wild, “alpha male” – you’ll discover how to give always keep your woman happy by using this)

• The exact reason why NOTHING is impossible with relationships and you can have anything your REALLY want (It doesn’t matter if it’s two girls at the same time, all the time; multiple long term girlfriends; or even a committed relationship that stays “honeymoon white-hot” for the rest of both your lives-anything you want you can have it once you discover these secrets!)

• Why learning how to be promiscuous from Bill Clinton can actually be good for your relationship (Plus, why Howard Stern’s strict monogamy earned him a divorce)!

• Why you absolutely should date multiple women-the answer might surprise you (this is even more true if you ever want to settle down with just one woman for the rest of your life!)

DVD #3: Creating Casual Relationships
It’s surprising, but true. The reason most long-term relationships fail is because the relationship wasn’t created right in the first place In this DVD, you’ll discover how you can keep yourself from falling into this trap.

• Why you should never, EVER, tell a woman you’re “seeing other people” or just in a “casual relationship phase” right now. if you want to keep seeing her (almost all the other ‘pickup community’ information is DEAD wrong about this!)

• How eating an ice cream cone is the secret to getting a woman to do anything wild and sexy you can imagine. especially if she’s initially uncomfortable with it.(Trust me . you’ll understand when you see the video!)

• Why I never worry about girlfriends hearing about me dating other women, or seeing me out in public with other women. plus, why women don’t get mad at me for dating other women if they ever find out (this is simple to do, once you know the secret!)

• How to tell her EXACTLY what you want without having to have the dreaded “Relationship Talk,” (and why having it will RUIN your relationship)

• How to guage Where your Relationship is, and how to destroy any potential problems before they even materialize.

DVD #4: Surefire Steps to Keep Her Faithful
Most men don’t realize that keeping her happy and making sure she never cheats on you is actually harder than finding the one perfect woman for YOU.

(BUT – You CAN Do This and I’ll Show You Exactly How!)

• 3 strikes and you’re out! Save yourself YEARS of pain and disappointment when you discover my most powerful rule of disqualifying women-you’ll discover what the red flags are to look out for, and how to spot them right away. It used to take me 6 months. then one month. now I can spot them within 2 minutes of talking with a woman.

(For example, one of our head instructors wanted to get serious with a woman and I had chatted her up for about 20 seconds and told him it was a bad idea, that she was crazy. He didn’t believe me and dated her anyways. result? She turned out to be one of the worst relationships of his life and he wasted months with her!)

• Why you should wait longer than you think to get married. even if. you’re tired of the dating game and want to settle down right away

• How to make a woman smile and be happy while telling her bad news that would normally make her flip out, get pissed or just sad and depressed (this secret is so simple, you’ll kick yourself for not figuring it out before!)

• What to do so she’ll never get Jealous. and even help set you up with other women! (This alone is worth the total amount of the Product!)

• The Sneaky Little Relationship Killer that practically FORCES your woman to Cheat. and How to Avoid it Completely!

If all this Great information wasn’t enough,Check out what you’ll learn from 60-Minute Seductions.
Most men don’t realize that THEY are the ones who hold themselves back from experiencing the relationship fantasies they’ve always dreamed about.

For example, in the last seminar I asked the audience to raise their hand if they could think of a relationship or fantasy with a woman that they knew was absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to have.

Nearly half the room raised their hand. And each time a student gave their description of an impossible relationship or fantasy with a woman. almost without fail I had either experienced it or personally knew someone who had.

What surprised everyone even more was 9 times out of 10, after one student described an impossible situation I could find a person in that very audience who DID that very same thing!

This means, no matter how crazy. no matter how out of the realm of normal social boundaries, or what is considered “normal”, of a relationship you want with a woman (or women!) there is someone who has done it before you. even better – I’ve probably done it and I’m willing to teach you how to make it happen in your life!

Check out some of the tasty morsels that you’ll see on 60-Minute Seductions:

DVD #1: Escalation
Do you know exactly how to move things forward, or are you fumbling in the dark hoping you’re successful? DVD #1 tells you why what most guys do is secretly killing their chances with women.

DVD #2: The Supergirls Tell ALL!
In DVD #2, I talk about the nitty-gritty details on turning off her Logical mind and taking her on a sensual, emotional journey.

DVD #3: Reading HER Signals

DVD #4: Field-Tested Seduction Techniques

DVD #5: Know when to Say “No”
DVD #5 gives you my best stuff about why you should listen to that little voice inside your head and what ‘Red Flags’ to look out for when it comes to women.


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