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HeartMastery – Shift to the Heart Beginner Full Course

Name Product: HeartMastery – Shift to the Heart Beginner Full Course
Download Size: 1.3GB
COST: $250= Yours Free
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Shift to the Heart™ – Beginner Full Course

Have you ever wished you could attend a University for your own heart? Welcome to HeartMath’s version of Heart U!

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Mark Blanchard – Progressive Power Yoga: The Sedona Experience

Name Product: Mark Blanchard – Progressive Power Yoga: The Sedona Experience
Download Size: 3.3GB
COST: $49.95= Yours Free
Author: Mark Blanchard
Sale Page: _

Bask in a sun-washed radiant sky. Breathe, stretch, focus and enjoy the vortex energy in one of the most beautiful spots in the world. Life is a series of perceptions and evaluations. How we react to them will determine each outcome. And so it is with yoga.

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[Special Offer] Jon Schumacher – Webinar Mastery Academy PRO

Name Product: Jon Schumacher – Webinar Mastery Academy PRO
COST: $1497
Size: 1.86 GB
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Attention Webinar Marketers
Struggling to Make Sales…

…get more sign-ups and more sales from every single webinar you host, even if you’ve failed before, guaranteed.

Introducing the “Webinar Mastery Academy”

The Webinar Mastery Academy is an online experience that will teach you the 12 core components of a successful and profitable webinar campaign. This isn’t theory or fluff. It’s not about shiny objects or flash.

This is about teaching you the “fundamentals” of strategic webinar marketing that work, and most importantly, HOW to implement them.

What You Will Learn Inside the Academy….

Module 1 – Pain, Product, Profit: Four simple steps to selling exactly what your audience wants, every time. Learn four simple steps that will allow you to reverse engineer the entire process. Know exactly what your audience wants to buy from you on your webinar.

Module 2 – Hell-Yeah Headlines and Registration Pages: Hook your ideal audience with conversion crazy headlines. Learn the building blocks of high converting headlines and registration pages. Create the perfect hook.

Module 3 – The Four Step Selling System: Four proven steps to structuring your webinars for sensational sales. How you structure and present your webinar can make the difference between getting zero sales and getting a solid conversion number. Includes sample slide decks that you can follow to success. Learn a simple four step system I have used to sell our products like hot cakes.

Module 4 – The Sign-Up Stampede: How to get people out-of-their-minds excited to sign up and show up every time. An overview of the 3 P’s of webinar traffic and when to use them. Get email swipe copy examples to make sure you send signup inducing emails to your following.

Module 5 – Double Your Show-up Rates: Learn why a poor show-up rate is one of the biggest holes in your webinar funnel, the #1 evergreen strategy for getting more people to show up, and six different tactics to increase your show-up rate.

Module 6 – Present Like a Pro: Learn how to give a live webinar presentation that is so engaging, your audience has to stay until the end (and your offer). Avoid the common mistakes that sabotage your webinar and steps to prepare before you go live.

Module 7 – Fortune in the Follow-up: If done right, 70% of your sales will come after your webinar is over. Learn the three pillars of effective webinar follow-up. Includes email swipe examples and follow-up templates.

Module 8 – Knowing Your Numbers to Scale Up: Learn the key metrics that will allow you to comfortably spend more in advertising to scale up your webinar attendance and revenue.

Module 9 – Webinar Lead Magnets and Indoctrination: Stop flushing your Facebook advertising dollars down the drain by sending people, who have no idea who you are, straight to your webinar. Learn how to build a simple lead generation system to get the right people to your webinars for less.

Module 10 – Hosting JV Webinars: Learn how to approach potential partners to reach new audiences and expand your business using webinars. Where to find partners, what affiliate tools to use, and the flow of a joint venture webinar are all covered here.

Module 11 – Facebook Advertising for Webinars: Learn how to leverage Facebook paid traffic to fill your webinars without breaking the bank. Click-by-click, step-by-step screenshare tutorials that will show you exactly how to set up the three types of webinar Facebook ads. This could be a course by itself!

Module 12 – Automated Webinar Funnels: Create a simple and repeatable automated webinar to build your audience and make sales on autopilot. Learn the pros and cons of automated webinars, when and why to use them, the tools needed to build one, and some extra considerations that are only for automated webinars.

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[Special Offer] Ben Adkins – Email Inception Master Class

Name Product: Ben Adkins – Email Inception Master Class
COST: $299.95
Size: 423 MB
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What is “Email Inception”?
It’s a method that you can use to get someone to actually consider something that they might not have otherwise given a second thought to.

In short… This is a method to get someone to break out of their normal thinking patterns and to really use their mind to explore an issue. (and couldn’t we use a lot more of people actually thinking things through?… especially during this election cycle… no matter who they support at a gut level.)

First off… Who is it Not For?

  • Email Inception is not for newbies.
  • It’s not for folks who don’t have an email list.
  • It’s not for folks who want to manipulate their customers.
  • It’s not for anyone who thinks “get rich quick” is a real thing.

Who is it For?

  • Entrepreneurs who want to have a relationship with their customers (because they respect them and actually love communicating with them).
  • People who only sell things that they believe in.
  • People who want to sell more of affiliate offers.
  • People who want to sell higher ticket product (this isn’t about selling $10 products… although it does work for that… this is for $200+ products)
  • People who RESPECT the HECK out of the people on the other end of their email list and want to communicate the VALUE of their Product More Effectively.

That said… Let’s talk about the Elephant in the Room…

Why Only 100 Seats for Email Inception?

Because this training isn’t for Beginners… and there is a certain amount of information that I don’t want the entire world to know about.

And more importantly….
When we sell the 100 spots for the live training…. this isn’t something that I am ever going to sell publicly again (Thats a Promise and You’ve Probably seen me do this a few times in the past.) We’re not talking about raising the price once we sell out…. I’m promising that this won’t be sold again.

What You’ll Learn on the Live “Email Inception” Master Class:

  • How to Warm up a Cold Prospect so that they Know They Matter.
    There is a right way to introduce yourself and tell your email subscribers who you are and what you believe in (this is so important). If you do this right you will repel the “wrong people” and the “right people” will instantly start to love getting emails from you.
  • How Often You Should Mail Your List to Stay Relevant.
    I get this question a lot and I’m going to answer it once and for all and explain why you should be mailing at a specific frequency.
  • How to Generate “Pattern Interrupts” that Get Emails Opened and Read.
    If you’ve ever wondered where I come up with the stories that I tell in my emails, you’re about to get the formula. This is how you write emails that are honest, make sense, set people up to understand your product and sale, and represent who you are at the same time.
  • How to Write an “Inception Email Sequence”.
    This is the big one… I’m going to show you how to write an entire sequence and maximize the “bang” from each email. Not every email is designed to sell in this sequence, but each email is designed to setup the sale in a way that isn’t pushy (unless it needs to be… and even then do it in a cool way).
  • The Secret to Subject Lines that get Opened.
    I’ll keep this short… but you’ve seen crappy subject lines… and you’ve seen subject lines that seem like they were written by someone who was actually writing “just to you”….. I’ll show you how to keep them interesting and personal…. and how to do it over and over.
  • How to Incorporate Really Good Stories in Your Emails.
    This is so important. If you can write a good story, people will open up your emails (even if they aren’t going to buy something from you that week/month). Keeping in touch with people is important even when they don’t buy… this time. Stories make this possible.
  • How to Write Cliffhangers.
    Have you ever wondered why you got excited about reading a certain person’s emails over and over again… it’s because they have mastered this. I’ll show you how to do it.
  • The Stupid Trick that Double Your Response Rate.
    This one is super simple. But it makes a world of difference. I’ll show you how.
  • The “Celebrity Sighting” Email Opener.
    When you understand this and start using it in your emails, nothing is ever the same. I’ll show you how I do it and how you can too.
  • The Reason Why Sales Letters Aren’t Enough.
    Sales Letters are great, but they don’t make as much difference as you might think. I’ll show you how to match a sales letter to your emails so that the email does the majority of the selling for you. (this is important when you promote something and the sales letter is weak… but the product is great).
  • The “Why People Buy” Pyramid
    Why do people buy? Pin this up above your desk and you’ll never forget it. Check all the boxes on this list on every sale and you’ll be surprised how much easier selling is.
  • The “Format Like a Weirdo” Trick
    You’ve seen me do this… it might have even annoyed you a little bit (but it’s important and I’ll show you how and why I do it)
  • The Every Email Checklist.
    In short…. Pin this one above your desk too… and follow it on every email campaign that you write. Not only will your response rate go up on each email, but you’ll start creating subscribers that really care about you. (DO NOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY)
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Jim Knippenberg Casanova DeluxeBundle Collection

Name Product: Jim Knippenberg Casanova DeluxeBundle Collection
Download Size: 800MB
COST: $197= Yours Free
Author: Jim Knippenberg

Jim Knippenberg – Undivided Attention in 30 seconds Download
I’ve just re-released an amazing seduction CD set on how you can easily get virtually any woman’s undivided attention in just 30 seconds or less! and I’d love to send a copy to you.

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Holly Lisle – How to Write a Series

Name Product: Holly Lisle – How to Write a Series
Download Size: 2.4GB
COST: $99= Yours Free
Sale Page: _

This is later than I’d planned-this week held a couple
of difficult surprises.

But I worked through the weekend, and the first part of the stand-alone version of How To Write A Series is now available.

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Gray Cook – Key Functional Exercises You Should Know

Name Product: Gray Cook – Key Functional Exercises You Should Know
Download Size: 2.3GB
COST: $99.95= Yours Free
Author: Gray Cook
Sale Page: _

What’s the difference between functional exercise and corrective exercise? Stop and consider that. Can you give a confident answer?

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Micheal W – Dating Wizard – Become Sexually Attractive Guy

Name Product: Micheal W – Dating Wizard – Become Sexually Attractive Guy
Download Size:
COST: $289= Yours Free
Author: Micheal W

These mini-courses offer crucial new strategies for attracting women that you
won’t find in any of my other programs. Ensure you get the complete picture on attraction by downloading these courses immediately!
“Being The Selector”

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Henk Schram – Crack Your Egg

Name Product: Henk Schram – Crack Your Egg
Download Size: 1.7GB
COST: $129= Yours Free
Author: Henk Schram
Sale Page: _
“RIGHT NOW This Little-Known ‘Tweak’ Is Dramatically Multiplying The Success, Abundance And ‘Flow’ For EVERYONE Who Puts It To Work… In 30 Days Or Less!”

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Joe Gallenberger – SyncCreation

Name Product: Joe Gallenberger – SyncCreation
Download Size: 1.8GB
COST: $75= Yours Free
Author: Joe Gallenberger
Sale Page: _

‘m Dr. Joe Gallenberger and I invite you to embark on an incredible journey of manifestation, healing and mind over matter (psychokinesis or telekinesis). On this journey you will take specific steps to expand your energy and focus your intent. You’ll achieve greater results by using Hemi-Sync (which contains binaural beats), receiving personal mentoring, and participating in experiential exercises. Take advantage of my decades of experience by using SyncCreation® to help you Live Magically!

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